1. Hello everyone. Welcome to Edie’s First Fireside Chat. I’m a moderator for tonight’s session. (<----welcome to my friend Ami!----listen to her, she's smart and will protect us from ourselves). A few things before we start: 2. Sign in to the chat. You can use your Facebook account info or create an account with your email address. You can also sign in as a guest and the chatroll will assign you a guest username. 3. Once you sign in, introduce yourself to us, tell us where your from, the name of your blog–if you have one, and whatever else you want to tell us about yourself. 4. To contribute your opinions and ideas to this chat just enter your text into the text box at the bottom of the chat area and press "Enter" on your keyboard. You should see your comment appear instantly in chat. 5. If you would like to respond to an individuals' comment, start your text with "@ individual name" like "@edie". If the comment is for everyone, no @ tag is needed. 6. To send a private message, click the status icon next the user's name, and click "Send Private Message". We want to keep the chat interactive, so please only use private messages for technical assistance. You can send tech questions privately to "ami_d", but please send all questions to other chat users publicly. 7. Before starting the chat session I would just like to remind you all to be polite and to respect one another's opinions. Please refrain from using any profanity or from ad hominem attacks. In short, follow the golden rule and we're sure to have a jolly good time. (I said that, not Ami. She probably doesn't say 'jolly good time' and I can't rightly blame her.) 8. Users who do not respect the rules or who are disruptive to the chat will receive a warning and will then be banned if negative behavior continues. (I can only imagine this scenario if my cousin JamieKnoxville joins in. She'll be the one signed in as Loretta Lynn using a lot of asterisks. Perhaps this will be over before she gets wind of it:) ) 9. We are working on making a transcript of the chat available but are unsure at this time if this will be an option. 10. Most importantly, have fun! Don't be afraid to jump in and contribute, even if it's just an "amen" or " i totally agree" comment to get your feet wet. Chat is fueled by your contributions and the discussion will be enriched by a variety of opinions. Please forgive us for questions or comments that might go unnoticed or unanswered in the chat. We will make every effort to answer them in the post below this one within the next few days if we miss them or run out of time tonight. I was mistaken about the number of people that can 'chat' at one time. It's 100 instead of 50. Our heads may be spinning if that many actually sign in! The chat will go live a few minutes before 7 in this post. See you there! If we blow up the internet, it was nice knowing you...... [chatroll width='700' height='600' id='RZKC25v5tXK' name='fireside-chat-at-life-in-grace-3-6-11' apikey='lcyhvjdj7mghh1uv']

27 comments on “Fireside Chat Vol I”

  1. This chat was great and well moderated by Ami (so necessary in an online chat).

    Maybe next time set time limits right off the bat on categories. Love faith chat and am a bit interested in homeschooling but really want to hear about the house and plans and decorating but I have to go. Maybe next time? Maybe transcrip?

  2. Edie, thanks for the chat! I showed up late but at least I got one good Coal Miner’s Daughter quote in before I left. Have a good break and… we’ll leave the light on for ya.
    Love and Blessings,

  3. i see a hugs and love to all with an xo i assume i didn’t make it. i feel like joe fox upon failure to show up, please forgive me shop girl. can’t wait for that transcript. hugs and love right back. may our sweet father richly bless your time away. ummmm memory fails it’s in genesis, “the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from another.”

  4. The chat was great. Very busy. I think Edie’s head must have been spinning. I always love to read all that Edie has to say so I enjoyed reading her answers to the questions.

    Ms. Ami was great at moderating. There were a lot of people and that is not easy.

    Edie~looking forward to your posts on Lent. The churches I have attended have not observed Lent in any way. I could never understand why not. I always felt it was important but never knew how to prepare or approach this special season.

    Will miss you while you are on break but hope you enjoy it and accomplish what you have planned to do.


  5. Oh, boy. Forgot to check out the time difference and missed you all! Hope to join in another time.

    Benita from Kelowna, Canada

  6. I was unable to participate in the live chat and I am sure I missed a great session …… I am not so good at trying to figure the technical computer stuff out anyways and I had no idea that this kind of live chat could go on either !!!! Hope you all had a good day and rest well !!

  7. Arg. Didn’t write it down and totally missed it. The transcript page is saying it can’t be found.
    Oh well. Maybe next time. I did get to see the 25th anniversary performance of “Les Miserables” last night on ETV so it wasn’t a total loss.

  8. I thought the chat went very well.

    My only comment would be to specify the time zone when stating times. Even though I knew you were in EST, when the end time of 8:30 was given, I momentarily forgot and was thought it was 8:30 in my own time zone, which would have made for a much longer chat. 😉

    Edie and Amy the Moderator both did a wonderful job. Have a blessed Lent.

  9. Sorry I missed it…life is a little crazy on Sundays…
    Looks like you had fun…I will look forward to reading the transcripts!

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  10. So sorry I missed the chat…..we had family in from out of town. Looking forward to the next one though!

  11. Look at you miss fabulousness! Love that you are trying new things and reaching out to us bloggers, too bad I missed it. I’ve been cutting WAY back on my computer time, lovin’ it too. Miss you tons. xoxo

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