Meet my new cleaning ladies….that’s Elea on your left….fresh from a fantastic job of swiffering and dusting.    Then there’s Emme on the right (cute aprons, huh?) who has become an veritable expert at all things vacuuming.    They do pretty solid work,  considering what we pay!
Meet Kit and Emily.   Our favorite American Girl dolls sporting their newly hand knitted items. Elea made the orange “throw” for Emily and  Emme the red apron for Kit.    Great job girls, and thanks to grandma for all those lessons.
Meet our slightly less than absolutely neurotic dog Scooter,  with his new red polo.    He’s looking a little inquisitive.    Maybe he’s wondering why he has a shirt on?    Perhaps he’s discerning the flavor palette of the latest dog treat choices?   Are we having burgers for dinner? Do I  even  look good in red?  Do these people realize I haven’t been to the spa in 5 weeks?   
Meet my “To Do”  list!   Which is empty!   On  Labor Day Weekend!   Life is Bliss!   And I love these chalkboard walls,  but I may be forced to redo them  in black.    I’ve seen way too many cute ones in black.  My cousin Jamie,  who has renamed herself  Jamie Knoxville,  did hers in black.    %$@#@.    I just called her a name…she won’t mind…..she’ll call me one back.     
And last but certainly not least,  meet Mantle,  who despite his very manly name,  has been badly feminized.    So goes the destiny of most spots  in my house.   I  L-O-V-E the mommy and baby zebras.   (TJ Maxx of course).    So there  you have it—a few Friday fotos to recap the week.

3 comments on “Introducing new segment: Friday’s Favorite Fotos”

  1. A feminized Mr. Mantle??? I was expecting pictures of the *group* which I did not get to be a part of.

    Tell Elea and Emme that I am impressed!

    🙂 D

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