Start by baking some pumpkin bread (use your favorite pumpkin bread recipe) and then add one cup of butterscotch chips per loaf of bread.  It’s to die for….and then your house smells nice and ‘fall-like’ while you decorate……
Recruit your small children to paint pumpkins for you using apples…..
and flour sacks and plenty of creativity……
Jazz up your breakfast table with black and orange……
Put your daughter’s witch hat from last year on a pretty white pumpkin……

And if you don’t have a pretty white pumpkin…..spray paint one white and add some spook.   Just a ‘peek-a-BOO’ into our fall fun.  More to come soon!   For other great festive halloween ideas,  go the Kimba’s sight.  This post is part of her fall halloween party and there are many more great ideas to peek in on.   For now,  we’re off to paint some birds and ferns black…..oh,  and to do some latin and memory work,   of course.

24 comments on “Fall Decorating 101…….”

  1. Very cool!!! I love Halloween! I’m so painting some pumpkins white and spelling out B O O! Very creative!!! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love your cute decorations. I am posting a fun one tomorrow, you’ll have to check it out. I also loved your daughters fergilicious track shoes. It’s almost worth doing track just to wear those shoes! 🙂

  3. One more thing, I took your advice on using only lamps, no over head lighting for my party Friday night and it looked awesome! I just used candles and lamps (except in the kitchen, sorry I had no choice) but it was so much warmer and cozy. Thanks!

  4. Oh Edie! Your decorations look so chic. I’m so inspired.. now all I have to do is start digging through boxes of decorations in the attic.

  5. What’s not to love? Love your table, your pumpkins and your girls’ enthusiasm to help mom 🙂

    I bet that pumpkin bread was great!


  6. Love all your decorations!! GREAT idea to use the apple as a pumpkin stamp…my daughter would have fun with that! Thanks!!

  7. What a fun little table… I love how you used oranges on a black table with the wreath … so simple and elegant!

  8. Loved everything I saw here. The witch’s hat on the white pumpkin looks awesome. I’m so jealous that you got your B O O painted on your other white pumpkins. I HAVE to get mine done!!!
    And way to go mom…for getting the kiddos involved! : )

  9. Oh wow! I love your decorations! I really love the photos of your girls painting pumpkins. What did you do with flour sacks once they were painted?

  10. What a wonderful mommy you are! You bake delicious bread and keep the kids busy with cute crafts and decorate your home all fun for Halloween! You’re great!

  11. First time to your blog. Love your decorations. The table setting is very beautiful!

    Enjoyed looking at everything.

  12. Love all your decor.
    Totally heart the white jack o latern with the hat! Too cute!!!

    And love that you get your kiddo’s involved.

    My youngest likes to help, like to help destroy what I put up. Gotta love 2 yr old boys! LOL

  13. I love the apple stamping idea! And that table looks really cute.

    Love your blog, what a beautiful family and great posts!

  14. Thanks for sharing some of your halloween traditions with us. We did the apple stamping just a few days ago. Your pumpkins came out so cute.

    Thanks for coming to my party! Happy halloween!

  15. Great post, and great pictures. Loved the pumpkins! I like how they are white…we actually planted some white pumpkins and they are taking forever!!!! to ripen. You have a great blog!

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