Two days before Thanksgiving To Do list:
1. Clean out fridge.  Sounds simple enough.
2. Bake carrot cake.  
3. Cook potatoes so they’re ready to mash.
4. Make broccoli casserole.
5. Continue to ‘ghetto-up’ the basement with lights and fabric so teenagers will have a retreat. Presently, it looks like a shady underground sports bar.  Minus the smoke.
6. Listen to Secret Garden with the girls.
7. Crank “Stand in the Rain” by Superchick and sing along (like noone’s listening).
8. Buy more Christmas lights because whoever it is that designs/makes these little devils to only work one year  is trying to ruin my life.
9. Finish assembling and decorating the ‘main tree’.  A knockoff of a pottery barn special.
10. Decorate the mantel.  I had to google the spelling.  Apparently ‘mantle’ is part  of the earths’ crust.   Emme will  read “Marco Polo” to me, then  I’ll  teach them more about homonyms…..mantle/mantel    sleigh/slay   cream/creme  flour/flower.  ( I never know when to stop.)
11.  Go to Hobby Lobby to get stuff for the kids table.  Resist every temptation to meander to the Christmas section.  I may need a twelve step program.  My husband is nodding “yes”. 
12. Perform a small miracle in my laundry room which looks like 20 people just returned from a trip to China (with Marco Polo) and left their spoils here.
13. Put the wreaths on the outside of the upper windows.  And re-hang the ones on the lower window which fell already.
14. Hang up the last two weeks worth of clothes that is smothering a poor stool in my closet.  Fuss at my daughter for letting the clothes pile up in her room.
15. This list is not only for your entertainment…..I will refer to it multiple times today when I get sidetracked by 20 other fun and enticing projects that I have absolutely no time nor business working on today. (my sons’ graduation video, decoupaging a barn star with pictures of my kids, reading Eclipse, this list could go on forever).
16. Most importantly, thank my wonderful supportive hard-working hunk of husband who so faithfully and tirelessly goes to work everyday to make all this possible.  
This kind of list does not make me sigh or feel stressed (yet).  I truly feel thankful and so blessed that these are my ‘worries’ today.   God has blessed us beyond measure.  And today we pause……to say thank You……for every good and perfect gift……..which we know comes from You.
So what are you doing today?

10 comments on “Because 25 people are coming to my house hoping to EAT on Thursday……..”

  1. Sounds like a nice day! Not much going on here. It’s our week off school. I work tonight and then have 5 days off….wahoo!!

  2. HI! I’m a Part Time Reference Assistant at the Library (which essentially means I am a Reference Librarian without a degree). It’s an IDEAL job for a homeschooling mom, I have access to all of the books and have time to research them! I can also work on the kids school plans from work when it’s slow. I’ve only been there a little over a month so I am still adjusting to working and teaching but it’s necessary at this time.

  3. I have a similar to do list, but we are eating somewhere else so I just have to get things cooked to take with us. I just LOVE this time of year, and the attitude of gratitude that goes with it.

    Keep that coffee flowing and you’ll get it done!

  4. First off – I LOVE YOUR LAMPS! I love your house – beautiful!!!!

    Secondly – you totally rock the socks off Thanksgiving! That’s a big WOW for all you are doing. It will be a great time for sharing in thanks for God’s many blessings!

    You are such a wonderful person to be thankful through all the work you have on your plate to mention your husband at work providing. I think thats wonderful of you because it is often overlooked that the man plays a role in the preparation in their own way (not all men of course!)

    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m sure you’re the hostess with the mostess!

    Today I head to my Dad’s house. I will take him to surgery tomorrow morning at 5:00. The procedure will begin a 6 and I’ll be there throughout the day. So, I’ll be praying and being thankful for my wonderful family and friends. So many people have stepped in to offer their prayers for my Dad. It really touches my heart!

  5. I am doing a lot of what YOU are doing, my blogging friend! I love your list…enjoy..may this holiday be full of “sweet “memories and love!
    -sandy toes

  6. OH wow…you busy little bee!!! It must be “in the air” …as we are frantically running around here, as well!!! But, like you, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! OH the sweet blessings of family!!!

  7. You are one busy lady!! I’m worn out reading your “to do” list!! I’m so behind on blogging..I hope your day was great! You always bring a smile to my face! xo Keli

  8. okay… i am just glad i am not the only one that “googles” spellings… i finally picked up a tiny pocket dictionary… it sits right beside my computer! 🙂

    i sure hope your day waa special… i can imagine it WAS!

    i am still dreaming of those amshed potatoes!

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