Time just flies, doesn’t it?   It seems like just yesterday I was the 8 yo girl playing games and looking on at the adults as if they were soooo old.   Now,  at the annual family reunion,  I’m part of the “old” crowd….you know,  the ones who share their scintillating stories about plumbers, politics,  gas prices,  teenagers,   etc..    Only now,  I’m the one  sharing the stories  of how I’ve been recently wronged by my plumber, politician, gas station, and teenager.   I have in fact become my mother.    And it’s really not so bad…to be the adult,  I mean.    I always imagined that surely they were so bored by the topics they  yammered on about,  but I tell my plumber stories with truth and conviction….I’m not bored at all.   And neither is my sister.  She has plumber stories too.   But have we lost something magical that only the little guys can teach us? There is something so wonderful about being perfectly contented in doing back flips in a pool for hours straight.    I do miss that somehow.    Enter Rock Band. 
One of the highlights  of these gatherings is always time with my sister,  Gina and my brother Todd, whom  we very affectionately  call “brother”…..original,  isn’t it?   This year my sister has added to her collection of WII games the “Rock Band”  game so of course the three of us took to the instruments and let ‘er rip.   At least I didn’t throw my shoulder out like I did last year on the bowling game!    
I know you’re skeptical,  but you should have heard our version of  Dirty Little Secret.   We’ve got potential.   At least the potential to embarrass our children.   The little girls enjoyed this show of raw talent so much that they keep saying to me “remember when you played the drums in Rock Band” ?   The only thing we could’ve used in our “band”  would’ve been two little homeboy rappers.
I think their teenage siblings have been at work here.
Oh well,  it was fun seeing everyone again and making memories (and pictures)  that are sure to remind us that there is something wonderful about the gathering together of generations.   We all need each other.   Uncle Glen,  our oldest attendee,  was engaging to talk to and  it warms the heart to see him still enjoy the trip.   God puts us in families for a reason and whether it’s Uncle Troy’s latest joke to Aunt Carol’s new musical instrument to Aunt Rosie’s new potato salad,  I always learn something and am always glad I came.

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