The view from my desk……
The view from my laundry room…..
My friend Cindy getting all my “Emme-love” at the Cross Country Banquet Friday……
Emme then decides to sit with the boys….
How does a girl find her place…..where she fits in….in a group of boys?
Arggg!!  Who can figure those pesky boys out?
I see how this works…..I get you more sweet tea……you let me in on all the boy-talk….

Caiti received her award……
Taylor received his award…..and led the group in a prayer…..
And I came home and promptly made pies.
Pecan pie….with a TURKEY on the top.   Just trust me on that.
Apple pie that made my house smell delicious…..
And pumpkin pie…..embellished with the signs of fall……despite every other thing in my house that screams Christmas.
There was also plenty of decorating going on here.   This tree is still a work in progress but I love the color scheme. It blends well in the girls’ room and oozes estrogen!
Oozes I tell you.
This is my favorite frame that I recently remodeled.  I took those wall words off my wall and re-stuck them onto this frame.  I love it.  I’m kinda crazy about it.  Kinda like I’m crazy about the one I’m smoochin’.  
And there’s a cute tiny tree in my kitchen which I labeled “The Family Tree” that has these cute little pictures of everyone on it.  It’s simple but oh so sweet.

And now it’s Sunday night and I’m trying to decide if “dinner” is gonna be chips and salsa, popcorn, or homeade fudge.  What would you choose?
Fudge for me.  
Important notes:  Thank you to Cindy for all the hours of hard work in making the XC video so meaningful.  You are so dear to me.   And although we didn’t manage to get any pictures from bookclub on Friday, we had a great time at Java Garden……and I did finish the book……at 8:30 Friday morning.   Also, in the interest of insuring that our bookclub members get emails and other  important communication….my dear friend Leigh Ann is taking on the secretarial responsibilities.  I know this is not where my gifts lie.  (At least not until my new book on ADD comes).

15 comments on “Weekend in pictures…….really good Nikon d40x pictures…..I think I’m in Love…..”

  1. uhh…what exactly do you mean by Nikon d40x pics….did you get a new camera? Again, thanks for sharing that Emme love. Edie, I can’t begin to express how much you have meant to me! love ya to pieces!

  2. Cindy,
    I love you to pieces too. And yeah…..I’m borrowing/stealing/trying out-but may never take back my neighbor Kristi’s nikon. I think it’s just like yours. I think I heard the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ when I started snappin’ photos with that baby.

  3. Just loved the poo out of every single one of those pics! And it would most definitely, without a doubt, 100% be chips and salsa for dinner! xoxo Ang

  4. Loved the turkey–which was very obvious to me! I called you the other night for your creme brulee recipe. I just love that stuff! Willing to share? 🙂

    I can’t believe you peeled those wall words off! I’m impressed again.

  5. I love love love the tress – and I would so go with the chips and salsa for dinner. I’m totally a salty gal.

    NIKON rocks! I really really really want one! I’m an awful photog and my husband is beyond amazing… I just really want to improve – and its one of those things that doesn’t come easy to me. I admire everyone elses work though.

    And that turkey totally rocked. You’ve got a lot of talent. Mine would have looked like pac man 🙂

  6. Denise,
    I did not even get into my car this weekend….and i’m pretty sure my poor cell phone is in there and out of charge. I may need a secretary on Monday! i will love to give you the creme brulee recipe… the top of my head, I’d say 20 egg yolks, 4 cups of creme and 3 cups of sugar. I’m sure that’s not right but if that doesn’t shock your low fat sensibilities, then you might could handle the real recipe!!! I’ll try to find you Monday!

  7. Did you just get the new camera? The Nikon D40x is what I have, and LOVE it!! The pics are incredible. I adore the big tassle on the lamp, the trees, and the refurbished frame is awesome. I have been using a lot of vinyl lettering lately and their versatility is incredible. I would love a piece of that pie! I can smell it from here.

  8. I LOVE pumpkin pie, your holiday decorations [ribbons are just wonderful] and the frame you re purposed with the quote about kissing – it is just delightful!

  9. Love the pics and I’m sure I would’ve loved the pies. For dinner for me?

    I love the idea of the family tree- too cute!

    It would have been all. 🙂

  10. Great post – loved ALL the pictures! Love that colorful tree! Will you please box up that pumpkin pie and send it to me??? I’ll beg if I have too! I know I’m late on commenting but I’m finding it EXTREMELY hard to keep up the whole blogging thing. But I don’t wanna quit – I love it! So..I pick chips and salsa! That’s my fave! xo Keli

  11. What gorgeous pictures and I am so jealous about your camera! That is definitely on my list to Santa!:0)

    What a cute blog and I can’t even wrap my head around how you do it all with 8 kids – I have 4 kids and it is crazy! But fun, as I am sure you would agree!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – now I will have to blog stalk you as well. :0)

  12. Such awesome pictures! Hubby is trying to talk me into a D60 for Christmas. I hate spending money on big purchases, so I keep telling him “we’ll see”! I loved the turkey on the pecan pie! You are so creative! I love the words on the picture frame, too! I would have to do chips and salsa for supper! Then I think I’d have a little fudge for a snack!

  13. Okay, so I am about a week late on posting, but seriously, your pictures are spectacular! Love the little trees – might have to steal that idea! Can I come to your house for dinner?

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