April 2010

“And this baptism now saves you”

by Edie Wadsworth on April 29, 2010

Something is  happening to her.   I’m not altogether sure that she fully grasps it.      It started when she quit work.     And it further heightened when she brought her children home to educate them.   Maybe you’d call it an epiphany.   Or an awakening.   Sometimes it feels more like […]

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studio 3z makes me smile

by Edie Wadsworth on April 27, 2010


Remember when we went to Cincy a few weeks ago? Well, one of our great pleasures was meeting Brett and Jess of studio 3z. I found her blog months ago and began to confess my smittenness of their work. They are the most beautiful, unique family I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. And they […]



I’ve been keeping things from you and I apologize profusely. But I knew you’d be jealous. I have a dumpster. There, I said it. I rented one for the move and I’ve never been happier with a rented item.  I’m giddy about it.   And to celebrate my sheer joy, my friends Kelly and Denise […]


If these boxes could speak…….

by Edie Wadsworth on April 22, 2010


You might find this strange,  or just strangely amusing, but although I haven’t yet unpacked my socks or all of my pantry items or my underwear drawer for that matter, I don’t waste anytime hanging my wall decor.  It makes me feel like it’s home and gets a lot of stuff off the floor.  I […]


We’re ‘Moo’ved

by Edie Wadsworth on April 18, 2010


This could  be a tiny exaggeration but this may be the first time I’ve sat down in two weeks.   I fear my eyes are permanently blood-shot and my hands ache so bad that I’m threatening to make a doctor’s appointment.   And not with myself.   All in all, the move went very well. […]


How We Homeschool

by Edie Wadsworth on April 12, 2010

how we homeschool

This is where the magic happens but most days it doesn’t feel like magic. It feels like work and learning and grit and joy and beauty and messy. I don’t pretend to know how to do this, even after four years and I’m not sure it will always be the right decision for our family […]


I speak in riddles

by Edie Wadsworth on April 9, 2010

I’m HERE listening to great speakers like her and him—- hoping to gain some inspiration for this, my  journey. I’m lucky enough to be traveling with this hottie and these two cuties. I’m utterly ecstatic to meet these wonderful people later today and can’t wait to watch them do this. Aforementioned hottie drove us here […]


I’m not a fan of snow globes—just so ya know

by Edie Wadsworth on April 6, 2010


I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed my blog.  And I’ve dearly missed my computer. I’m just poking my head into blog world briefly to say hello and to tell you that my life is like a snow globe that has been turned upside down. Except instead of raining snow, it’s raining boxes. I miss my quiet […]

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