This is  a 7 Quick Takes post……or 7 free association thoughts…….or 7 things I’ve been dying to tell you.  You can link back to Jennifer’s awesome blog for others……


I love wrapping gifts.  I love the ribbons, the paper, the whole kit ‘n kaboodle.  I often write the name right on the gift in pretty curly Q letters.  A gift I have brought can be spotted a mile away.  And I love it when it’s all the same wrapping paper.  And I love polka dots.  And if that paper so happens to be covering an iphone, I love it all the more.
Remember this game?  The girls and I did this for a craft one day.  I know.  I know.  It’s no origami…..but it is paper folding.  And turns out “Timmy and I will be married and have 6 children at the beach”.  This little game producing giggling and cackling and snorting in my children which you cannot imagine.  Every 12,865 times we played it.
This is a picture from 2 Christmas’s ago, I think.  And these attractive and smart young people are Steve’s children which I have come to adore.  They will not be coming for Christmas which makes us very lonesome.  We’ve grown accustomed to the chaos of Christmas with eight children.  I shipped their goodies off yesterday and got a little teary eyed.  We will miss you guys so much! 
I have a sudden overwhelming urge to paint everything in my house.  I woke up one morning and am tired of it all.  So you just wait.  Come January, I’m gonna have more house projects going than I have Christmas decorations.  Even this little bathroom…..which I have loved dearly over the years……..I sometimes lock myself in here just to enjoy the beautiful colors and silence.  And I love the gecko.  He wears that Christmas hat all year round, by the way.  He’s a festive little guy.  This kind of whimsical decorating has been my hallmark.  I fear the gecko could be in danger of being kicked out.  I feels the winds of change a-blowin’.
Meet my long lost friend Jake.  He’s the beloved golden retriever that I rescued over 13 years ago.  He has since gone to doggy heaven and gees have we missed this dog dearly.  I dreamed about him for the longest time and Elea (6) still mentions him with tear filled eyes. (she’s her mother’s daughter, little sap)   We’ve been planning to get another one soon and it can’t be soon enough for me.  There’s something about having a ‘big’ dog in the house that just feels right. Know any good breeders? 
This picture is to remind me to start training for the half marathon soon.  My muffin top is screaming that it can’t be soon enough.  I know I’ve invited you before, but if you want to train with me and meet me in Nashville for the Country Music Half Marathon, please put down the piece of fudge (I’m talking to myself) and lace up those running shoes.  Last year I ran this race and had a sentamental but groovin’ playlist that I ran the race to.  I picked a special song that reminded me of my kids or of some special event or person in my life and ran my little heart out.  Otherwise, thirteen miles can be long and monotonous for someone with ADD.  I can get all manner of little dramas going on in my head as you know from my prior post.  So, what do ya say? Are you in?
And last but not least, let me tell you two things about Stevie that you may not know.  He grew up in frigid MN where ice abounds in the winter.  And he played a lot of hockey.  It should not have surprised me that he can skate and ski circles around me.  I’m  used to dominating in the skating arena.  The first time my sister and I took our little kids roller skating, something overtook us.  When we got our skates on ,the strobe lights came on and the song “Crocodile Rock” began to play, we left those five year olds to fend for themselves while we got our groove on.   So imagine my chagrin to be completely out-skated  and out-skied… a guy.  This man is full of talents.  

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  1. Just ‘popped’ over from Jen’s… we have a big dog, Darcy. He is a yellow labrador and he is only 2. He is our baby and is very, very spoilt. I can’t imagine how much I will him, when he dies.

  2. I have recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying it! I would love to know where you found the polka dot paper! I am also a HUGE fan of polka dots!!!!

  3. Loved this Edie…especially the roller skating scene. I did the exact same thing….took the kids skating, then left them helpless as I was doing the cross one leg in front of the other around the curves thing. I was so feeling it! xoxox Ang

  4. What a rich, full and blessed life you have!

    I have the same obession with wrapping presents, they have to all match and have big ole bows on them. I love the polka dot paper!

    I have the painting bug as well, must be something thats in the air.

  5. My sister’s big black lab Lucy just passed away last week. It’s so sad, I can’t imagine how sad we’ll be when our 3 pound Malteepoohuahua dies. Just so you know that’s a mix of Malteese, toy poodle and chihuahua. She’s such a little sweetie. BTW – I love me some crocodile rock! That’s too bad all Steve’s kids won’t be there this year, they are a very handsome bunch. I highly doubt you have much of a muffin top, good luck in your training. The songs on my ipod make all the difference. Have a fabulous day.

  6. That last pictures just melts my heart. How sweet.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my last post. It was so comforting and I read every word.

  7. Cootie catchers and polka dotted wrapping paper – oh my! Lots of fun going on at your house. I was wishing for a BlackBerry storm myself, but hubs doesn’t seem to keen on the extra money he’d have to pay monthly for the data package- we are adding the two older girls on now as it is! We’ll see I guess… oh, and I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for your home!!

  8. I think your hubby looks like the lead singer from Third Day. I keep waiting for him to break out in song…:]
    We have a big dog, and other than the barking, he is fantastic. Can you tell we haven’t trained him? I can highly recommend the breeder if you like German Shepherds.
    Love rollerskating old school – but not crazy about the old school carpet smell.
    Love your photos and what a beautiful family – I always look forward to visiting your “home”!

  9. Man do I love your seven things list.
    Your wrapped presents are darling and I like how you take such pride in the wrapping of them. NEATO!
    I bet you guys will miss the other kiddos. 🙁 Sad times, but you’ll all be together soon I’m sure.
    Your dog: So sorry that he’s gone…I know how awful it is to lose a beloved pet/friend. We lost our dog about 3 weeks ago. The kids still ask or talk about him daily. He was only 5 and we have no idea what happened to him. TERRIBLE. We still have one dog, we’ve had her for 12 years…she’s our first child and our angel from above AND thankfully still going pretty strong.
    Good luck w/ repainting and starting up running. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. I always look forward to your 7 quick takes. I too loved to rollerskate. You wrap presents like you decorate, very fun and very festive. The paper game, one of my all time favorites as a kid. I know exactly your feeling about the big dog, we will be waiting a while though. Our “Big Dog” passed away less than a month ago, so even the thought is too much now. About the skiing, Lon is way better than me and he grew up on the beach, so I have NO excuse!

  11. The polka dot paper is awesome! All of your children are beautiful. I am sorry it won’t be a house of 8 kids this Christmas. I hope you get your Golden Retriever soon. Our family wants a dog, but just trying to decide on the right one is tough. Hubby wants an English bulldog, but I don’t want to spend that kind of money?!?

    Guess what? Jan.1 I will start my training for a 1/2 marathon in Disney. It is at the beginning of March. When is yours?

  12. Can you please come and wrap my gifts??? I haven’t wrapped one! I love this post! Your dog was beautiful! I’m sorry you miss him so much. The ice skating scene cracked me up! I could just see you out there ! I do the same but it’s at the roller rink – you know comb in the back pocket and a little slow skating…LOL! xo

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