i enjoyed my brief media fast.  if you’ve never

‘unplugged’ for a few days, you should try it.  it’s harder and easier than you think.

i kept a paper journal–which was kinda fun.

i wrote down 7 or 8 ideas for new blog posts.    you can take the girl away from her blog but you

can’t take the blogger outta the girl, i guess.

i was able to spend a litte more time in books…..


and a fair amount of the night hours on the sofa watching the olympics with a mighty handsome fella {who just so

happens to be a former hockey player}……


i planted a teeny little herb garden…..

and stood by watching while hank helped em play the piano and daddy taught el to play chess.

the girlies and i snuck away to the craft room and painted and sewed…..


we studied marco polo and made chinese farmer hats…..


i sat amazed as the littlest one got pretty darn good at chess—she even challenged taylor to a game….


i made 2 lemon pound cakes and shared one with a friend.  I used a plain pound cake recipe

and then added the zest and juice of one lemon—then made a lemon glaze using

the juice of one lemon, a little heavy cream and about 3/4 c of powdered sugar.   Mmmmm!

we were thrilled that this one came home and since she’s loves to cook, she and i made

thai food and homeade iced brownies.   she asked for a kitchen aid mixer for christmas.   now that’s

a 17 year old after my own heart!

we got to see all these lovely people {minus the santa hat and the christmas tree} for birthday gatherings

and guess who forgot her camera?   i’m slipping.   but i did spend a inordinate amount

of time reading the manual for my nikon.   and i used a highlighter

and made notes in the margin.  yes i did.  this may be further evidence

that blogging is good for me.


so there you have it.

i missed you all and will definitely not be able to catch up on everything in my reader.

if there’s a blog post I missed that you think i should read, let me know.

if you’ve ever made notes in the margin of an instruction manual, i’d like to know that as well :0

and if you’re a local blogger, my friend patty and i are having a blogger’s luncheon

this friday at timeless elegance tea room from 11-1 in their

upstairs private room.  this is a first for us so

if you plan on coming, let me know by comment or email.  we’d love to have you.

if you already rsvp’d on facebook, then we’ve got you counted.

today, i’m making this wonderful lengthy version of chicken and dumplings. should be fun!

33 comments on “catching up”

  1. Edie!

    We are doing Story of the World this year…LOVE IT! And, we’ve used Rod & Staff…love their stuff. I’m using a different program this year. I bought like 5 or 6 volumes of their “readers” and they come with fantastic booklets that ask all the comprehension questions…my 7 year old enjoys them!

    And, I got a Nikon D5000 this year….that I take a LOT of notes on!! I’m signing up for a class if it’s the last thing I do…this summer.

    My boys love playing chess with their daddy, too!

    oh, the things we have in common. I should be a local so that I could go to the fancy tea room with you and patty. 🙂

  2. i actually started a hand-written card for you (!!imissedyou!!), but then jordan kissed an 80mph baseball and needed a cat scan to be sure of where those bone fragments ended up and i lost all my sensibilities after that. pleased to say the son takes after the father, and he played bball the very next day. psycho. ;o
    glad your back-looks like you had a great few days there!!

  3. I just love this post. And that cake looks delish!

    My husband and I have been unplugging from the computer on Sundays since January and I LOVE IT. My mind, body, and spirit are able to fully rest on those those days. I’m considering a week long media fast during Holy Week.

  4. We emmulate Monet too! I have a post in my “drafts” somewhere of our recreating Water Lilies…one day I will post it. I thought I was the only one that did crazy things like that with my kids ;)! One more reason to love ya Edie!

  5. It seems like a very enjoyable time. So many great projects and books to read. I missed you while you were away.

    I so wish I was local I wouldn’t miss that lunch for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Did “unplugged” include the computer? That is my greatest weakness. I always feel prideful about not watching very much tv, but if I added up the hrs I spend on the internet I would be embarrassed.

  7. Oh my gosh, Edie, I have missed you so much! But I guessed what you were doing. It is something that I’ve struggled with, too. I spend countless hours on the computer. While some of it is necessary for our business, so much of it isn’t. But I don’t watch much TV (not much on worth my time) but do love playing games, reading, blogging, chatting, etc. Hubs doesn’t mind because he’s watching some sort of sports on TV in the other room. Anyways, I said all that to say “It’s GREAT to have you back”! Oh, if I only lived within driving distance I would so be there to meet with you girls! Hope you have a happy Monday!

  8. Sounds like you had a great time being away from your computer. Your lemon pound cake looks amazing….yummy! I wish I could make the luncheon on Friday but i will be working.I’m actually having lunch at Timeless Elegance on Thurs with a dear friend of mine. Hope you enjoy your lunch on friday. Have a great day, girl! Chavala

  9. edie,
    first, you did SO MUCH! how awesome! that pound cake looks delish! second, i’m going to try my best to be there. i’ve got to make sure my mom is going to watch the boys. . .patty and denise both told me about it thru email!!!

  10. Those pictures look great! I just bought PSE last week, my goodness, it is overwhelming. Too bad, I wasn’t in TN, I would love to meet local bloggers. I might just have to plan something for my area. 😉


  11. Missed you while you were gone, I always enjoy coming here for a glance into your world and some inspiration. Thanks (I don’t think I mentioned it) for the great post on the lenten season. I grew up Lutheran, but never understood the purpose behind Lent. As the Lord continues to mature me in His sweet grace and wisdom, I found that post particularly convicting!


  12. Isn’t wonderful to unplug now and again… to me nothing is better than a piece of paper or a book… I think I love the creativity of it – and the smell…

  13. I gave up my phone for all social media purposes for Lent and I know just what you mean by it being harder and easier than you think.

    Just to let you know, I’m going to do a mini photography wkshp in April for some of my friends from my Just Moved group at church. If you’re interested, let me know…I’m not too far from you. It will basically be a review of the Blissdom photography wkshp, but without time constraints.

  14. Do yellow post-it notes count in the manual??? I was thinking of writing in it but was afraid that I wouldn’t find what I wrote!! LOL! Good idea though!
    Unplugged is GOOD and hard, your right. I have done them without meaning it and when I finally do sign on, I realized that it can be done, easily! 🙂 Welcome back!

  15. From reading this, I’d say we could all benefit from unplugging for a few days.

    One of your photos really gripped my heart. . . seeing that photo of books, with a Rod and Staff English textbook. . . I homeschooled my boys for three years, and we used lots of Rod and Staff materials. One of those boys is now a freshman at Duke. When he got his college acceptance letters, I felt so proud and grateful that I was the one who taught him to read and write. 🙂

    Grace to you,

  16. Edie,
    I enjoy your blog so very much! The Lord has used your tender words on many occasions to awaken my soul. Thank you for your time and your commitment to the Father. He uses you in a mighty way in my life. Blessings!

  17. I wish I lived closer or had my own private plane so I could come to the luncheon. Sounds like fun. Your photos are great! I have photoshop but it scares me so I don’t use it too much. Did you take a tutorial on it or something like that?

  18. Welcome back! I, too, have taken a few weeks off of blogging to refresh and renew my mind (and get some stuff done!).

    What town is Timeless Treasures in? I live south of Maryville if it is not too terriby far away, I would love to come!

  19. I just had to comment about your girl who makes Thai food and wants a Kitchenaid mixer…I have one like that. I miss her every day and love it when she comes home.
    (she is 21 now but even at 17 loved Thai food and Kitchenaids…actually, she wants to be a missionary in Thailand…we’ll see what she and God do with that one!)

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