I didn’t write this on Friday, but it is kinda funny. Here’s what I started singing when Taylor agreed to let me cut his hair:

“I got skillz….they’re multiplYing….and I’m loooooooosing contro-ol….for the power you’re supplYing …It’s ELECTRIFYING”.  I sang it all night long.  Then I tried to find my Grease video.
Meanwhile, he sat in the chair looking scared.  I shoulda got a ‘before’.  It was a shaggy, mangy mess with near dread-locks.  This is much better.  Look, he has eyes. Don’t look at me like that. I’m your mother.  And I love you.  And I know that musicians can’t have jacked up hair.  Just trust me. Don’t I look like a professional?


Now just to fill you in on a little trivia, my mom was a ‘beautician’ as we called it back in the day.  So I grew up in the salon.  I saw more gray haired women get their hair rolled than you could shake some scissors at.  I went to slumber parties for the sole purpose of ‘fixin’ everybody’s hair.  And last year when I went to visit Donia with my angel friends Donna and Sue, I begged to get my hands in their hair.  I can do a mean do.

I think I’ve got a pretty rockin’ technique.  I’ve seen it done so many times that I really feel like I know what I’m doing.  Of course, I don’t.  But that’s not the point now is it?
Look at the dexterity….the precision….the shear skillz (bad pun intended).  Never mind the outfit.  I’ve got more important things to worry about than whether or not I have on my lounge pants at 7pm.  Which I do.  But whatever.
then Emme demanded to ‘style’ it for him….
We mean business at this salon.
So, what do ya think?  Would you let me cut your hair?  Or at least let me tease it and do Farrah Fawcett bangs?  
I think I’ve proven that I have very happy customers.   And I’m cheap.
There are a few people who don’t trust me and would rather play rock, paper, scissors.  
I like my scissor skillz way better.  It’s a beautiful thing to cut your own son’s hair!

18 comments on “If I had a salon, I’d call it COIFFEDINGRACE…..”

  1. I think you are a great beautician! You hold your mouth just right and all turns out great! I’d let you cut my hair!

  2. You singing that song would scare me too! He is one brave soul, then again you are a pro at many things so I’d probably just hold my breath and close my eyes. Glad you mentioned the lounge pants cause I was just about to. Oh wait, I’ve had mine on the entire day. 🙂

  3. Your lounge pants are cute! His hair looks great! You are one talented woman! The song cracked me up!

  4. This made me laugh. My son jumped up in the chair two hair cuts ago and said, “I just want it cut enough so I can see.” His is a little shorter now, but at the time I was just glad to see his eyes.

    I’ve never been serenaded getting a hair cut.

  5. Red pants are always WRONG. Lounge or not…so why do I always own a pair?

    When I got dressed this morning, my daughter was really excited because she thought we were going somewhere–do I not normally get dressed?

    I NEED NEED a haircut and the highlights that I used to have naturally and now am forced to pay for with money that I don’t have….I’d let you do it! In a heartbeat! Come on over!

  6. You are such a hoot! I am actually a “beautician” and you definitely have some mad skills! Loved the grease reference, and yes I would let you cut my hair!

  7. Dylan’s was fairly long (not long, but long for the buzz cut kid) the only problem with that is: 14 year old boy+puberty=greasy hair. He came in the other day and announced that he wanted a faux hawk (fohawk?). I practically beat him to the master bathroom (our salon). I miss his long hair though, I really liked the way it looked on him. (shhh…don’t tell)

  8. So many boys his age have this hair style I call it the swooosh! My hairdresser says boys request it all the time. I’m amazed how some of them keep the swoosh from failing in their face. BTW I think you did a great job.

  9. lol. Now you’ve got ME singin it … and looking for my GREASE DVD.

    You did a great job- he’s fit for an Abercrombie and Fitch ad.

  10. LOL in “shear” joy! I’d let you cut my hair any day Edie…

    and I am still in my lounge pants at 4:30 pm. Just ate a fried egg sandwich for brunch at 2:30. Productivity sometimes demands one not adhere to a “normal” schedule. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I haven’t cut anyone’s hair today but I have gotten a lot done! Here’s to a society of working from home with our lounge pants still on all day long….[ok, now that’s getting a little carried away!]

  11. I think Taylor’s hair looks great. Derek declared Andrew had to get his cut this week. I think you cut just the look Andrew is looking for but can’t seem to explain it. We may have to come by. Will you sing and dance and have chocolate chip cookies too!!!!

  12. hello ms edie:
    thanks for making me laugh… i needed it tonight. i just “saved” my first blog.. not brave enough to post it. too personal? need to talk to you, so i’ll try to call tomorrow. at a descent hour.!

  13. ohhh yeahhh you did great!!1 he looks aqesome, now your on the hook foreva!!! Hmmm, how well can you do “short and sassy??” 😉 LA

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