100 things (painfully continued) Edition 3

First, peak in on my project but be careful….there’s stuff everywhere!
My cabinet project is going well. I’m taking the cabinet doors off and embracing open shelving. They are soaking in SEVERAL coats of ‘Roman column’ paint from Sherwin Williams. The bottom cabinets are a nice hue of blue and they will be sanded and distressed.

and then there’s the kitchen walls…….not such good luck. If they looked like they look in this picture, I’d be happy. But they don’t. It feels like you’re sitting in a 1950′s ice cream shop where lime sherbet has been smeared on the walls. I’m trying a new color called ‘Hemingway’ tomorrow. Say a little prayer.

Now back to the list of 100 hundred things you never wanted to know. For editions 1 and 2, go here and here.

41. I speak from experience when I say that having children who are compliant can give you the false sense that you are an extraordinary specimen of a mother. And on the contrary, having strong willed children will have you convinced that you are not capable of parenting at all. I have both varieties in my little family. Until you’ve parented a strong willed child, it would be wise to save all your statements that start with “Well, if that was my child, I’d….”. Give people the benefit of the doubt and spend the time you might judge them–saying a prayer for them instead. This is no task for the faint of heart. And grace and mercy need abound.
42. My favorite color is tiffany blue. I have plans to paint my craft room that color. Last year, my favorite color was orange. I’m wishy washy like that.
43. My favorite southern city is Charleston. My favorite northeastern city is Boston. My favorite midwestern city is Chicago. My favorite place to spend time in the summer: on the lakes of Minnesota.
44. I dream of lazy days reading and baking and making crafts with my children while the smell of clean laundry and fresh bread tickles my nose. No wait, that’s what I get to do everyday. Someone pinch me.
45. My favorite tree is the southern magnolia. It looks beautiful and stately in the yard and its branches frequently adorn my tables inside. Neither Emme nor I, however, like the smell of magnolia.
46. If I could live during any historical time period, it would be colonial America. Maybe that’s why I love Boston so much. I would assume the role of Abigail Adams.
47. My favorite movie is The Notebook . Or maybe Office Space. I also love Steel Magnolias and Little Women. And The John Adams series. And of course Coal Miner’s Daughter. Then there’s Slingblade. And Pride and Predjudice. Picking one thing has never been my strong suit.
48. Steve introduced me to Martin Luther and bird watching. I introduced him to C.S. Lewis and cornbread. I’d call that even.

49. Each of my children has altered my life in some profound way. They have taught me and changed me and made me a better person. I have learned patience and humility and loyalty and compassion. They continually force me to reevaluate my preconceptions and prejudices. I owe them a debt of gratitude which will be impossible to repay.
50. My hair is blonde. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
51. I’m pretty sure I could quote most of the Dr. Suess book “Yertle the Turtle”. I cannot, however, seem to remember where I put my car keys or parked my car or laid my book. I now remind my children to watch where I put my cell phone. Between all of us, we can usually find it. Usually. And whenever I’m frantically looking for it before we walk into dance class, I’m usually talking on it.
52. I am an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ type. I could never stay up at sleepovers when I was a teenager. I always ended up with shaving cream in my hands and other girly pranks. My daughter inherited this gift and thinks it’s pretty pathetic.
53. I dream of living in the country in a big white farmhouse with a huge front porch and chickens and goats and dogs and pigs. Or on the lake in a cute little 2 bedroom cottage. Or in a downtown loft in Birmingham. If only there were more time here on earth……**big sigh**
54. There have been people through the years who have had a dramatic impact on my life. They are numerous and I wouldn’t even attempt to mention them all. One of those people is Susan, who I met when I was in medical school. Her children went to school with mine and she taught me so much about mothering children and nurturing a family. I remember her growing ‘creeping fig’ on the side of her old brick house. I found some this weekend and will plant it in her honor.
55. I was a gymnast as a young girl. I can still do a back bend with a kickover. I might see stars and need to see a chiropractor the next day, but I can do it all the same.
56. My youngest brother has Down’s syndrome and I have an aunt with cerebral palsy. I’ve been bowling with the CP group many times and used to help with special olympics. I’m thankful for them in my life (even though my aunt once chased me around the yard with a butcher knife and then would repeatedly ask me if I thought she was ‘going to hell’) and I think it gives you an understanding and comfort of the handicapped that is invaluable. I love DS kids and have a special love for parents of children with handicaps. Christ always values the weak and vulnerable in society and we should too.
57. I frequently speak to Caiti and my sister and JamieKnoxville in my native appalachian tongue. Almost every morning as Taylor and Caiti leave for school, I yell out the door, “Caaaiti, don’t git in no fites today and uh…..I luv u better’n anythang”. It’s like our own private dialect. It can be scary to a northerner. Or to small children.
58. I am terribly addicted to my own bed. I love my bed and my pillows. All three of them. Feather of course.
59. I currently have 33 lamps in my house. I never. NEVER. turn on overhead lights. Ever.

60. I once glued someone’s eye shut when I worked in the ER. It’s a good story. Maybe I’ll tell ya sometime. Suffice it to say, I will never live that one down and as it turns out, an opthamologist told me “Aw, don’t worry, people do that accidentally with super glue all the time. It’ll come out in a few days.” Maybe the public is safer with me here at home!

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  • Paul & Amy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with #41!! I have both types, too.

  • patty says:

    edie: i love this. i still learn more and more about you in this world. i didn’t know more than 1/2 of this stuff about you, and i enjoyed reading it all.

    did i ever tell you that as a young girl, i had to images of myself as a woman: one, barefoot in a flowing white sundress in an open windowed, no door shack on a beach with an easel in front of me, and two (?) naked children running around my feet. the other, wicked high-heeled, spicy sharp suit struttin’ the streets of manhatten with a briefcase in hand and the knowledge that i had this high-powered job in advertising on 5th ave. (funny, no images of a man in either! lol!) i was never good at picking one, either.

  • Mrs. Dunbar says:

    Oh my… you can do a back bend and you glued someone’s eye shut? That is talent. Complete talent.

    PS Love the blue cabinets.

  • Katy says:

    I’m admitting that I didn’t read all of your “you things”…but I did some of them. I’m way tired….
    I cannot wait to see what the kitchen is going to look like, quite fab. I’m sure. I want to do mine SO badly.

  • Michele says:

    Once again, I just love your list! I love all the things you said about raising children. . . very, very true . . . . every single one of them.

    I can’t wait to see how your cabinets turn out. We just bought a house that needs a really good face lift . . . so we are antiquing the kitchen cabinets. . . but I’m having a hard time finding the creamy white I want. . . who knew there were so many shades of white? When we get the colors on the cabinet doors they all look stark white . . . not the look we’re going for. I’ll post pictures when we’re finished. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. We are also going to do our island black with a distressed look. Hope you are mucho productive.

  • Sandy Toes says:

    Oh…I love your tidbits of information…
    me too…never turn on an overhead light.
    sandy toe

  • Mandi says:

    I so love it when you do these types of posts. I agree with so many of the things you said, but to comment on them all would take all day, SO for the highlights in my mind…I’ll be looking into creeping fig for my house. I also have a special place in my heart for kids w/DS. I saw a woman lose an entire eyebrow when I was in cosmetology school while someone was “learning” to wax eybrows. That takes longer than a few days to heal. I have the 2 children mentioned in 41, and realize daily how naive I was before children.

  • do it yourselfer says:

    This post made me smile! I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen! I absolutely LOVE that you are painting your cabinets blue!

  • Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    I love the direction you are going with your cabinets! How exciting!

    And, I had a strong willed daughter first, a compliant one in the middle, and then ended with another strong willed child. I think God knew I would need a break in the middle to show me that it isn’t just me.



  • Ruthie says:


    a few thoughts…

    1. The kitchen is gonna’ look awesome when you are finished…hang in there.
    2. It is good to know that our children are all different and that who they become is not entirely dependent on us.
    3. You are amazing.
    4. and yes I believe you are really a blonde! ;0)

  • flyinjuju says:

    Your cabinets are looking awesome!!! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I enjoyed learning more about you. :)

  • Kelly says:

    only you would paint cabinets and still have a pot of something yummy on the stove BELOW the paint job! What were you cooking?

    Love the cabinets–may have to take a field trip and see them in person- but you know that 10 minute drive might take me away from some art project or some such fiddle faddle. Let me know when you want to show them off!

  • gina says:

    ooo… I’m LOVEING your cabinet project! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE painted cabinets- you go girl! My favorite color is red, followed , by orange, then yellow. I love brights, but tend to surround my self in WARM VERSIONS. and AMEN to parenting strong willed children!!

  • anna says:

    Just read 41. You are so right. I have one of each and until my daughter was born I was certain I was the worst Mum in the world. It didn’t help that I didn’t know anyone with a child like mine until he started school.

  • CL#5 says:

    Ditto on #41. You put my feelings into words. My first child is the strong-willed type and my second is showing signs. Somedays I wonder what I did so wrong. I just hope all the effort I put in early will pay off in the end. Please say lots of prayers for the parents of strong-willed children!

  • Terra says:

    You are too funny and right on the mark with some of the add things ( looking for your phone when you are talking on it- Thought I was the only crazy) They just figured out I have add at 37. No wonder I had to sit with a box around me in 2nd grade for talking too much. I am also slightly manic depressant. What a combination! That’s why i am still up when I should be in bed sleeping. Anyway, Just read the middle of your list. What a neat idea. My list would probably just put people to sleep. Might do it just to see what I can remember about me. I will definitely be back to visit. I hope blessings chase you down.
    Good luck on the low carb. Just started again yesterday and the donuts are chanting my name.

  • Claire says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I just finished reading 100 things and I love you.

    I’ll be back!

  • MS says:

    Just bumped into your blog. Reading your 100 things makes me think I am practically you with less experience… right down to being an FP, “blonde”, former gymnast, have a strong willed child (one so far) and favorite city and movies. Super cool but kinda creepy. ;) Your site is lovely and I love your style! It is obvious that your current profession is very Spirit-giving.

  • Mandy says:

    I’m finding an insane amount of similarities between us! Great blog!

  • Lili says:

    Mmm, I like you, your like the perfect “wannahave” friend, ever thought of writing a book, cause your good reading… :) Life in Grace, you have been bookmarked, thanks, ya make my heart smile

  • Sherry says:

    After much prayer and thought a friend FB’d me and sent me the link to your blog. You see, on November 7th, 2010 we had a house fire in the morning as we were preparing to go to church. So much of your emotions are exactly what I have been through. Only 1/3rd of our house was destroyed by fire, the rest by water and smoke. A fire changes everything………..

  • Kristina says:

    #41….took the words right of my mouth!!! LOL!!!

  • Nancy says:

    With regards to item #43: I believe you missed a section of the country. I assume this is an oversight or perhaps you’ve never been out this way. Either way, let me assure you, the best city in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is, without a doubt, Seattle, WA.

    • JaniceQ says:

      Oh, and here I was going to invite her to Spokane, Nancy :).  

      While I love many things about Seattle, after being blessed to live in the Spokane area for the past 20 years (and for the past 6 of those on 10 acres of tamaracks and pines running down the hill to Deep Creek) I can’t imagine living anywhere else- especially with all 4 seasons- I love every one of those seasons. Each has their own special blessing for me, and just about the time I start to need a change, well, God sends another season :).  But I gotta say, there is nothing like the amazing silence that a couple of feet of snow overnight brings to a morning, when the land is all covered with beautiful diamonds dancing in the new sun, and the sounds being made is the squeaky crunch of your boots in the snow.  And enjoying the fireplace.  And an ‘old friend’ book- or a ‘new friend’ book.  Guess I must be getting ready for that to arrive soon (I’m sure I’ll feel differently if the snow arrives before I get my snow tires put on the jeep).
      Sadly, although I was born in Rhode Island & lived there the first two years of my life, except for having visited Boston a year ago, I am unable to compare our area to any of the cities Edie mentioned as loving.  I’ve been to Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, (fleetingly to) New Jersey, New York, South Carolina (but those wanderings did not include Charleston), & Tennessee, but not Illinois or Minnesota (YET–  I have dreams).  Loved, loved, loved what we got to see of Boston in a day and a half (I don’t think a month would do that city justice).  I would love to visit the Virginias as well- well, basically, I’d like to visit everywhere!  As a military daughter, wife & mother, I’ve seen a bit of Europe as well as what I’ve seen of the U.S.A- but not nearly what I’d like to see!

      As well, although I have never lived in the south, ‘y’all’ has been part of my speech from an early age; I must have acquired it from our military family’s many friends.  I do get teased about it occasionally, but honestly, how else do you say that?  Anything else sounds down right unfriendly to me.  Hey, this was supposed to be a quick comment!  Sorry!  New to your blog, Edie, but I’ll be returning.  I’m loving the reminders that my Saviour is in Every moment of everyday.  

  • KathyT says:

    Having a horrible, awful, no-good, very bad day.  Hoping to make some comfort food to salvage what’s left of it and remembered a “Best Beef Stew Ever” recipe my sister e-mailed me.  Followed her link to your blog.  Wow, God does work in mysterious ways.  I have three VERY strong willed children that bring me to my knees almost daily (which reminds me to pray). The middle of said strong willed children has Down syndrome and an autism spectrum disorder. I’d love to know more about your youth with your brother. Any tips you can provide me might potentially save my other two kids from thousands of dollars in therapy when they’re adults.

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