We went out to (brother) Jeff’s farm and picked cherries from the most gorgeous cherry tree you’ve ever seen.
Everywhere I looked was a photographer’s dream world; there were old barns, grapevines, kids picking cherries, wheat fields. I could’ve stayed there all day and used up all my memory card.
This is one of my favorite photos.
Vicki showed us the ropes, including how to pit them with a paper clip.
There were more cherries than I’ve ever seen in one place in all my born days!
…….what’s even better, you ask? I woke up this morning to not one, but FOUR cherry pies from the master of all pies, Steve’s mom. It’s like heaven on a plate. Then she started to teach my girls the old American folk song “Billy Boy”. Listen below but be warned: you WILL sing it all day. I’m humming it as we speak—-much to Caiti’s chagrin.

P.S. FYI: I edited these photos using the ‘cross-process’ function at picnik.com
P.S.S. Thanks to all of your kind words and to those of you who introduced yourselves for the first time!

I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world, my beloved sister. Her friendship and love have been a constant source of strength. She is God’s hand of mercy to me. And I say ‘thank you’.

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  1. We stripped our neighbors cherry tree a few weeks ago. MMMM I made Cherry Jam though. So good. (I also didn't pit them, far too lazy! I just cooked them down and pulled the pits out when they floated to the top) GORGEOUS PHOTOS. Mike bought me a DSLR and I am trying so hard to figure out how to use it.

  2. i'm thinking i'd better comment quick, or i'll get lost in the masses!! gorgeous (said in her most crass ny accent), gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! how beautiful, edie!! sound slike a great day to spend w family, and looks like beautiful weather, too! 🙂

  3. Awesome! A whole heap of fun going on their! We have also been enjoying home made cherry jam from my husbands folks who make it from their own cherries! As a matter of fact, we had pancakes last night for tea with delicious cherry jam…and cream!
    Sarah xxx

  4. Let this be a warning. Once you have had fresh cherries you really can't go back.
    I am completely and utterly spoiled from a lifetime of cherry pies and cobblers with sour cherries from my Nanna's cherry trees. That mess that comes in a can labeled as pie filling? Just not the same.
    I pick up 2 frozen quarts of real cherries each summer from our trips to TN from Nanna's secret reserve and ration them out sparingly.

    Looks like the whole family had a blast! I have cherry envy.

  5. Those pictures…gorgeous!! And I am so copying Emily's idea as well. 🙂 When she did it, I thought…how fun. Look at all the people who jump out of the wood work.

  6. What a fun time to spend with family! I've never seen so many cherries. I love all your photos too.

  7. Those photos are AH.MAZ.ING! You should send them to Better HOmes and Gardens or something for a summer cook book! So cute!

  8. Thank you sis for the birthday wishes. I am loving those pictures. Who needs cherries when you can make pictures that beautiful. Miss you all and thanks for the phone call too! Love you bunches!!!

  9. Edie… LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures and that song is a very special song for me. My oldest brother is 15-1/2 years older than I am-His name is Bill-and when he left home and would return I would sing this song to him… I still sing it to him when we see each other… Thanks!

  10. I remember Billy Boy! It was a camp song back in the day. 😉

    Edie those photos are gorgeous. I LOVE them.

    Such talent you have.

  11. Wow! I can't believe you all are wearing sweaters!!! I wish I could break mine out….it's 98 degrees today!

    Gorgeous photos!!!!!

  12. We love picking cherries! The kids love climbing ladders to get the high ones. Why else would there be ladders, right?!
    We picked blueberries this weekend and they are so yummy!
    The photos are fantastic!

  13. That looks like heaven. Very pretty and oh so tasty. Cherry pie is my favorite. Would she per chance share the recipe?? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

  14. How beautiful and so very RED! I've never seen a cherry tree (other than the ornamental Japanese cherry trees). Must be too warm here in Georgia. We have had beautiful peaches this year, though!

    I'm jealous of the photos with long sleeves on! I have had enough summer, already.

  15. Hi Edie! Love to read your blog! It always has awesome home ideas…thanks…and great pictures! Also wanted to say thanks for sharing the picnik.com info…thats my new fav site! Keep up the great blogging!

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