I’ve just been winging it,  honestly.   Since I quit work and my cleaning lady  a year ago,  I really have had no organized plan for keeping my house clean.   As I put my make up on in the morning,  I look down at the soap scum in the sink and think to myself,   “When did the cleaning lady come last?   Oh,  wait a second,  I am the cleaning lady “.    Don’t get me wrong,  I ADORE a clean house and freshly laundered linens and my house almost always “looks”  clean. But I am curious how all you veteran stay-at-homers do it?  Do you follow the tried and true sayings from the vintage tea towels?   How does it go?   Monday is wash day,  Tuesday -ironing, Wednesday-sewing,  Thursday-market,  Friday-cleaning……something like that.    So,  I thought I’d work on a schedule for the girls and I since we’re now homeschoolers.   I know it’s hard to read but see what ya think.   We will do our chores right after breakfast and start our school day with a clean house!   I’m becoming so Little-House-on-the-Prairie.  (we’re now on season 2, BTW).   I’ll have to capture this little bit of homekeeping on camera so you can see our aprons and stylish gloves.  I may even have to capture it on video so you can hear Bach playing in the background.    You laugh but if I’m the cleaning lady now,  we’re gonna do it my way!   Oh and don’t tell anyone but I already killed the fish–you know our SCHOOL MASCOT.   I’m using small font because it’s kinda like whispering.   His bowl was cloudy and well I added some chemicals which were apparently not so fish-friendly.   He’ll soon be replaced.   For now please don’t mention it in front of my children.

3 comments on “What is your cleaning schedule?”

  1. Jeff and/or Vicki,
    Okay, you’re reading the chore list way too close. Soon you’ll be asking me when the laundry room ever gets mopped! As for Steve, he’s temporarily on the injured list. You and I both know he’ll be back to scrubbing toilets soon enough! HaHa!

  2. Oh and Vicki,
    Thank you for the sweet phone call. The wounded are doing much better and our first 2 days of school have been fun- except for a complete raging fit from Elea this morning. I think we’re gonna like it. Hope you all are well. Tell the boys hello.

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