If you’re new to the party, here’s what you’ve missed so far! Thank you ladies for such wonderful ideas and helpful tips.
Day 1: Dishmat with Darby
Day 2: Garland with the Nester
Day 3: Coasters with Sandy
Day 4: Birds with Denise
Day 5: Buntings with Heather
Day 6: Tassels with Mandy

I am thrilled to introduce our Day 7 guest poster, who happens to be a very dear blog friend of mine, do-it-yourselfer, from Pink and Polka Dot. We’ve been stalking each others’ blogs for well over a year and got to meet each other in real life last year at Blissdom. She is quite the crafty chick and has lots of fun tutorials on her blog—that I know you’ll want to try the all. She also shares beautiful decorating tips and has a crush on Edward from Twilight! And if you’ve never been to a blogging conference, there is nothing quite like that magical moment when two blogging friends spot each other from across the room and run and embrace and laugh like school girls. I’m making plans to attend Blissdom again in February, what about you? And now, prepare to be wowed by yet another marvelous crafty idea! She’s also doing some live craft shows so visit her blog for the dates/times.

Do you have a skirt in your closet that you no longer wear. Recycle it into an apron! I found this floral A-line skirt at a thrift store and thought it would make a cute apron. It is tres simple! I’ve attempted a tutorial below. Hope it makes sense. Have fun!

You could also add a pocket or a cute little ruffle at the bottom. I didn’t…yet. I just wanted to show you a simple recycle from skirt to apron. Can’t wait to see your’s.

13 comments on “12 Days of Handmade Christmas Tutorials Day 7 {Aprons}”

  1. Okay, this is a great idea. Well, they all are. But this is how I can use some of my mom's darling skirts (she is a petite, I am not). Shhh..don't tell…

    Plus. There are awful skirts at the thrift store that would make great aprons!

    Thanks for the inspiration. And Edie, I found your blog a week or so ago and am now officially done stalking the archives. Love your blog.

    We have several things in common – and please tell Taylor that I have gone to Cornerstone festival for years and slept on the ground in a tent. Well, slept might not be the right word…Cornerstone never sleeps.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. i have been recycling thrift store clothing recently into other things, i havent thought of this yet!! awesome idea, and i will be trying it for sure. 😀

  3. This is a wonderful project!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. You're doing such a great job with this series. I feel like it's a great service to all of blogdom! Bless you.

  4. Okay…so I am now a committed follower of your precious blog and am loving all the fun ideas. I KNEW there was some reason that I held on to a heinous looking, yet beautifully patterned skirt for one more season!! YAY!
    Thanks for being so bold with your faith. It's so very encouraging!

  5. I am so enjoying the 12 Days of Handmade Christmas…what a fun thing.

    And you are totally making me want to go to Blissdom!!!

  6. What a great idea for Christmas! So simple that I will have enough time to make all the cooks in my life their own apron 🙂 Thanks for the idea!!

  7. You're so sweet to add me to your plethora of wonderful crafters! i don't feel worthy! i'm reconsidering blissdom???

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