I woke this morning and knew today was gonna be the day.   I don’t want to do it…but it has to be done.   So,  I sheepishly, almost as if I was apologizing as I got on,  stepped on the scale. WHAAAAAAT?   How does this happen?   I haven’t gotten on in quite a while.   I was sick, then I was busy homeschooling,  then I missed a few runs,  then I baked a few sweets,  then I…..well, heck,  I just mentally threw in the towel.   I give up okay?   I even thought I had convinced macdaddy to throw in the towel with me.   We’re in love.   Why fight it?   Let’s just get chubby together and it’ll cancel each other out–kinda like garlic, right?   Yeah, well except he promptly went to the gym again today and what did I do?   I got off the scale all motivated to lose 10 pounds before lunch….or at least before my  twenty year class reunion in October…..maybe I’ll get a stomach virus or a good case of strep throat….or a few days of an eating disorder.    So,   I had a small bowl of raisin bran and 10 cups of coffee and by 10 am,  I was calling my wonderful nurse neighbor friend Donna to come check my pulse and my blood pressure ’cause I was just about to pass out.   I can’t even cut back without drama. I can’t even skip the mid morning snack without issues.   That’s when I decided I’m just gonna  get me some ‘mom jeans’

and some comfortable shoes……
and a ‘mom’ haircut (unfortunately that’s me like 18 years ago) and 
call it a day.   What’s so great about skinny?   Or three inch heels?  or long flowing hair? Right? Can I get an amen?  BTW,  lest you fear that I’ve gone off the deep end….I will probably get my lazy bum out of bed in the mornin’ for what some  call a  ‘run’ ….macdaddy and I call it ‘slog’ which stands for Slow Jog.  At any rate,  I hear ‘mom’  jeans are really coming back.  Speaking of mom,   I do believe that this is my mother’s all time favorite ‘look’ for me.  I have no lies to tell.  

Oh yeah,  and after the whole fainting/hypoglycemic scare,  I made 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies.   I think I need an intervention.

4 comments on “Day of Reckoning……”

  1. no, no, no mom jeans… those cannot be coming back. I refuse!!!!! Just come on over and we can eat cookies together :). I will give moral support.

  2. Love the hair do, you must have gotten that cut after watching Ghost. 🙂 You should buy yourself a moo moo like my Mom used to wear, as kids we’d seriously throw them out whenever we got the chance. Under no circumstances are you to bring Mom jeans back, besides think of how comfortable a moo moo is. Now on the serious side, I doubt you look bad and if you can make it through med school you can do anything! If only I were more disciplined.

  3. Dear Brooke and Jessica,
    Let me clarify, I didn’t say “I” was bringing mom jeans back….I only heard they’re making a comeback. Just google ‘mom jeans’ and you’ll see. I’m gonna try to dig up some old pictures of me in mom jeans. If I can find ’em, you’re in for a treat.

  4. I love the Mom hair. PERFECT PICTURE! I think you may be able to bring the look back single handed. But of course I would never let that happen. Go on a damn shopping spree, knee boots, urban outfitters, etc…Whatever it takes. Besides eating two almonds and thinking it can sustain me for 6 hours is my job. Quit a copyin!

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