20 comments on “happy birthday caiti!”

  1. Edie, you MUST stop making us mothers out here cry! This isn't my child! Why am I teary?? 🙂 Beautifully done and said.

    Happy Birthday, Caiti!

  2. I don't know why I am JUST NOW following your blog. I read it every day and I have for a long time. I had never clicked to be a follower because I had you bookmarked on my laptop. Anyhoo….

    I remember back months ago when your son embarked on his first *tour*, praying for him, and for YOU. I continue to be amazed by your writing. Your words somehow COMPELL me to pray for your family.

    Thank you for adding to my life. I love your blog!

  3. Now I have to stop these tears and clean up my face before I go pick up MY little girl! She just started kindergarten and I have been struggling a little…this video just reminded me of how fast it all goes. Not that I needed reminding. I've been thinking of little else these past few months.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  4. Hi Edie!

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    I just found your blog and I love it. What a wonderful decorating style you have!


  5. Hey Edie…beautiful pictures to a beautiful song! I feel teary too, you really wear your heart on your sleeve and I love that about you, it keeps the passion burning and alive.

    Happy Birthday Caity! xxx

    Cheers, Sarah

  6. Hi there; I have been following your blog for a while. I am a 47 year old mom with kids 24 (married), 20, 18, 16, 11 & 8. My family has not had the experience of divorce, but it has had some HUGE issues to deal with. I can resonate with you pain and understand the struggle you are feeling with your older children. Someday (via email 😉 maybe I will tell you my story. I was so moved by the song on your daughters birthday video that I immediately posted it on my facebook and sent it to my 20 & 18 year old boys who need to hear the message! Thank you!!!

    And thanks for your sharing…and continuing to do so!

    God bless, Carolee

  7. This was such a nice photo story! I hope that she loves it. My daughter is 34 now, but when she was 14 she went to her dad's for a little while, but came back when she felt there wouldn't be any "I told you so". We have the best relationship. The teen years are trying!

  8. kudos, edie! this is so beautifully done! you never fail to inspire me,and everyone else i'm sure!! happy birthday to caiti-what a beautiful young lady! hope your tea party went well! 🙂

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