This could  be a tiny exaggeration but this may be the first time I’ve sat down in two weeks.   I fear my eyes are permanently blood-shot and my hands ache so bad that I’m threatening to make a doctor’s appointment.   And not with myself.   All in all, the move went very well.  This house in unbelievable.   The mornings and afternoons and evenings by the lake are just unreal.   Someone pinch me.   On second thought, don’t pinch me,  I’m aching all over as it is.   There’s still a mountain of work to do at the other house—and plenty of stuff to sell or give away.  I’m planning on having a moo-ving sale next weekend but I’ll let you locals know for sure.

Speaking of moo-ving,  don’t you love my cowhide footstool from IKEA?!?!?!   I went to IKEA wholly given over to the idea that Steve could finally get his recliner.  I’m not a fan of recliners.  Not a fan whatsoever.  But the Ecktorp one from IKEA was the least offensive one I’d ever seen and I was ready to lay down my decorating weapons in lieu of reclining comfort.  Only when we got there, we found out that it’s not slipcovered.   And the only one they currently sell is the one that looks like a bad pair of  really blue,  blue jeans.    (My profuse apologies to anyone who owns this recliner—it’s so comfortable–and under the right circumstances, I’m sure it looks just dandy).

So I used all the diplomatic savvy I could muster and convinced him that the  slipcovered non-reclining chair paired with the cowhide footstool was a much better option and insanely more manly and functional.     I think it’s my favorite piece.   I can’t wait to show you more pictures but it may take awhile…….
because of this….

Who can possibly work under these circumstances?
By the way, I did a whole post the other day on the “24″ extravaganza at Issues Etc and the next day the post disappeared. Just ‘poof’—GONE. It’s in my reader but not on my blog. Has anyone ever heard of this?! I’m bamboozled by the whole thing. Someone tell me what possibly could have happened? Or in my moving daze, did I just dream that I wrote a post on it? But no, some of you had already commented. I’m not crazy am I?

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  1. Beautiful view. It reminds me of my friend’s lake house on Lake Douglas. I know you’re around that general area – is it the same?
    Looking at the picture of the furniture – I can’t believe how put together everything already looks.
    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. following your mooove, as we move in 2 weeks. I’m afraid I won’t be able to unpack either, let alone photograph anything, because there is a creek, and a porch….
    I don’t know how you sat long enough to type what you did today. The view is beautiful.
    Congratulations & blessings in your new home.

  3. HI EDIE!!! I am so glad you are back or visiting! I have been wondering how you are and praying for your move! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

  4. it came up on my sidebar that you had posted the something about “24”….but when I went to look at it…it had vanished. weird.

    glad you are there…glad you got the chair and footstool..pure awesomeness.

    can’t wait to see more..seriously.

  5. Your new home looks lovely already. It looks like a photo from a magazine. I love that chair and footstool. I definitely need a trip to Ikea.

    Love that sunset!!


  6. Congratulations on the move! I was waiting for you to post about the move. I’m glad you mentioned the “24 post” because I thought I was dreaming – saw a post and then I didn’t! Can’t wait to see more.

  7. I’m with Ruth … my first thought was “Wow! That looks like a photo from a magazine!” Looks like you have wonderful natural light in your new home … at least in one room:), but with that view outside, you may not be spending much time in anyway!

    Enjoy, Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll have many wonderful moments pondering the Glory of God and the beauty of His world during the early hours and late hours of the day on that porch.

    Many blessings!!!

  8. Hi, Edie! I’m Nicki from NC… nice to meet you! Congrats on your move; can’t wait to see how it all comes together! You know, I was thinking the same thing the other day about the post you made on “24.” I thought I’d read it, but when I went back to your blog, it wasn’t there…I too wondered if I’d dreamed it!

  9. I do LOVE cowhide! Maybe because real Texas cowboys are my ancestors! lol What an amazing view on the lake! I’ll bet the sunrise is just as beautiful as the sunset! Coffee in the morning and a cocktail in the evening while enjoying paradise! Looking forward to the photos!

  10. Oh my.. I sooo love the footstool. Just enough to make a statement kind of like a necklace to your room. Happy moving in hope you get rest and enjoy your new home. Blessings to you

  11. i am so with you on the sunsets and the needing to be pinched. i just walk around in constant thanksgiving to god for the opportunity to share this view, peace and his creation with others. how could one not believe when you see his handiwork in these views. glad all went well.

  12. Hi Edie, I enjoy checking in on your blog and share in your joy of being by water in a new home. My husband and son and I have moved 9 times in the last 6 years and soon are moving to Cambodia. I only have 4 plastic bins to go through….let along boxing up and resettling a whole family of 6!!! Oh, and by the way, I made your mocha cake at Easter….WOW! I had it for breakfast, lunch and supper. That’s the benefit of having a small family (small family=larger waistline). Enjoy settling….and maybe get some rest in your new nest.

  13. your view is amazing!!! Your cowhide footstool is fabulous! So happy to hear you are in your NEW HOME!!! so exciting. Can’t wait to see all you do,

  14. That is so not fair!! =) You are right, it’s impossible to work with a view like that. I would sit there every evening with a glass of wine. I can’t wait to see more pics of your house!

  15. I had to laugh at the recliner comment. I really don’t like them either but broke down and bought one and it’s not so bad. It beat paying the price for the leather chair and ottamon that matched my sofa and loveseat! And the view…to die for! I would never get anything done. ;D

  16. awesome pictures! So glad to read a post from you. I’ve been wondering about how it was going. Moving is so much work. But it seems like the rewards are so worth it. Praying for the work to be done soon and for rest to be on the way.

    Keep us posted.

  17. The mooo-ving pains will get better!
    When we moved last (3 yrs ago in July) I recall our visit the next day to the Home Depot for a few necessities.
    We were both walking like two 80 yr olds with sore legs and feet.
    I had to make a pit stop in the bath section before I could make it all the way to blinds and shades.
    I have never been so sore in all my life.

    But then, you have that view. I would be hauling that little moo cow stool out on the back deck and propping sore feet up on it with a nice glass of lynchburg lemonade to make me forget my aches and pains.

    Also, are you Jack Bauer with those negotiating skills? A chair and a fancy stool in place of a manly recliner (insert Tim Allen sounds here). Simply amazing!

  18. Loooovvvveeeeee that view!!!! And the footstool is awesome! I’m right there with you on the recliner, lol. I told my big daddy that he can have a leather one (upon my approval) when we move. However, I might still get away with NOT buying one! 😉
    And your having a sale?????? My GOODNESS you make me want to drive down there for it!! I might send my cousin in Alabama to scout it out for me 🙂

  19. Love the footstool! I wish I had an IKEA closer to me… maybe I need to make a special trip? And that view is fabulous – how could anyone resist?

    We are about to make an offer on a lake home as well! It’s in need of some TLC and has some design issues and I’d hate to leave the home my hubby and I painstakingly built, but it’s a chance for a view like yours… so scary and exciting at the same time!

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