I have a great idea.   Let’s train for a half marathon together.   It’s not as hard as  you think.   You run ~3days/week  3-4 miles each day.   Then,  on Saturdays, you increase your ‘long’ run from 3 miles to 12 miles over 12 weeks.   If you’ve never done it,  it’s amazing.   And anyone can do it if you give yourself 3 or 4 months to train.   The Nashville Music City Half Marathon is Saturday April 25, 2009.   Start running 2-3 miles at a time 2-3 days a week and keep that up until January,  then we’ll start the official ‘training’ schedule.   My daughter Caiti’s gonna do it. It’ll be her first.  Who else is interested?   Jessica,  Liz,  Cindy,  Sis,  Keli,  Leigh Ann, anyone …..come on girls….it’d be so much fun.  We could encourage each other during the training period and then meet in Nashville in April for the run.   What’d ya say?  Let me further entice you by saying that I lined up for the race last year right beside Dave Ramsey!!  and then shopped in Franklin all day (or mostly got inspired by all the amazing stuff….it’s hard to ‘shop’ when Dave Ramsey’s on your mind)  and ate wonderful food…..and went to a great knitting shop……and had my makeup done at the MAC counter.   It was a blast.   You know you want to.
Look over the training schedule here.

7 comments on “Speaking of Running…….”

  1. OH CRAP! I’d love to meet you in person and all but I have never wanted to run anything more than a 5K. Do they have a 5K? I guess I could walk the last 10 miles if they didn’t but then I’d feel like a loser. 3.1 miles is the most I’ve ever ran. It would definitely be a huge challenge for me. I’ll think about it. 🙂

  2. Jessica, Yes I’m talking to you. You could so do this. I’ll post a link for you with the training schedule. I promise it’s not that hard! And last year I lined up right beside Dave Ramsey!

  3. The first step is to print the schedule…right! Okay, well I did that. That part was easy. Now, I am going to ponder it. I need this more than anything else, it’s just committing to it everyday. Finding the time, etc. You know how it is, but I have been wanting to run for about 10 years now, I just haven’t. So maybe it’s time….Thanks for the motivation sis.

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