This is the best giveaway ever.

I say that about everything, don’t I?   “The best beef stew ever.”   “The best chocolate chip cookies ever.”    Okay, so I’m a drama queen.   Maybe I just get a little excited about stuff.    Is that so wrong?   Anyways, my friend Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy, my long lost roommate from Blissdom,  has made some custom goodies using my favorite colors.    Aren’t they awesome?  I want one of everything.     And all the items you see below will be packed up and sent to one lucky reader today.    Here are the ways you can enter the giveaway:    1.  subscribe to lifeingrace if you haven’t already, or   2.  update your subscription with my new URL address or 3.  Add the lifeingrace button to your blog or  4.  Mail me some cupcakes with buttercream icing.

After you’ve updated or whathaveyou, then leave a comment on this post telling me you’ve faithfully complied with all rules and regulations and I’ll try my best to pick you to win this loot from Lindsey. {If your links to me are already updated, then just go ahead and comment away!}


Oh how  I LOVE these fabrics!


You have until midnight on Monday March 8th to enter.  And Lindsey is giving you 10% of anything in her shop if you use the code ‘grace’.   You’ll love her shop and her blog and after spending two nights with her in Nashville,  I can tell you she is just as precious as she seems on her blog.   Even more so.  And she’s the fastest typer I’ve ever seen.

Picnik collage

Oh how I miss my roomies!

127 comments on “Lifeingrace Loves the Pleated Poppy!”

  1. I just updated my Google reader with your new address. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your posts! And please enter me in the giveaway. The Pleated Poppy has so many wonderful things.

  2. You are in my reader for sure!!! Please enter me to win the yummies from Pleated Poppy….also one of my favs!

    I wonder how many cupcakes with butter cream icing you’ll get? 🙂

  3. Good morning!
    I just have to tell you that I always love a giveaway and I love Lindseys stuff even more. I have been following her site for months…that is actually how I came across your site, which is now a daily read. I have now subscribed to your site so keep those yummy recipes and decorating ideas coming!!

    Jamie Wynberry

  4. Ok, Edie… seriously, how fantastic that it all MATCHES your blog!? I love it! Seriously love it! I’ve been reading Lindsay’s blog since you mentioned it before you left for Blissdom! She seems great. Also, I already do everything you required except the BUTTON deal…. but I don’t do buttons so I hope that doesn’t disqualify me!? 🙂 Hugs to you… hope your weekend was fantastic in every way!

  5. Wow, love your blog! I have recently discovered Lindsey’s beautiful creations, and man I would LOVE to win!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!


  6. Ok, I meant to say that I am a new follower, and I also finally figured out how to add your button to my blog. I am a blogging dummy and need major help to do just about anything on there!

    Thanks again!!!

  7. I follow you & your inspirational blog in my google reader. Not sure where you live – but I think its much father south than me so by the time buttercream icing cupcakes got to your doorstep they would be frozen from New England weather. Sorry!

    Oh the colors are just fab. The sweet design…the poppy pins…oh I would just love to win.

    (details…I am a follower. I read each and every post. I see when you add a new one on my iGoogle page. Oh and I love your pictures.)


  9. I subscribed! I love your blog b/c I live in Knoxville, have a daughter named Eadie, and, of course, enjoy your style. Pick Me:).

  10. Wow, I am so technollogically challenged. I did subscribe (or re-subscribed, I think). You are now on my google homepage – very cool. Please enter me in the drawing for the BEAUTIFUL prizes!

  11. I faithfully complied with all rules and regulations!! Now will you faithfully try to pick me????? Love your blog!!!

  12. ummm…yes, please.

    I want each and every piece of this giveaway! AND I love the colors too.

    I updated my reader…I already subscribed.

  13. I have your new address listed on my blog! I have purchased things from Lindsey before and I absolutely love my little purse and the flowery pins. She’s amazing!

  14. Hi sis! I wanna be in the giveaway! Good luck everyone! I want some of your cupcakes with buttercream icing.

  15. Oh! Those are some of my favorite colors too – you can see them on my blog!!!! Love the Pleated Poppy! I’m a follower and I read your blog daily!!!! When I get home, I’m going to link up to FB and twitter too! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  16. Been subscribed forever, but you know I stalk you.
    Updated you ages ago, again…the whole stalking thing.
    And to further exemplify the stalking thing, your button’s been there forever.

    Finally, I’d send you some cupcakes with buttercream frosting but I just got done baking super soft sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting that are TO DIE FOR!!!!!

  17. I’ve followed all of the rules! The only thing I can’t do is bring the cupcakes, but I so would if I weren’t stuck on bed rest! I loved Pleated Poppy, super cute stuff!

  18. I updated my subscription. Thanks for the reminder (!) and for hosting this giveaway. Love the colors!

  19. Hi, I just subscribed. I have been reading for some time but just had you listed under my “favorites”. Oh, and those fabrics are so pretty!!!

  20. I have subscribed with Google Reader!! (You have been a permanent fixture in my links for quite some time though!) Sign me up for those beauties!!

  21. I subscribed and I kept the old button! (i like the circle so much!) Those are fantastic fabrics!
    And thank you for sharing your Lenten reflections… I’ve appreciated reading them.

  22. I LOVE your blog, Edie! I’ve been coveting your kitchen cabs for months, and ask for forgiveness for that every day. 🙂 I just subscribed, so hopefully, I will win the Pleated Poppy goodies!!

    Have a blessed day!

  23. I read your blog every post, but now its official I guess? : )
    You’re on my google home page. Please enter me, please please please. I wish I had a blog to show you our new craft room, inspired by none other than YOU! And I wish you could see all the loud “oh, so true!” “mmmm-hmmmm!” and “well said”s from the email you so kindly sent me regarding Beth Moore. Also loved the post on broken….so, thanks so much for all the ways your blog has blessed me! Denice

  24. My subscription is already updated, I think. I went ahead and updated anyways. I’ve been a follower for awhile. I LOVE turquoise and red together.

  25. OK, I “think” you are kidding but what if every commenter mailed you cupcakes with butter cream frosting!! That will DEFINATELY be a pre-requisite in my next giveaway!!

    My blog proudly displays your buton:)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Blissodm brought you two together..she is way over here in my neck of the woods and you’re both dear to my heart.

  26. Love, love, love your blog! I’ve tried some of your recipes – yum, yum. I enjoy Lindsey’s blog too. These red and turq fabrics are adorable.
    I’ve added you to my reader..would love to win!

  27. Edie,
    I have followed you forever girl!! You are my hero!! When I get some extra funds…lottery maybe…I am going to do my kitchen just like yours!! I carry a list in my purse of the things you have done and paint colors….etc!

    It would really be a pick me up to be a winner, bad day!

    Here’s to hope!
    Valley + Madigan

  28. I’ve subscribed to your blog (though I’ve been reading for months), I’ve subscribed to the Pleated Poppy (who I’ve also been secretly following) and added you as a friend on Facebook! Hope I covered all my bases! LOVE everything by Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy and would totally send you my famous carrot-cupcakes with buttercream frosting if I thought it would get there by 8pm tonight!

  29. OH PLEASE PICK ME!!! I LOVE Lindsey!! and her shop full of goodies!!

    and if I could I’d send you cupcakes w/buttercream icing from Texas!!!

    thannks for the add!


  30. Thanks for all your uplifting posts! I LOVE checking in with you everyday. We tried to make buttercream frosting-ed goodies for you…but they didnt make it out the door…sorry! :o)

  31. I followed all the rules and regulations… besides send you cupcakes since I don’t have your address… ;)… but I would for this ADORABLE giveaway! Crossing my fingers!!!

  32. I’m already all updated. Those are some of my favorite colors, too. I’ve had them in my kitchen and dining and living rooms. They are just so fresh. And I love the Pleated Poppy and so I’m going to need you to mail those goodies to me right away. If you do, I’ll go ahead and mail you cupcakes … as well as the best chocolate cake EVER. So there. Go ahead and pick me. You know you want to! : )

  33. I’ve updated my Google Reader and would love to win the goodies! Pick me Pick me!

    I love following your blog and your “best ever” recipes. Just wish I could get my kids to eat hot sauce (I’m sure they will when they get older!).

  34. HI, Edie
    I’ve updated and am now following in my google reader instead of just looking your blog up everyday.. I love these goodies,, hope I win.

  35. Love the cute items! The notebook is ADORABLE!!!!! I have updated my reader and added you to my list on my blog! I have been a “silent stalker” for a while now! Love your blog! You have so much insight. It is amazing how many good blogs you come across just by reading someone else blog! Keep the great posts coming! Have a WONDERFUL day/night!!!!!

  36. Edie- Your blog is inspirational, and you never cease to amaze me. I am pretty sure that I have faithfully complied with your rules for this giveaway and I would LOVE to win! So….pick me!

  37. i love your blog and have just subscribed even though i have been reading for awhile! thanks for such a fun little giveaway! all of that loot is so adorable!

  38. Hi Edie!

    I have recently discovered “Life in grace” through a dear friend. I used to be of the mindset that getting married and having kids meant an end to fun adventure. However, after reading your blog it appears that I’m wrong! I want to be you when I grow up (I’m 23) and homeschool my kids and redecorate and have a craft room and bake and read! Thanks for being so inspiring!


    P.S. The pleated poppy goodies are just fabulous!

  39. I have you in my google reader at your new address. I love your blog, and would love to win this giveaway…such cool things!!

  40. I just updated my Google reader with your new address. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your posts! Please enter me in the giveaway. The Pleated Poppy is awesome.

  41. I just updated my Google reader with your new address. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your posts! Please enter me in the giveaway. The Pleated Poppy has so many beautiful things.

  42. You’re in my RSS reader – both on my computer and my mobile RSS! If I’m away, I don’t want to miss your eloquent prose. Much love.

  43. I, Melinda Pulattie, have fully and completely complied with all the above stated regulations!!!! But I kept the cupcakes, sorry!!! I love the Pleated Poppy and would just love to win the prize!!! Also, wanted to tell you that I read your blog faithfully and love it! You are so inspirational and true! Thank you for that!!

  44. Wowsers…this IS really the best giveaway. EVER. Lifeingrace + Pleated Poppy goodies + red AND turquoise TOGETHER…as Elaine says on Seinfeld. SHUT.UP!

    I subscribe (and happy I do) and have your new URL…I tried to send the cupcakes 😉 – however, the post office said they ‘had’ to open the package (as I sent it media mail and it’s all subject to opening)…all I have to show is the return to sender box from the post office. Really? No…we just finished our cupcakes yesterday…if I would have known, I would have baked you a cake!

    peace and blessings to you –
    catherine s.

  45. I’ve posted your little square on my blog and am so excited that I figured out how to do that! This post and the “fabric” reminded me that I need to blog about my grandmother. How, you say, did I come to that connection? You see, she passed away this week and one of the treasures I came home with was a hand-made quilt made by her many many years ago (so long that some of the squares are missing).I’d better get on over to my blog and start writing.
    These poppies are beautiful (just had another idea, I gotta get away from here!!!)

  46. I subscribe…and I’d send you cupcakes but I live in Canada and by the time they got to you, I think they would be that good. But I’d do it if it ensured I won these qt’s. Hehe. 🙂

  47. I am a new subscriber. Love your blog – I have been following since I read your post about Lent. Because of it, I am observing Lent for the first time ever.
    I would love to win the Pleated Poppy goodies!

  48. I must be living under a rock because I have never visited the Pleated Poppy. I love these fabrics, too. Would love a chance to win. I have added your blog button to my blog.


  49. i rarely subscribe to blogs, but with how much i love the covered notebooks, i thought i’d peek around. it’s beautiful here. i love it. so, i’ll stay. =) subscribed.

    i’m pretty infatuated with your aqua armoire. there was one like that at pottery barn a few years ago that i was obsessed with and regret not purchasing!

  50. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and hope you take lots of pictures of your new house to share with everyone. When you finish Harry Potter, might I recommend Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan or Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer – both series are excellent and extremely fun to read.

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