gathered these for the trip……and they  are dandies, I might add.    Norse mythology for the kids and a lot of C.S. Lewis for us.   My favorite find just might be the Little House on the Prairie 1st season DVD’s.
stamped pretty green birds on these and mailed them to prospective book clubbers
then I gave this one a big smooch (my son Taylor) since he is not going with us this time….cross country camp is this week.
and then painted all these …..
and finally collapsed in a heap into this.    Our flight leaves early so we must get up at the crackofdawn.     We are very excited to get to the land of the lakes,  visit with all the family,  do a lot of relaxing,  reading,  knitting,  eating,  swimming,  boating,  did I say eating?    I did say to myself (as I do in vain every year)  that this  year I’m gonna work out and run and not overeat.   Don’t hold your breath on that one!   

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  1. Hi Kelly! Yes, I’ve lurked on the nester way too much thanks to you and your mom… and her links are fun too. I am not done plagerizing her yet! We are so enjoying our vacation so far…..just sitting by the lake….eating lots of good food and knitting. See ya soon. Oh, my favorite “nesterism” is home “edjumacation”

  2. For some reason by reading another blog I landed in your blog. I love your redos, and how you painted your kitchen cabinets. Good job!

  3. I landed to your blog by checking other blogs. I really liked how you painted the cabinets, your decor style and the wall plates. Good job!

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