I don’t know how you spend your mornings, but I’m always conflicted about how best to spend this precious two hours to myself before anyone wakes up.   Should I continue with the painting doors and trim I started a while back?   Should I clean out the pantry?  Should I knit on my sweater or start a new scarf to give away at my 100th post party?  I definitely will empty the dishwasher and do another load of laundry.  I definitely will read 2 chapters in exodus and read my morning prayers.  I will most certainly have several cups of coffee while I listen to my favorite talk radio show.   But should I start the massive project of  deep kitchen cleaning or should I start reading Julius Caesar?  Or continue reading New Moon?   I am fraught with decisions like this every. single. morning.  And I can’t reclaim the time back.  Which is why all the fretting.   So today,  I 

emptied the dishwasher
did two loads of laundry
cleaned out the baking pans cupboard and relined it with stainless steel-looking liner
started reading Julius Caesar
read in Exodus
did morning prayers
listened to this on “God’s Will for Your Life”  which I highly recommend

and started this scarf to give away on my 100th post,  which should be in a couple of weeks,
so stay tuned and enter a comment on that day to win….my beloved hand knit scarf…..’cause that’s how much I love you all.  So, for all you morning people out there,  what’s your favorite morning ritual?

11 comments on “I ADORE mornings…….”

  1. I adore mornings too. It is my favorite time of the day. I blogged not too long ago about how I thank God for giving me gumption. I wake up early (on my own), have a cup of coffee, do my daily devotional, hubby is usually getting up too, he has coffee, we sit and talk about stuff. I read some of my favorite blogs and share them with him. He fills me in on news tidbits. Then the Things start getting up, one by one, I always greet them like I haven’t seen them in years and that’s how I start my day. 🙂

  2. I LOVE my mornings too. I usually wake about 5:30, no alarm necessary. When I’m on a fitness kick, I’ll go running. I love to wake to a clean kitchen but that only happens about half the time. I do some blogging, reading, laundry and day planning while listening to the news. Kade is an early riser too so I get him busy doing something and try to convince him to wait for breakfast. Oh how I miss having my early mornings to myself.

  3. oooh, i want to win that scarf!!!! i am doing my 100th post now.. you should enter in to win :). it snuck up on me- but man, you are a posting queen, already getting to 100!!!! keep posting.. i love reading.

  4. I love mornings too…I enjoy quiet one..they are off on the bus..one in bed..quiet..it starts my day off!!!
    -sandy toes

    If only Starbucks would deliver..that would really make me adore mornings!

  5. it doesn’t matter what time i get up – i never have enough time to do it all, and i’m usually late for work!

    i do like those rare mornings when i am the only one up and can watch HGTV instead of Disney! =)

  6. We love the promise of each new day…yet somehow we seem to run in seventeen different directions…oh to begin again!!!
    Great morning!!
    kari & kijsa

  7. Thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog. I am so excited that we “met”. Your family is beautiful and of course, I love that you homeschool. It is definitely for the faint of heart. I look forward to checking back in on your blog.
    P.S. I wish I could knit! The scarf is going to be beautiful!
    Come back and visit anytime!

  8. I’m beginning to love mornings more and more! I’ve been getting up and going to the gym 4-5 days during the week. It’s so nice to be up early, exercise is out of the way and I can get my daughter up and out the door with less stress! I do wish I had more time but I’ve got to be at work at by 8:30. I bought a 365 Day Bible book and I’m trying to read a chapter a day..I’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible. I need to be better about setting aside a special time to do this! Oh, and I’m reading the Twilight Series too!

  9. Keli
    Good for you on the exercise! Maybe you should consider the Nashville Half Marathon with me in April! And I oughta ring the girl neck who got me onto the Twilight series! It’s hard to put down and I’m in a ‘serious reading’ bookclub. I don’t have time for this.

    And to all you morning people! I love hearing about your routines. I’m glad I’m not the only one up in the wee hours and lovin’ it.

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