I regret to inform you that the person scheduled for Day 10 could not make it due to unforeseen family circumstances. Guess you’re stuck with me today. But don’t forget to visit the first 9 days, starting here. Love my new sign? I think Todd Wilken may need it for the studio.

Even before I purchased my espresso machine, I had an impasssioned love affair with coffee. There are currently no words to describe how this torrid love affair has evolved. So, naturally when I saw this coffee cozy tutorial, I was compelled to try it. Kinda like making a quilt for someone you love. And well, I had to show off my new embroidery/sewing machine—-which is NOT a piece of cake to figure out.
Gather your supplies:
1 coffee mug cozy template {I used Starbucks}–make sure to use the kind that overlap
2 pieces of fabric ~ 5 x 12 inches
Insul-Bright or batting {I used warm and natural quilt batting}
1.75 inches of 3/4 inch velcro

I followed the tutorial pretty closely but found out too late that not all coffee mugs are made alike—so make sure that the template you use {I used a Starbucks coffee cozy} fits your mug–making sure to allow for the seams. For my travel mug, I should have made mine 1 1/4 inches longer than this Starbucks template. Just put your template around your mug and make sure it fits and if not, adjust—making sure to make allowances for both end seams.

Trace the template onto the wrong side of the fabric {right sides of fabric together} allowing for the seams. {I left about 1/4 inch for the seams on all sides—and as you’ll see later, I should have lengthened my cozy by 1 1/4 inch—-so make sure it’s long enough by wrapping the template around your mug}

Cut a piece of batting the same size as well.
Now, sew the velcro onto the fabric. To figure out where to put the velcro, it’s best the pick the fabric up {pretending like its’ sewn together} and wrap it around a mug so that you can see where the velcro needs to be. It’s easy to see if you lay the Starbucks template out and see where the adhesive has been. I read the directions here {which are good} but I’m a visual learner—so I just had to pretend like the cozy was sewn together and then wrap it around the mug. It’s easy then to see where the velcro must go—then sew it onto the right side of the fabric about 1/4 inch from the seam. Sew the other velcro piece onto the bottom fabric in a similar fashion.
With right sides of the fabric together and the batting on the bottom, sew all three pieces together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance—leaving a 2 -3 inch opening at the bottom center—so you can turn it to the right side. After turning it to the right side, fold in the raw edges and then topstitch at 1/8th of an inch all the way around to give it a nice finish and closure.
And after all that, here’s what happened to me! So beware: make sure the Starbucks template fits your mug and if not—adjust.
So what do you do with your cute little cozy if it doesn’t fit your coffee mug?
I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself.
Note to the domestically challenged: I’m no seamstress and definitely not gifted in writing tutorials so I highly suggest you check out the one I followed, making adjustments for the size of your mug. I also took these pics before I topstitched my cozy. I’m overanxious like that.

24 comments on “12 Days of Handmade Christmas Tutorials Day 10 {Coffee Cozy}”

  1. lol YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! Speaking of seamstress abilities, you should see the bird I made following the tutorial here. On second though maybe you shouldn't. HA! Good thing I never became a Dr, we'd have some Frankenstein wandering the town.

  2. Hi Edie! This has been so much fun!! I have loved every day!!

    Last night we had our Thanksgiving party for the ladies of our church and all made coasters from your blog to give as gifts (or in my case keep for myself because they turned out soooo cute). I will post pics from the night on my blog! Check it out if you have a sec and thanks again for giving us all of these creative ideas. Its so fun!!

  3. I don't drink coffee BUT I DO love that sign in the first pic. That is HYSTERICAL!! I want that!

    You were a great fill-in guest on your blog!

  4. Great job! There is quite a learning curve with using an embroidery machine. I can't do half of what my machine is capable of. I wish I had taken a class.
    Your coffee cozy is a very nice fill in tut!

  5. My thoughts go out to whomever was supposed to be the poster today. 🙂

    I love signs like those, I have even seen them in actual stores and once in a tattoo shop (kind of weird…).

    Awesome tutorial, thank you! 🙂

  6. Edie, I am loving this 12 days of Christmas you put together. Thanks so much for doing this. It is like the "Creating a environment for learning" I could not wait for the next day's post. Just thought you should know you are impacting the world around you:)

  7. I love this great idea. I received a beautiful fall cozy in a swap. It fits my favorite mug perfectly. I, too, have a love affair with coffee. I am currently enjoying a chocolate mint coffee. YUM~

    I still need to figure out how to use the embroidery on my machine. I am such a chicken when it comes to that.


  8. Thanks! This is great! Don't be so hard on yourself. You did a great job…now if you only had a skinny coffee mug!

  9. Great tutorial, but I have to say I was totally sidetracked by your beautiful espresso machine. 🙂

    I do love the embroidery on your cozy. I need to make one of these for my sister who frequents Starbucks a little too much.

  10. Look at you and your fancy schmancy embroidery machine! Just keep playing with it. That cozy is super-cute-a-licious!

  11. You are too funny! I think you did just fine given the time constraints. Oh that's right, with espresso, time is not a problem, is it? When did you finish it? My guess is 4 a.m. hehehe

  12. I am loving your tutorials. I linked to a couple in my most recent blog entry. I can't wait to make the candles and my mom and I are going to try our hands at making coasters! I have recently found your blog and just love it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. love this idea! I recently found your blog and am making the sweater stockings as gifts for my sister-in-law and her fiance!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas:)

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