Some people in my life think I made the dumbest possible decision when I left my family practice career. How do I know that? Well, they told me.   You went through all that schooling? Took all those tests? Gave up your twenties? Lost so much sleep? Went into debt? All to get a degree that you don’t even use now?  Not to mention the income loss.

Yep. All true. Guilty as charged on all counts.

But if I hadn’t had the courage to take a leap of faith (and a huge loss of income) and walk through some really dark days,  I wouldn’t have discovered the ways that I am most able to serve the people in my life.

There were clues to it all along.  I noticed that if someone came into my office wrestling with deep emotional issues or spiritual unrest, my heart beat a little faster and I knew I had something unique to offer them that they probably wouldn’t get from just any family doctor. Treating high blood pressure usually didn’t evoke the same response.

I wanted to speak into people’s life with my words more than my prescription pad.

And it shouldn’t have surprise me because I had always had a love affair with words— from the little red journal I carried around as a older child to the very bad poetry I wrote as a teenager. (I’m sincerely sorry to everyone who was a victim of my poetic injustice.)

Over the years, my best offerings have come from my struggle & vulnerability.  But learning to hone in on what part of my life and message really resonates with those I want to serve isn’t nearly as easy as it seems.

I’ve been writing online for 8 years and I’m STILL learning how best I can add value to people who wander upon my site.

And much to my family’s benefit, I’m finally making a living at it.

Instead of using that income to increase our standard of living, we are using it invest in education—for our kids, for ourselves, and for those who we can bless.

These days a portion of the income I make as an entrepenuer is reinvested into my own education.  So I can be a better mom, wife, friend, writer, creative,  blogger, wellness teacher, etc.  I keep learning so that I can increase my impact in my own house, and in my little circle of the world.

It’s an investment that is so worth making.   I keep learning better ways to provide value for the people in my life.

So did I waste those thirteen years that I was training to become a doctor?

Not at all.  If medical school taught me anything, it taught me that there’s so much I don’t know.  It taught me the value of learning.  And there’s a certain humility that comes with admitting that we still need to keep growing, that we don’t know it all, that we don’t have the right skills, that we need to be always and forever students of this great big wonderful thing called life.

Which brings me to my current job/calling/vocation as a blogger and wellness enthusiast.  When I started out my journey as a creative entrepeneur, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what to write about or what my particular gifts were. I just knew I had a message and I wanted to share it.

Enter my dear friend Ruth.

She has a brilliant logical mind and her skill set is so different than my own.  We became friends and mentors to each other.  As she was building her own skills and business, she helped me find clarity in my own, sifting through ALL THE THINGS that I love and am interested in to find the pieces of gold—those few unique things that I am good at that other people can benefit from if I share them.

And that’s the sweet spot—the things that you uniquely offer that the world needs.

Last year, I took a few modules of her online course for writers/bloggers and it was phenomenal. I decided not to purchase the full course because I was writing a book and was already taking a writing course.  But this year, I’m signing up to do the whole thing.

A blogger who’s been blogging for eight years needs to learn more? Absolutely.

Because after finishing a book and dipping my toes back into the online writing space, I need some guidance. I want to offer the most value I can and still have time to do all the things at home I want to do.  That’s not an easy balance to strike. And it can all be so overwhelming.

I’ve spent enough time with her to know that her insight and unique way of breaking down complicated processes into simple understandable steps is so very valuable.  Every tip she’s ever given me for blogging has been golden.

Maybe you have a message you want to share too.  Her teaching will save you so much time and heartache and will be the shortest route to finding your own clarity, your own sweet spot.  And you will learn the secrets to start making an income from home. She’s brilliant at walking you step by step.

Here’s how you will know if it’s right for you too?

Take her free video course and she’ll tell you. The first email will be sent today and then you’ll get the others in the next few days.  If you decide to take the full course after that, I’ll see you the inside!

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  1. What if, not only do you not know what your gifts are, but don’t even know if you have a message? What was your message that you wanted to share?

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