Remember the Kubler-Ross ‘stages of grief’ chart from Psychology 101?  Here’s what mine looks like after my purse got stolen right outta my car last night.   While my car sat in my driveway.
1. Denial- “Surely noone would just come and take my purse right out of my car.  And steal my ipod.  And then charge $1000 at Walmart at 3:30 in the morning.  Surely there’s been a mistake officer”
2. Anger “Those little thieving slimy fools…..have the nerve to drive right into my safe little sweet Mayberry neighborhood and snatch my Kenneth Cole creamy leather purse….right out of MY car….it’s MINE…..not yours……you little lying wretches (this is where cursing would come in handy)…’s all MINE…..the visa cards, the check cards, the ballet slippers, the 27 tubes of MAC lip gloss, the 4 packs of peanut butter crackers, the IPOD, the 2 protein bars…..ALL OF IT.  GET YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE PAWS OFF.
3. Bargaining “Please Lord, if you’ll just bring these sinners to justice and somehow preserve my precious things,  I’ll be more choosy about which lip gloss I buy…..I know I don’t need ALL those colors…..and I’ll be more careful.  I’ll lock everything.  I’ll get a security system.  And turn it on.   And I’ll get more organized… that when I need to cancel an account I can find the numbers.  I’ll set up elaborate filing systems.  I’ll have Sue come over and teach me.  I promise Lord I’ll do better.  Just please bring creamy Kenneth home safely.  Please, for the love of angel cream  lip gloss.”
4. Depression  “I’m the most  optimistic, pathetic excuse for a human being there is.  That’s it.  No more trusting everybody.  My life will never be the same now.  I’ll always be looking over my shoulder.  I’ll become so paranoid that I’ll end up conjuring up some elaborate conspiracy theory about how my neighbors are all spying on me to get a glimpse at my account numbers.  I’ll draw the blinds.  And keep the lights off.  And live the life of a secluded hermit.  With dry cracked lips.  In silence.
5. Acceptance “You know what, it’s just ‘stuff’.  Noone got hurt and the bank’s gonna give my money back.  Maybe it’s a good lesson to be more careful…..and a little less trusting.  I’m just thankful for all the good gifts God has given me.”
Lest you think I’m a saint, I’m currently at step 2.  I get visions of the thieves watching “Dancing with the Stars” on a new widescreen tv that I (STEVE) BOUGHT while trying to decide which of the 27 colors of lip gloss they like better.   And wondering out loud why on earth someone would have 50 Cent and Allison Krause on the same IPOD or carry  adult sized ballet slippers in their purse. ‘Cause I’m a dancer okay….not a thief like you. 
If I could communicate with my perpetrators, I’d say this. 
 Play the song on my IPOD by Johnny Cash called  Folsom Prison Blues…..cause that’s where you’re headed in your life if you keep this up.  Oh and my IPOD has been ‘on the blink’ lately and I wouldn’t be surprised if he (his name is Jack) won’t play for you at all.   He doesn’t perform well for criminals……or in the cold, or in the rain, or if you change the songs too fast and frequently.  Please take care of him. He’s very special to me and always knows what song I need…when i need it.   If he were here right now he’d play “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child for me. 
I hope he refuses to play any song for you at all except Folsom Prison Blues…..over and over.  And over.   When I get to step 5, I’m sure I’ll tell you to listen to “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” and I’ll wish for your forgiveness and healing.   But I’m still at step 2.  So Folsom Prison Blues it is.
Is it sheer coincidence that this previously taken picture of creamy Kenneth, even when cropped to its maximum  is joined on either side by a chef’s knife and the holy cross?  I think not.  Justice will prevail. 
I will make dinner….
and He will make justice.
I write this as I ponder the hassels of trying to recover my identity and  put corona on my  lip-gloss missin’ lips and hum to Johnny Cash singin’
(I hear the train a’ comin’ it’s rollin’ round the bend…and I ain’t seen the sunshine since….I don’t know when…..I’m stuck in Folsom Prison….and time keeps draggin’ on…)

15 comments on “The Stages of Grief…..”

  1. OH Edie…I’m SO sorry this has happened. While this post made me laugh, because you’re such a clever writer, my heart aches for you. I know you must feel so violated. Just remember…Jack ALWAYS comes back! 😉 {{{hugs}}}

    P.S. The pic with the knife and the cross…coincidence? I think not!

  2. That is horrible. I am so sorry for your loss. That has happened to be before but, it was stuff out of my car (radio) and not my purses. I hope that you make it through your list and don’t just get stopped at #2.

  3. I’m so sorry someone did this to you! I think they will be brought to justice. I hope all your items are returned though. Some people are just so awful. My bike tire was stolen at the metro station last year – one tire! It actually hurt my feelings and made me cry – how could someone do this I wondered? I mean, I could never do that! So, I can only imagine how bad it feels for them to have taken so much of your goodies.

    I’ll hold out hope!

  4. What a pain in the butt! I loved that purse, it’s the one you got on your weekend trip a while back right? And all that lip gloss? Uugh! BTW – Sounds like our ipods are related, the songs and reliability. Love that post, but so sorry for your loss.

  5. Oh, FOR THE LOVE! Such Violation!!! AND the NERVE and gall to go right up in your driveway. I sure hope “Jack” plays Folsom Prison Blues and then just skips to Ring of Fire to “burns, burns, burns…” then jumps back to Folsom Prison Blues again and accidently just increases volume. That is plain sick and corrupted.
    Not to mention all the trouble of regaining your identity back.. we recently just had to go thru this with ours being compromised. so sorry, edie! Skip #4 and high-tail it over here and we will blast “Survivor” and have our own dance party with some chocolate cake and buttercream icing.

  6. OH my gosh, Edie! I am so sorry this happened!!! Bless your heart! I’ll be praying for sunny days for you, my friend!!!
    Denise C

  7. While I am so sorry, I think this post is hilarious! You made me laugh out loud. I had some things stolen a few months ago, and this is EXACTLY what I went through, minus the twenty some odd tubes of MAC lipgloss. I still find myself looking around for my stuff every time I am in a public place. I’m sure the thief got rid of my stuff, but you never know.I hope you are able to get it all back, or at the very least feel safe again.

  8. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo…not the handbag!! I can’t take it!!! I love love love love me some handbags and lip gloss and omg the Ipod…Edie I’m sooo sorry this happened!!! Dang! And your cards and license….ugh…I too have been a victom of burglary and it ain’t fun. If I was there, I’d give you a big hug and then we would head out and hunt them down…of course with Corona chapstick on!

  9. So sorry!!! My very best friend just went through THIS SAME event…in HER driveway! She was sick sick sick…

    I hope you’ll get through all the “headaches” with credit cards, license, etc. with minimal trouble!!!

  10. you have got to be kidding… UGGGGGH… i am SO sorry… there is no way around it… THAT stinks and BAD!

    dad gum it!!!!!


  11. Edie, I am so sorry about your purse!!! Your description of the stages of grief is cute and funny. You have a great attitude, and believe me I’d still be at stage one. It’s hard. You feel soooooo violated. Well, bless you sweetie. I hope it won’t take long to get your I.D. back and all. Hugs, Kathi

  12. I’m so sorry for your loss and the headache of it all, Edie–but I can’t help laughing at your writing about it. I looked for you at dance on Monday, but now I realize that going out gloss-less was probably not an option. 😉

    I am trusting like you, but I guess that is not a good thing anymore. I really am shocked that it happened in your neighborhood.

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