We girlies made it home safely and are knee deep in laundry and life.  My family is the best and I’ll tell you more about that soon.  I’m eeking out every spare moment I can to finish The Problem of Pain by C.S.Lewis, which turns out to be great reading in preparation for Lent. I’m still gathering my thoughts…….

and the dirty laundry……

so enjoy this lenten prayer in the meantime.

     Lord Jesus, precious Savior, who went all the way to the cross to redeem me, a lost and condemned creature, graciously look upon me in this Lenten season,  and let me find cleansing and healing in Your precious blood.  My transgressions caused You the agony of the garden.   My sins nailed You to the accursed tree.  You were forsaken so that I would not be forsaken throughout eternity.  Make me see the awfulness of my sin and then Your wondrous love that would not let me die. 
Grant that I may ponder day after day upon Your passion.  Let nothing distracting take my thoughts from You.  Draw me closer that I might find in You forgiveness and peace.  Amen.

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  1. Take your time. I am talking to a lot of friends and family re: Lent and have a few questions. Is Lent a “tradition” from the Catholic faith? I was raised non-denominational Christian, and we didn’t observe Lent. My hubby was raised Catholic, and he feels that it was observed in his home as more of a focus on “works” rather than a deeper dependence and relationship with Jesus. I want to say I do not mean in any way to knock the Catholic faith, this was merely his observation in his home. I have heard from some friends that since Jesus has finished the “works” for us on the cross He is not asking us to give up anything for Him, in fact, just the opposite. He wants us to live in His Grace. I know that He wants my all, not part of my life, not just Sunday mornings and devotional time, but all of it. Do you see this as a time to renew your life in Him? As a giving up of something (that may or may not be possibly interfering in your relationship with Him) to be closer to Him? My prayer is that my relationship with Christ is strengthened, and I appreciate your openness and honesty in discussing the topic of Lent. Sorry for this long letter. 🙂

  2. The Problem of Pain is one of my favorite books by Lewis! Glad to see you are enjoying it as well 🙂

    Good luck with the laundry!

  3. happy to know you’re home…
    even though that laundry pile is i’m SURE enormous!

    thanks for sharing this prayer!

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