to take a picture of my bookclubbers, but at the last moment with only 8 of us left,  I remembered.   Sorry for the poor quality photo and sorry to all you bookies who left too soon!   We had a marvelous time discussing Pride and Predjudice (which we actually did discuss) and we enjoyed some good food and coffee and fun fellowship.   This is phase one of my “Keeping My Sanity” strategy while I’m homeschooling.   I am one of those types of people who  is energized by the company of others,  by cooking and seeing lots of people enter my home.   Next months’ read is Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.   I’m on chapter 3 and love it already.    I’ll leave you with this quote from the book about Aunt Chloe that seems to be my mantra in life,  “The arrival of company at the house,  the arranging of dinners and suppers “in style,”  awoke all the energies of her soul;  and no sight was more welcome to her than a pile of travelling trunks launched on the verandah, for then she foresaw fresh efforts and fresh triumphs”.  

4 comments on “I almost forgot…..”

  1. It was a great time! I always love to get out and chat with others. You can tell my excitement because I was jumping around on the couch when you took the picture! (Notice i’m a little blurred!:) I think it hides my wrinkles…I have to remember to jump around in photos in the future! Thanks for all the work you put into making it so much fun.

  2. Kate,
    It was so good to have you here. I can’t wait til’ next month. I love Uncle Tom’s Cabin already! And you are so welcome. It was all a pleasure for me.

  3. Thanks for a great time! Too bad I'm still reading P&P but don't worry I'll finish in time to read UTC. I did watch half of the 6hour movie last night- which happens to end exactly where I have read to!!

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