I love holidays.   All of them.   And you can bet your bottom dollar that holidays will find us ‘hunkered down’ at the ranch (ie. suburban home on a cul de sac), cooking all manner of yummy treats, and taking full advantage of family time. Father’s Day is an especially fun one because it coincides with the US Open.   In summary, we have watched golf (ie.Tiger), consumed generous amounts of food, read some good books, and made every attempt not to leave the house.
And if you had this guy
with these particular forearms……hanging around your kitchen, you wouldn’t want to leave either.   (I admit that I share Pioneer Woman’s obsession with forearms)
My feeble attempts at family photos were met with much resistance.   
Even the dog resisted.
So I settled for a few candid shots of the backyard antics.  
 A little soccer.
A little Yoga.
And a whole
lot of
Father’s Day Menu (made by yours truly and kicken-nicken)
Grilled Filet
Corn on the Cob
Key Lime Pie (I’d tell but I’d have to kill you)
Happy Father’s Day, honey!
You are the key lime to my pie….
the HD to my TV…..
the avocado to my homeade salsa!
We love you and thank God for your presence in our lives!
We also would like to wish Grandpa Eddie a Happy Father’s Day!  We can’t wait to see you.
Reminder:  Tomorrow I hope to host a Linky Party on Painted Patio Furniture.  If it rained all weekend at your house (like it did at mine) just show us what you plan to do.  Painted planters or other garden ‘stuff’ is fair game.  I may not post the Linky party until later in the afternoon, so you’ll have plenty of time get those posts ready.

8 comments on “Father’s Day Weekend”

  1. Looks like your day was wonderful. I love how you ended with saying hubby is the HD to your TV and the key lime to your pie. . . so speakin' my hubby's language. . . you made me giggle!

  2. Nicholas my dear,
    I would have uploaded the pictures of our lovely meal had the connection to my printer not been disrupted (through which I upload my photo card) by one affectionately named kicken-nicken. I know, I know. You were only trying to make my wireless printer live by its' name, but let's get movin' on that reconnect!
    Loves ya,
    Your dear friend and sous chef,
    Smom (ie. stepmom)

    BTW blog friends, 'Nick' is an aspiring chef and did some amazing work on that meal yesterday, including a meticulous plating of the yummies. Pics coming soon, right Nicholas?

  3. yeah yeah yeah well if you would have given me the password like you said you needed to do on your facebook status i would have been able to have the install completed by now…more testament to the moving off of mac … just sayin

    think you would be ok with the food pics goin on new post so i can direct my friends to see it without searching?


    ok the song starts rough but after the first minute or so is what im trying to convey don need to watch the unicycle guy just the musix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfqtgDKcqS4

    -JK5 ( Johnny the Knight 5talker)

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