I woke up at 5a this morning,  yes you read that right.    So, I did  what anyone would do who woke up at 5a…..I went to Walmart.   I think I’ve been to Walmart more in the past two weeks than in the rest of my 38 years combined.   I don’t like Walmart.   I start to get a mild panic attack when I enter the parking lot.    And believe me,  no matter what time you go to Walmart,  there’s no scarcity of people.   Enough Walmart bashing.    I got my stuff and got outta there… know the “stuff”  I mean…..a cantaloupe and some push pins,  a few toiletries,  ribbon,  motrin,  blank cassette tapes and play money.    Don’t ask.    Your list is just as random and ridiculous, although mine almost scares me when I see it in writing.   Moving on,  I got home just in time to help with the teenagers’ lunches and to convince my 16yo daughter to change her shorts.   Wardrobe malfunction averted.    The rest is a blur because I started to feel like I had the flu.   I felt tired and achy and irritable and soooo sleepy.   That’s when it dawned on me…..I haven’t had my coffee yet….I HAVEN’T HAD MY COFFEE and it’s nearly 8a.    Near catastrophe ensued as I ground and poured and brewed as fast as I possibly could.    Has this ever happened to you?   I felt squeemishly weak and addicted….but not for long.   Half way through the first cup,   I confidently said,  “I feel better.  I don’t HAVE to have coffee.   I just love the flavor.   I could stop if I wanted to.   Maybe I’ll just cut back.    Maybe I’ll switch to tea.   Maybe tomorrow.    For now I need all my faculties about me for my 2nd day of homeschooling. My girls would sense weakness and pounce on it if I didn’t have my coffee.    So far I agree with Susan Wise Bauer’s assessment.    Homeschooling requires a healthy amount of both caffeine and sugar.

4 comments on “Hello, my name is Edie and I ‘m …..”

  1. Hee Hee- Who is in Wal-mart at 5am? Only the insane people of the world! That is so not like a homeschooler- we like to sleep in and stay in our pjs!

  2. Pathetic? I’m not sure it’s the right word to describe someone who goes to Walmart at 5 a.m. before coffee. Insane? Nutsy-cuckoo? Wackadoo? I’m almost there. 🙂

    Have a great third day!

  3. oH girls you have never been to Walmart if you’ve never been before 6a! And Kelly, I’m working on this pesky live signature thing and I see you are too. I’m not sure how to add it so that it automatically goes at the end of each post. Any suggestions? If its too complicated for the comments section, I’ll call ya. Surely you don’t have to paste it every time.

  4. edie- try to go to your settings- then formatting, and beside the post template, put in the html form of your signature and then save your settings. It should post on each post you do without having to paste it every time.

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