The above “plate wall” is my latest redecorarranging/plagiarism  project.   My friend Denise gave me a link to an awesome blog site (more coming later)  where plate walls reign supreme.   My plate wall is a work in progress but stay tuned……you’ve not seen the last of plate walls from me…..
Unrelated to the  plate wall project,   this is Paul Jett and  Derek  Cooze riding the infamous “hotdog”  at Mike Bratton’s house.
Derek is doing some wake boarding and I was so mad when I got home and realized that I didn’t have a picture of his son Sam wake boarding…..they both did great.  I, on the other hand,  not so great……I never progressed from this humble position in the water.   More on my theory about wake boarding below….

Mike and  Vicki Bratton invited us over for a little lake fun today.    We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and noticed many cool things…..a boat dock that looked big enough to land a helicopter on…..their eight…count them…eight dogs,  which seemed hardly believable until someone reminded us that we have eight…..count them…eight  children… ball machineS,  that’s plural, a water “hotdog”,  Polly Jett in really tight goggles…on dry land,  Mike on a wake board,  5 little girls chasing 5 little  schitzu’s around,  and no sweat bees.    Twas a glorious day indeed.    A generous thank you to Mike, Vicki, Ruth,  and James for the wonderful food and hospitality!

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