So, the little girls amused themselves by making real “stick” people…and by that, I mean paper dolls attached to “sticks”.  They named them “little sister” and “big sister”.   I suggested  “thing one” and “thing two”  but I lost.    They also can’t stop talking about the new American Girl moving that opens this Wed.  July 2nd  about the story “Kit”.   I bought that doll for Caiti when she was 9, I think.   I have such fond memories of  lying in her bed with her reading about Kit.  Maybe she will join the little girls and I for the movie.  It’s fun to see Emme and Elea now going through the same stages…..they just came to ask me to bake Kit a birthday cake.    It’s apparently her birthday today.   Who knew?
Steve chose “The Great Divorce” as his read for the day  which is a masterpiece by C.S. Lewis about the great divorce or chasm between heaven and hell.   To wet your appetite,   “…life is not like a river but a tree.   It does not move toward unity but away from it and the creatures grow further apart as they increase in perfection.   Good, as it ripens, becomes continually more different not only from evil but from other good.”    Great read,  one of my favorites.   Then I haphazardly picked up Craig Parton’s book(that brother Jeff gave us, I think) and started perusing.   Before I knew it I was hooked and in about 3 hours I  finished it.    It, also, is a great read.   And there is something marvelous about finishing a book.   I have several started right now….Pilgrims’s Progress,  Don Quixote,  Thomas a’ Kempis,  ad lib ad nauseum,   and I am bleeding from the eyes from all the curriculum reading……so to actually start and finish a book in one evening….now that is closure.   The literary equivalent of running a 10K and the antithesis of having 10 half finished books staring at you  on your nightstand,  which is my MO.   
I pondered reorganizing the laundry room which looks like this when you read a whole book in one day.   But I didn’t.

  I turned my attention to the soon-to-be schoolroom which was recently painted(floor, walls, and trim) by my mom, myself, my son and Andrew.   Yep,  this is them “working”.   Take careful notice of the pink bedazzled cowgirl hat and the colorful, gardening/hiking boots.  These are your tax dollars at work(they both attend the local public school).   So,  I…….

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