While I work on my country girl skills at photographing my new highlights which are slightly on the yellow side of ‘golden’,
There are two little witches stirrin’ away at their witches brew…..
 …..and I wouldn’t eat that candy if I were you…
cause that leaves more for me.   Happy Halloween!

4 comments on “Spooky mornings……..”

  1. Edie, What’s this I hear you’ve joined the dark side…reading twilight! Just kidding but I read it on your book club blog. Everyone I know loves them but I refuse to start them, too big of a commitment. I know me, highly addictive personality. I don’t have time for anymore addictions. My family rarely get’s a home cooked meal as it is. 🙂 Enjoy them.

  2. ok///i know i am out of line, but can i have your boobs? seriously. i am so jealous.

    sorry. i will go pray now.

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