In the afterglow of a wonderful day of food, family, football, and fun……I am ready to relax.  I have my books (A Christmas Carol, Uncharted, and Organizing Solutions for ADDers), and my knitting and I’m snuggled on the sofa by the fire…..with the sweetest little snuggle bunny you’ve ever seen.  There’s a small…..very tiny….part of me that wishes I was shopping with my sister.  Or at least drinking coffee and people watching.  As people nearly kill each other to get whatever it is the HOT items are this year.  But mostly, I’m just so thankful… be here today with my family,  eating leftovers…….and admiring my new ‘picture wall’ I made for my office. With 8×10 pictures that I printed on regular paper.
This project started itself really.  I was printing 4×6 pictures to put on my ‘family tree’ tree and accidentally printed one of them as an 8×10.  So as not to waste a beautiful picture of someone I love, I secured it onto my cork board in my office.   Then the madness began…..and I love how it turned out.
And since I didn’t manage to get hardly any pictures of the Thanksgiving feast(I guess I was a little busy), I thought you’d enjoy this project.  

So whether you’re shopping or relaxing like me……have a wonderful day!  And remember that Sunday is the first day of Advent.  We’re putting our advent wreath out today along with our calender.  You should try it….it’s a great way to teach your kids about  the coming of our Lord. 

Now, should I have creme brulee or apple pie for breakfast?

5 comments on “The day after……”

  1. Definitely apple pie. I’m glad I’m not the only one who eats pie for breakfast. I just got done ‘people watching’ and it was fun. I will say less people are out than usual. I love your pics, I kind of got carried away last week printing pictures. I printed several different sizes, spray painted old frames to match and hung them all in our guest room. It’s addicting, I don’t think I’m done yet.

  2. no wonder… your printer needs a break! 🙂 haha…
    no really… LOVE that idea!
    so great!

    and THOSE pots! 🙂

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