7 Quick Takes……This is a link party…..to play along, visit here. It’s like 7 random musings…all in one post.  And you’ll love snooping around Jennifer’s blog.  Superb writing…..funny, smart, and I wish she were my next door neighbor.  She could possibly be my new BFF (which apparently changes weekly) ’cause she has ADD.

                       ~~~~  1  ~~~~

I’m going to see Twilight this weekend.  And Leigh Ann never shoulda told me that there was a nail polish called “Vamp”.  When I watched the trailer to Twilight, I thought it was cast well. Edward is dreamy and pale and Bella is ‘dark and twisty’.  I think Meridith first coined that phrase.  You know…..Meredith,  the surgeon from Seattle Grace.  (Grey’s Anatomy).   And Meredith was talking about herself.  She is dark and twisty and…..tortured.  High maintenace, if you will. I’m much more like Izzy.  Blond, accomodating, open-like-a-book, cheerful…..without a discernable dark side.  And all the dark and twisties I know are brunette.  I’ve tried brunette many times,  sometimes on purpose, and I don’t think it becomes me.  But sometimes I wish I could do brunette….and dark and twisty.  ‘Cause those kinda people are mysterious and quirky.  I happen to do blond well.  All blond jokes aside. Happy, helpful, and light.  And of course not all brunettes have a dark side.  Now that I see this picture well, I had blond highlights even as a brunette.  And was still very amiable.  I’m sure Bella will do dark and twisty well.  I’ll have to settle for vamp nailpolish.

                            ~~~~ 2 ~~~~
Here’s what I find curious about the purchases my recent perpetrator made with my checkcard. He (I know he’s a ‘he’  because I have a picture of him lying right here next to me….from the Walmart security camera) bought $1000 worth of merchandise that included  work pants, jackets, gloves, and hand warmers.  The hand warmers nearly brought a tear to my eye. Maybe he’s a workin’ man just trying to support his six stair step kids.  He also bought 4 Mountain Dew cubes (24 pack) and several cartons of Camel cigarettes.  And a loaf of bread.  If there had been baby formula on that list…..I would have been in a full-on sobbing fit…..trying to find out where he lives so I could offer to make dinner and babysit.  But there wasn’t.  Steve takes one look at the list and says “He’s probably goin’ deer huntin’ this weekend. Ya know what, you’re probably right.  I take back the tear. 
                        ~~~~ 3 ~~~~
I’m carrying that picture around with me everywhere…..and looking for any sign of my winter white Kenneth Cole purse, my Ipod, and my MAC angelcream lip gloss.  I can spot someone wearing that lipgloss a mile away.  
                       ~~~~ 4 ~~~~
My bookclub meets tomorrow to discuss Heart of Darkness.  I’m particularly thrilled about getting out of the house during homeschooling hours……and  going to Java Garden.   Coffee +girl time = highly caffeinated laughter + girly chit chat in which there is a 100 percent chance that sex will be mentioned.  If not dwelt upon.  At length.  
More importantly, I haven’t finished the book and am currently blogging while I wait for Grey’s Anatomy to come on.  That my friends is ADD at its finest.  The book is dark and dreary and though  peppered with phenomenal writing, has not held my attention well.  I confess to reading Spark Notes so as to save myself from sounding like a bumbling idiot.  Maybe I’ll finish it yet.  Sorry to say that it depends on what wonderful distractions await to lure me in the morning.  I’ve read two other books this month so I really have no excuse.
                        ~~~~  5  ~~~~
Because we’re friends, it’s time I came clean with you.   I have sported a mullet in the past.  I wanna say that if I could find a picture of it I’d show you….but there’s a chance that’s a lie.  I love mullets….every last one of them.  For me, seeing a good mullet has the same psychological boost as say…….buying a new tube of MAC lip gloss.   My mullet days were innocent enough and really……I blame my mother.  I didn’t know any better and she was a hair dresser.
I think I’m gonna find a good mullet website and order one for all the kids…..to go in their stocking.   Now that sounds like a magical Christmas morning.
Business in the front.   Party in the back.   Like having an El Camino.  For a hairstyle.
                 ~~~~  6  ~~~~
I should have never discovered how easy it is to change my ‘header’ on this blog.  People with ADD are bored easily as you probably know……and change is like air to them…..remember that from this post?  Yeah well, I’m like a kid in a Hershey’s factory.  And I’ve been in the Hershey’s factory.  My point is,  I’ve been thinking about having a blog designer do a little work for me.  I want three columns and I’m afraid to try to change it myself.  But maybe that’d be wasteful since my blog is quickly becoming like my living room…..where things get redecorranged all the time.  So what’s your opinion and what’s your favorite header that I’ve had…..say, in the last week?
By the way, Keli, do you have ADD?  ‘Cause that blog-a-yours has had more faces than Micheal Jackson.  Maybe you should look into it.  And get back to me.  

                    ~~~~  7  ~~~~
Everytime I so much as think the word diet, I become ravenous.  And if I can’t find a miniature Hershey’s bar, I’m capable of crimes against humanity.  And as much as I love Hershey’s miniatures, I would never.  ever.  not even under duress.  buy a full-size candy bar.  I think the last time I bought a full size candy bar, I was twelve and had a mullet and tried out for the football team.  It was a year of bad judgement all around.   Now, that said, I could eat a whole bag of miniatures and not so much as blink.  Or feel guilty.  But I don’t get people who go into convenience stores and buy candy bars.  Doesn’t it seem so weak and unhealthy and……so 6th grade?  But not the minis……they’re small and sleek little bursts of energy….all 37 of them.  I welcome your thoughts.
hugs and blessings,

10 comments on “7 quick takes……”

  1. 1. I am a brunette, but no real darkside. I am more like Meredith’s little sister, but I stand up for myself a little better.
    2.I warned you this would happen. You will look for him, or your stuff EVERYWHERE. He is definitely going deer hunting.
    3. I bet he will look ravishing in angelcream lipgloss. Probably enough so that it will help to attract deer.
    4.I have to TIVo Gray’s so that I can fast forward through the commercials or I get so distracted doing something else every 10 mins that I lose the story line. ADD for sure.
    5. I also had a Kentucky Waterfall, not my finest day even as a 8 year old.
    6.I love your blog as is. It is simple, easy to navigate, and has a “beachy” color scheme. I love that you change headers often, but see why you would like 3 columns. I would too. I’m sure what ever you do will be FABULOUS!
    7. Polar opposites on this one. I have to go buy one single candy bar or I will scarf down that whole bag of minis. I would agree it is weak in the moment, but it is to my benefit to not stash a whole bag of minis.

  2. Loved this post for so many reasons. I don’t even know where to start…so I won’t. Ha! Just know, you made me laugh.

    I LOVE that you change headers all the time. I, too, get bored easily and need change. It is so refreshing to see something new. It like a little surprise that makes me smile. I just don’t have that many good pics of the Things to change mine all the time, or I would. I so want 3 columns too but don’t have the nerve.

    Shared your Corona secret, hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Ang

  3. I wish we were nextdoor neighbors too!

    #2 is so terrible, although I have to admit that I laughed when I read #3!

    #6 – Be glad if you’re not an HTML/CSS person. I am, and with my ADD tendencies it leaves me thinking about changing the design of my blog about every day. Luckily I’m waaay too busy to tackle it right now, but I think about it way too much.

    LOVED your post!

  4. I was about to get a tear too until the dear hunting thought came up. I don’t know though, I’d still probably leave my window down and put a bunch of baked goods and necessities in the car just in case he returns. I’m a sucker like that. I love that picture of you with the darker hair. BTW – Where you slamming us brunettes? I’m not sure, I’m tired and in a hurry so I won’t dwell on it. 🙂 As for the header on you blog, I liked yestedays pic best.
    I love change to so if you want to change your blog, go for it!

  5. Ok, I am a little confused whether this is about you or Jennifer [the actual 7 quick takes part] but I loved reading this. At times humorous, at times upsetting [like stolen identity, eh, yikes] it was just what I needed in my 1/2 break from editing.
    Cheers and blessings!

  6. I’m a brunette but more open and light the blonde you describe- always wanted to do dark and twisty – that’s why I got my tattoo- to try and un “cute”en myself.

    Freaky that you have a picture, I would be going insane from the want of finding this guy.

    Your writing in this post cracked me up. Seriously, that comparison to ElCaminos (to name one)- how do you come up with this stuff?

    About the blog design- I use to change mine almost daily- until I paid Delicious Design Studio to do one for me- LOVE the three columns- and now with her premade ones (she tweaks a two column to three if you ask) I can afford to change it seasonally, which isn’t too bad for my change craving add self. 🙂

  7. Love your blog! I am very new to this bloggy thing and feel so fab about my ability to just get something to show up on the site! Probably better that I don’t know how to do all the HTML stuff either, or there would be cobwebs hangin off my laundry, dishes, bathrooms, etc. Have a great day!

  8. I loved this post!

    and omg – I have ADHD and I sooo change my header all the time. I think I’m going to go with the one i have now for a while at least… but I did change my url to http://www.supertweaky.com

    I think your family is sooo beautiful. And the business in the front, party in the back! hahah! I love that. Mullets make me laugh too – I honestly can’t imagine your beautiful face with a mullet. I guess that means you were right to grow it out 🙂

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