So, you’ve probably heard.

I’m homeschooling again.  Sort of.  I mean, my girls are in 11th grade and taking classes at the local community college (dual enrollment) along with taking a few classes at home, so technically we are doing an independent study year.


First off, let me explain why we decided to come back home after spending several years at an awesome classical school.  I think part of the journey for us has always been really paying attention to what the girls need.  The only reason I ever decided to homeschool initially is because one of my daughter’s needed one on one attention.  After being home for a few years with me, she began to THRIVE and eventually wanted to try “real school” again.

So we did.  We went to “real school” for 7th-10th grades and it was wonderful.  They made some great friends, they learned so much, they were challenged in ways I could never have challenged them at home and it was a great decision for the time.

But these two sweetie pies are mature for their age and were kind of “done” with high school. They were having hours of homework every night and not having any down time.  Between a heavy load at school and dancing 2-4 hours at night, they were exhausted.  And my Elea complained that she had no time to read. (She’s her mother’s daughter!)

And listen, I feel like after you homeschool for any amount of time and have your kids home with you, it’s hard to let them go. It’s hard to give up all that time with them and we were THRILLED when they mentioned they might want to finish high school with independent study.

So, they take 3 classes at Walter State Community College (10 minutes from our house!).  They have Spanish, English Composition, and US History there.  Then, they do Algebra 2 (teaching textbooks, so mama doesn’t have to try to relearn Algebra!) and Chemistry (Apologia) and then later this semester, we’re adding Dave’s Ramsey’s Financial Peace course.  And we are all LOVING IT!!!  The best part is having them around so much!

The girls are so much more relaxed and happy and we see each other throughout the day all day.  I can’t even tell you how much I love having them around during the day again. It’s been such a gift.

And given the fact that I know how fast this all happens, I’m so glad that they get to spend their last two years at home like this. It’s really a WIN WIN.

They were telling me last night how prepared they feel for their college classes.  They are both very self motivated so I don’t have to worry about them doing their work and assignments.  And college classes have been VERY eye opening.  Their history professor told them the first day not to come in hung over or stoned.  YES, HE DID.  So, that led to some interesting conversations but overall, they love their classes and are enjoying the little bit of freedom it gives them!  They were ready for that and honestly I think it’s made them even more mature and responsible.

I am so glad they wanted to try this. It’s been a huge success so far!!

Do you veteran homeschoolers have any advice for homeschooling high school?

I feel like a newbie again!!

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  1. My junior is taking a dual enrollment composition class, and both girls are doing Apologia Chemistry. It’s funny you mentioned “done with high school” — we’re starting to get that feeling, too. Wonderful how “prepared” a few or more years at home allows them to be! And as much as we mamas work for that end goal, it’s unimaginable that the finish line is in sight. Enjoy!

  2. I just retired from homeschooling in June as my last one graduated. You’re doing my best advice–enjoy the girls. Everything changes after graduation, even if they are still at home.

  3. As you journal daily make a sheet for your volunteer hours. You will be amazed at the schoalarsjhips that are out there. Make a memory every day

  4. You were one of the first homeschooling blogs I found 9 years ago during my first year homeschooling. I am still at it! Just graduated my son last June and he left two weeks ago for basic training for the USAF. My 2nd child is a Senior this year. Then I have a 7th and 1st grader. My advice would be what you already know! ENJOY IT BECAUSE IT GOES TOO FAST! 🙂

  5. We did the same thing…homeschooled, classical school foir 3 years, then back home. My boys love it, too! We have loved Veritas Press’s self-paced Omnibus. And we are going to check out classes with Wilson Hill academy next year. We are taking a couple of dual enrollment classes too. It’s been wonderful!

  6. I thank the Lord for the gift of being able to homeschool our youngest son, K-12. We finished this past June. For the first several years, he wasn’t the easiest student (strong-willed), but he later came into his stride. Your girls already have the hardest part down, the best part. They love to learn! Once you have that, everything else is extra.They now will be life long learners which leads to my advice. This is a journey. You can’t possibly cover everything and guess what? That’s not your job. Your job is to help them discover how much fun/challenging it is to learn something new and then let them at it. You’re already doing that Edie. Enjoy this time with them.

  7. Keep pressing on. I loved homeschooling my two kids. They also did dual credits all senior year. We loved apologia, Abeka and teaching textbooks. There both in college now. Our son is a freshman with a premed major and our daughter a junior nursing major. What a gift it was to homeschool. Enjoy your time with them.

  8. The experience you and many others describe is what I came into homeschooling for 3 years ago. NOT SEEING IT. We can’t get passed “just finish the curriculum”. It’s not amazing. I feel I’m letting my incredibly talented son down. It’s just not happening for us as I hear so many other people talk about how fabulous it is.

  9. My daughter and I just started homeschooling this year ,my three grandchildren. I am enjoying them explore and learn and I believe it will diffinently help them with higher education. We are using a Abeka also and it is amazing. If any of you experienced home schoolers have any advice we welcome that!

  10. How exciting! I hope this means more homeschooling posts! I love all the old posts from your early homeschooling days, and discovered Circe, so many years ago, after reading one of your blog or fb posts. I’m now homeschooling three kiddos, but my oldest is only in jr. high. Can’t wait to read more homeschool posts! Best wishes for a wildly successful year:)




    We, too, have done all sorts of things with school depending on the kid and the season.

    (Switching between home school, private classical school, dual enrollment, etc.)

    I think your perpetual malleability and wanting to accommodate your daughters where they are is so vital and I have no advice at all whatsoever. You ROCK!

    Gratitude and joy are paramount and you have those out the wazoo.

    Is wazoo even a word??? 😉

    So, no words of advice from me. Just prayers/positivity sent your way!

    Sending you gargantuan love, hugs, and blessings,

  12. Dave’s Financial Peace changed our lives! My husband and I took the course for the first time in our early 20s. We went on to take the Legacy class a few years later, which was also excellent. We don’t have any kids yet but hearing about your successful home schooling journey makes me want to consider it when the times comes. Have a good Tuesday! ~Miranda

  13. I am following a similar path with my youngest. She just went back to traditional school after 4 years of homeschool, and she is loving it. I could easily see, however, her deciding to do independent study her Junior or Senior year. She is managing the homework very well at present, but Sophomore year is known to be very difficult.

    She loved homeschool, she is loving traditional school, and I am learning to make decisions for today and not hold try to decide the future. It’s not mine to know.

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