So, I am anxiously awaiting the resurrection of the new Issues, Etc.   which will be making its’ mark on the internet radio world in less than two hours.   I am highly caffeinated which never helps times of anticipation.    If you could hear how fast I’m typing right now,  you’d think I was 17 making a “myspace” update.   I also woke up disgustingly early this morning with that kind of nervous tummy you get when you have a job interview or are about to have a pap smear.   So,  to kill some time and relieve my children of my nervous chatter,  I thought I’d blog.    By the time I’m done,  should be time to hear Wilken’s voice again….I can hardly wait.    If you want to hear christian radio like you’ve never heard it before, check out the link to your right.    In the meantime,  thought I’d share with you about  my Sunday (that’s yesterday for those of you who are not highly caffeinated.)   

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