This is what I see now when I walk out of my bedroom door. The little girls’ bedroom—freshly painted and freshened up. It makes me wanna dance a jig. Or to quote Pioneer Woman, it ‘makes my skirt fly up’. And it’s every girls’ favorite color: tiffany blue. I know, I know–I’m teaching ’em early. I’m not sure what I love best, the tiffany blue walls, the currant-red beds, or the very large vintage multi-colored lights. Oh, or the vintage butterfly prints. I can’t decide. I love it all.


Here’s what you can do in a week with $150, a wonderful inspiration photo and numerous cups of the best coffee ever. I saw this amazing guest bedroom {first featured in Domino magazine} on the Little Green Notebook blog—and fell in love instantly.

Jenny did a copy cat design of this room, giving tips on how to get the look for much less. And though her tips were extremely helpful, I settled on an even cheaper/less authentic version than her copy cat version. But it turned out beautiful and my girls love their new ‘grown-up’ bedroom. And if you don’t already read Jenny’s blog, you should. You’ll love it and her and you’ll learn stuff.


Domino guest bedroom

I started this project by painting the beds. These are actually bunk beds that I ‘debunked’ many years ago. I also previously painted, distressed and glazed them about 8 years ago.

In the Domino guest room photo, those upholstered beds can be found at Target online—and I LOVE those beds. But alas, painting our existing beds red was not a bad alternative. I chose ‘Currant Red’ from Benjamin Moore and after sanding the beds twice {to remove the previous finish} I painted them in semi-gloss with two coats of paint. I actually used Behr Paint and Primer and just had them look up the Benjamin Moore color in their computer. I adore this paint—it’s thick and luscious and goes on like butt-ah! And as someone who paints things frequently, I say that with a fair amount of personal experience.

I then used this little rub and buff product {from Hobby Lobby} to give them a more antiqued look. I used my fingers to rub it on and then used a damp cloth to wipe most of it off. It’s kind of subtle but I like the beds much better with this addition. The color is called Spanish Copper.
By the way, I painted the beds in the room. I just put butcher paper on the floor underneath them went to work. It’s a little tricky to paint the very bottom of the bed posts but it can be done.


Next, I started on the walls. I chose ‘Robin’s Nest’ from Benjamin Moore and again had the paint mixed at Home Depot using Behr Paint and Primer {did I say thank you to my friend The Nester for this tip? I owe you a debt of gratitude}. This paint goes on so well that it covered in one coat on these walls!! And those letters on the wall that spell GRACIE—-those must stay forever. When I tried removing them, sheetrock began to peel as well—so I just painted right over them—again. My painter Rick—whose number I have on speed dial—helped me with the 20 foot ceilings in this room. And my somewhat-afraid-of-heights-self was thankful.


I then took Jenny’s advice and printed these vintage butterfly prints from Village Printables and framed them in my $6.99 frames from Ross {a lot better than the $625 each for the prints in the Domino room}. They are exactly the perfect complement to this room and it reminds me of the metamorphasis that will all-too-soon take place in these little girls. I want to cherish the days while I have them.


Scooter, our 4 year old Maltese, sleeps with the girls so we found him a coordinating dog bed–which will, I hope, prevent him from rubbing his dirty paws all over these white quilts {Target–shabby chic collection}. The zebra print pillows are also from Target {$14 on sale} and are a fine and enormously cheaper substitute to the beautiful IKAT pillows on the Domino guest room beds ($240 each I think). I also just happened to be moving this winerack—which I’ve been using as a nightstand—out of my bedroom, so I moved it in here because it was just the right size and shape. Any ideas for what we could store in there, aside from wine bottles of course?!


I then finished it off with a beautiful Christmas cactus, some pine garland and the big-bulb Christmas lights.


This room has the softest glow at night and is the perfect spot to snuggle up with some good reading and our Advent devotionals. I have to take turns sitting on each little one’s bed {“you were on her bed last night”} and have to make sure to give each one the same amount of kisses. I will hold on to that as long as possible!


So there it is: the sort of grown up little girls room—where butterfly kisses and tooth fairy visits are still welcome! But pink is not.


I should also mention that moving the beds toward the center of the room has been a huge advantage. The girls can easily make their own beds. And for now, they LOVE the job.


Before After

What I still need to do:
1. Add a brass-type rub onto the side table/winerack.
2. Find a cheap black and white striped rug.
3. Keep Scooter’s grubby paws off those white quilts.
4. Tackle the very messy closet.
5. Find the perfect ‘thing/s’ to store in the winerack.
6. Read a million more pages together—before they get tired of me.
You can see more photos on my flickr photostream.
Thanks a million to Jenny for making this room seem possible for the average mom.
Oh and come visit me at Blissfully Domestic today where I’m posting my sweater stocking tutorial.
I listened to this episode on Issues Etc—on Luther and Calvin and how you know you have true faith–while working on this project. It’s well worth a listen!
p.s. I’m adding this project to Kimba’s DIY day. Visit the most fantastic DIY’ers here.

81 comments on “Girls’ Bedroom Metamorphosis and a little Christmas Cheer”

  1. I know my daughter loves o read and color in her room. so I have thought about a winerack in there to store coloring books or childrens magazines. Any kind of paperback type larger book. Anything that can be rolled up…or what about round cans that are painted/decoupaged that can store small items or markers,crayons,pencils…etc. I dunno! It all looks great!

  2. I LOVE it!!! those are the colors I'm doing in my office!
    Catherine has some of the same ideas I do for the wine rack storage!!


  3. I love everything about it !
    Maybe they could store rolled up magazines ? Not sure what else, but it would be fun to try different things and see what works.

    Very inspiring !

  4. Looks beautiful. My Gracie is getting a room makeover as well but I'm not as quick with it as you were (I'll not show her your work – I can hear the questions now).

  5. Looks lovely, Edie, and you are such a great mom. I am always inspired to read of your listening to such great things….and all the while being totally real. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the room. My first thought was magazines,too, but what if you decopaged some Pringles cans and had them numbered or lettered on the tops for girl treasures in the wine rack? Or could you possibly take off the wine rack part?

  6. So pretty! I also saw this room on Little Green Notebook and plan to do my office/guest bedroom using this color scheme. I ran across your blog a month or two ago – and just love the energy and inspiration! Just wanted you to know!

  7. Edie, this is brilliant! I love your version and what a super price you did it for. Love, love the red beds against that blue, that seems to be the new color combo, I'm seeing it in a lot of places. Great job!!

  8. So sweet. I was thinking of using some of those small poster tubes (Or like someone else mentioned, pringles cans). My daughter would have them chock full of pens and pencils and markers etc.

    I like the magazine idea too!!!

    Oh…and they grow up oh so fast! Of course you know that better than I.

  9. Beautiful! I re-did my three girls bedroom last year. I did Tiffany Box Blue on the walls and all the trim shiny black. No one was on board for the black but me but now they all love it. I took white beds and painted them black also. I keep threatening to move them out and move myself in!

  10. As soon as I saw the first pic I knew which room you were talking about! Gorgeous {and inexpensive!!} re-creation Edie.

    I love the idea of using tall skinny tins in the bottle rack. You can usually find them filled with cookies around now. That way you can use them to add storage for the million little things that little girls accumulate.

    Great job!

  11. Edie..
    Love the redo! I know your girls are just delighted with the Grown Up look!! Am not a Pink person at found this simply perfect and girly! Great job, great price!
    Love your blog!!!

  12. Beautiful, and I actually like it better than the inspiration
    room:-) Maybe it is the love that is so evident in everything you do to your home that makes it extra lovely! What a sweet and beautiful space for them:-)

    I am so grateful for this post today, however, because I decided over the weekend to find a butterfly print for my 11 year old's room. I need a reminder for my sweet girl of the analogy of the struggle a butterfly goes through to leave its cocoon, and the strength the wings develop through hard work and diligence. You just saved me the search!

  13. ikea has a wonderful black and white striped rug, i don't remember the price…but ikea is always fairly reasonable…and if you are like me, just walking into the store decreases my blood pressure. πŸ™‚

  14. Love the room Edie! The only thing I can think of for the wine rack is rolled up magazines or books about that size that could be rolled up. I have seen antique rolling pins in a wine rack before, but that would obviously be for a kitchen, not a fabulous new room for 'tweens. Glad to see all is well with you. I just got back last night from Thanksgiving in TN. I thought of you while I was at Hob LOb!

  15. Your best yet Edie! Oh crap, now you have my mind swirlling with ideas for my room and for my guest room. I feel some changes coming. Love the transformation and I'll bet your girls are in HEAVEN in there.

  16. Wow. Just wow. You did an awesome, amazing, beautiful job! I am no little girl and I would LOVE that room. Your girls are lucky to have such a loving, creative mama.


  17. I love the way the room turned out. I especially love the mix of styles. Lovely!!

    Thanks for sharing Village Printables, too. I haven't heard about them before and am so excited to know about it. I have a frame that's been sitting empty for weeks now waiting because I couldn't find the right picture. Now I have tons of choices!!

  18. Love that Tiffany blue with a red pop!

    A few ideas for the wine rack table:

    – if the girls are allowed to have food items in their room, you could add bottles of italian fizzy sodas. We have these in our wine rack at home and they come in all colors and flavors, but do have a shelf life so you can't leave them in there forever.
    – I also like using salvaged bottles and handing out paper to encourage the girls to create "messages in a bottle". A great place to store wishes and dreams. You can also designate one bottle as "for Mom" where they can drop in suggestions, thoughts or questions for your eyes only. I'm sure they talk to you about everything under the sun now, but having a private communication channel can be a good thing with tween girlies.

  19. I love how the bedroom looks! Those colors look beautiful together… a room to grow up in! I'm so impressed that you painted the beds in the room… wow.

  20. So impressed they love making their beds! I still haven't gotten to that point myself…

    I like the pringles can idea best personally. After decoupaging or painting first of course. If i were decupaging, I'd get some old sheet music and put that on the cans to go with the black and white accent theme… you can print it off online all over. Pick some favorite songs…

  21. edie-i love it! and it looks coordinating enough that i think even sue will love it!! πŸ™‚
    i sware…. you wear me out!
    did you climb up onto a ladder for that shot from above? great shot-worth the climb!
    now, for me, back to edward…. πŸ˜‰

  22. This looks wonderful! Great job!

    Aside from rolled-up magazines, perhaps Pringles canisters covered with pretty papers could hold little necessities.

    I wonder, though, if occasionally a bottle could appear there–maybe an empty wine bottle containing a message for the girls? I've always loved the idea of sending a message in a bottle. Maybe you could sometimes leave a love note for them in a special bottle.

  23. It looks gorgeous. I am in love with that color combination!! The red with the blue is so calling my name. Now I need to find a place to add it in my home.


  24. Love it! I'm sure your girls' love their new room. Your photos are always great, love reading your blog. Thanks for all the decorating money saving tips! It's inspirational. πŸ™‚

  25. Just beautiful! What an amazing new room for your sweet girls!

    For the wine rack, my suggestions: roll up magazines & tie with decorative ribbon
    buy the tall wine boxes (the cylinder shaped ones), decorate, and stuff with little girl essentials. If the wine boxes are too large, you might be able to decorate Crystal light containers and put there as well.

    Good luck πŸ™‚

  26. Looks AMAZING!! I'm so glad/flattered you were inspired by my post. I'm so in love with that color combo! You really did a great job, especially on a budget (my favorite kind of decorating!!!)

    lots of love,
    jenny @ lgn

  27. Oh y'all are so sweet. And I love the ideas for the wine rack—the pringles cans—or maybe soda bottles. I need to try different sizes out and see what works. And I love the idea of 'message in a bottle'. Another great way to 'connect'!

    You guys are the best and I'm so thankful for you in my life. You're such an encouragement! Hope all of you had wonderful holidays.

    Love to you all,

  28. Awesome ideas…. I never thought once about bottles or storage cans. I was thinking of those long skinny pillows like neck pillows and blankies rolled up, just right for pillow fights or sleepovers for friends. Either that or rolling up their jeans and sweaters and storing them there rather than a dresser. Hmmm…. what's a girl to do?! lol πŸ™‚ BEAUTIFUL makeover!

  29. I LOVE this room–much better than the Domino! Our bedroom is a similar color, and I have red summer bedding…I love that color combination πŸ™‚ I think someone already mentioned, but the girls can roll up magazines/coloring books and store them in the wine rack…or maybe any long/skinny stuffed animals? My daughter has some monkeys that lay on their stomachs…that type could hang with the face/front legs sticking out the front.

  30. that room is fabulous. i am so tired but i can feel a big re-do coming on sometime…in january.
    i just know there is paint in my future. πŸ™‚
    maybe turquoise paint!

  31. Hey Edie!! I am trying to catch up on your blog, LOVED the MAC tutorial! LOVE MAC!!!! Now you have me wanting to RUN there for brow groomer! LOL!
    I have been busy with the kids and going nuts around here. And I think we are pulling one child out and homeschooling and the other is going to a private (my pet name is artsy fartsy, lol) school who accepts homeschoolers one or more days a week. It's been a tough decision but I think it's a really good one for us! I was wondering if you knew of any homeschoolers who homeschool special needs kids? One of my twins has PDD (high functioning autism).
    Again, LOVE reading your blog and glad I'm back! πŸ™‚

  32. I have seen hurricane glasses turned on their side in wine racks. Then they can store books, crayons, pens, pencils, etc in them.

  33. adorable! i love the red beds! we have a white bed in our guest room and i'd love to paint it red. my husband would die, though, since it took him forever to put together! oh well … tucking this idea away for later!

  34. Wowza my dear…that is just beautiful! How fun can be proud! I know that is a lot of hard work, bet it feels good to have done such a good job of it! Come say hi πŸ˜€

  35. edie – how amazing and cute is that!? you have some lucky girls! love the color and the christmas lights w. garland pop so much! that vintage printable site is awesome and i am loving everything i am finding on there of course – but how would one go about printing them?

  36. Edie, that room is GORGEOUS! I just love the colors, what a fabulous interpretation of the Domino room, but for REAL people! Love it.

  37. I'm SO glad I found your blog a few weeks ago! You make me laugh, think & give me genius decor ideas πŸ™‚ Plus you live in TN which makes me automatically like you seeing as I am an east TN native myself. I have 5 year twin girls & I've been toying w/ the idea of making their room more "lady like" and less "little girl"– your new room is perfect!!!We'll be moving soon, so I'll have a blank canvas to work with. My only question is what would you recommend for window treatments? I noticed you didn't have any. And also, they have a bookcase in their room- what color would you recommend for that? Thanks for any help you can give!!!

  38. what I FORGOT to say was, the room looks FANTASTIC!!!! And to be quite honest I love your girls' room way better than the Domino room!!!
    My boys have red beds and I love them! Red makes my heart sing πŸ™‚

  39. if you could find clear storage tubes- you could keep colored pencils, markers, etc. in the tubes and stash the tubes in the rack.

  40. The colors are delightful. The room is lovely. Your version is alive with a real warmth.
    You are very inspiring, real, funny, and fun. I am blessed to have found your site. I would have benefited greatly from a friend like you back when I was home educating my 3 youngest sons.
    God bless you Edie.

  41. You could certainly roll up winter sweaters to store in there. My mom always used a wine rack in the bathroom, hung on the wall, with rolled up washcloths in it.– and a wooden one in the kitchen with dishtowels.

  42. I found a black and white zebra print rug at Marshall's over the summer for under $30.00. And, it's not the furry kind – so you can actually wash it. Not sure if they still carry them. You know how random Marshall's inventory can be!

  43. P.S. Sorry to bother you again. I have been looking for a simple white coverlet or bedspread and the ones you have on your daughter's bed looks very pretty (as is the entire room!). Can you share with me where you got it? Thank you!

  44. Don't know if anyone suggested this yet, but you could cover pringles cans with modge podge and some beautiful scrapbook papers and the girls could use that for storage: hair accessories, pens, crayons, trinkets, and all the other fun stuff little ones collect! The room is beautimus!

  45. I just had to comment.

    Rarely do I ever really feel encouraged to 'copy' another's designs from another site, even PB. For me, it takes the pow out of my own creativity. I love to invent it all from scratch from my own head.

    BUT when I saw the colour combinations in this room, I had to bookmark it for future reference. Stunning! The teal with the red and black… so elegant! And different! Funky even. πŸ™‚

    The christmas lights?!? Oh my gosh. So whimsical and fun!

    Love the room!


  46. I love the colour of that room! I've painted my dining room the same colour and I like to pair it up with barn red, cream, and chocolate brown.

  47. I about flipped when I saw your beds. I just bought the same pair of bunkbeds off craig's list and painted them (but not red). I love the room!

  48. I thought I would join in with the other ladies that have commended you on such a beautiful make-over. It really is quite stunning!
    I also have one other suggestion for your wine rack, PVC piping. You are able to get the diameter you require and can cut it to your desired lengths. As well, you can still decorate it to match the girls decor.

  49. Love the transformation…the red beds are so cute and hip! afas the wine rack and storage…try storing rolled towels or your girls play clothes/aprons, etc. You could also store magazines or coloring books for the kids. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  50. what a perfect room. love what you've done. i heart target, ross {& marshalls}… and let's not forget hobby lobby. πŸ˜‰

    cute blog. we homeschool too. πŸ˜‰

  51. love the room transformation! i'd roll up magazines and stick them in the wine rack. or even catalogs like pbkids or american girl – my girls love to look at the pictures!

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