I spent most of the last year writing my memoir, much of which dealt with the complicated relationship I had with my Daddy. The loss and pain of it drove me into the scriptures, looking for comfort, looking for answers, looking for fathers.

I landed on the story of the Prodigal Son, or maybe I should say it landed in me.

I spent months in that story, reading books and commentary, and in general, trying to figure out what Jesus was telling us about Himself in that story,  about what kind of Father we have in God.

We need Lent because we have forgotten. We need Lent because we are lost. Our doubt about the Father’s love, our besetting sins and our own piercing self-righteousness have blinded us to what we were made to do and who we were made to do it for.

Lent is a time for remembering what kind of a Father we really have and to what lengths He will go to find us and rescue us. Lent is a time to retreat with Him, to confess to Him how utterly dependent we’ve become on everything but Him. Lent is a time to remember what it means to be truly loved, to be held up from the fray of the world’s chaos, to be carried home by our Abba Father.

Lent is about our repentance, yes. But more importantly, Lent is about His forgiveness.

We walk with Him to the cross so we will KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this sacrifice was FOR US. God forgives us, not because of our growing discipline or holiness, but for the sake of Christ, alone. Want to give up sugar? Fine. Want to fast on Fridays? Perfect. Our bodies and our resources need to be brought into submission so that we can use them to serve our neighbor, not ourselves.

But remember, Lent is about Him and how He has set his face like a flint to go to Jerusalem to die for the sins of all mankind. We need Lent because we so desperately need Him.

He alone is our homecoming, standing “far off” waiting and watching everyday for His beloved to return.

In case the observance of Lent is brand new to you, this post might be helpful.

*I’ll be using the texts from the PrayNow app for the Lenten season along with the story of the Prodigal Son. I’m so thankful to have you here and pray you will be blessed by this time together.

Blessed Ash Wednesday to you.

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I will also be reading through Grace Upon Grace during Lent and discussing it once a week on Pericope. This book is AMAZING.

27 comments on “The One Reason We Need Lent This Year {and a Free 40 Day Devotional}”

  1. I have a copy of Grace Upon Grace which I have not read. This will be the perfect opportunity to start reading it. How many chapters will you be discussing each week?

    • Hi Edie,
      Maybe I’m missing something- it wouldn’t be the first time-LOL! But I am subscribed to your newsletter already and when I try to download the lent study it says “you are already subscribed.” Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what.
      Thanks! Carmen

  2. Hi Edie!!!! I just ordered Grace Upon Grace! It’s been on my master list for awhile but I figured now would be a great time to read! Question…I am already subscribed to your emails, etc and when I went to download the free Lenten devotional it wouldn’t let me???
    Thank you for any help,

  3. Hi Edie,
    I was just looking for a devotional and came across this one. When I subscribed & went to download the free Lenten devotional it wouldn’t let me??? Any suggestions?
    Thank you for sharing the devo –

  4. I just finished Day 2 of the Lenten Devotional and I LOVE it! It is just what I need at this stage of my life. You are so blessed with a writing style that is understandable. Your knowledge is truly a God-given gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. It will noy download for me either. It says I am already subscribed. Please advise how I can get this downloaded! Thank you so much!

  6. hello Edie – I found you through Ruth’s book video and would love to subscribe to your blog – but not being on FB or twitter seems to be a problem…-
    could you please direct me or sign me up? I’m sure your story will inspire me. …and I am also a soup whisperer! We had a major house flood in 2014 (on eve of son’s wedding, 11 wks after daughter’s wedding) and several subsequent events from which I still am working through emotionally, though all had blessings within them. God is so good, and I find encouragement in others.
    thank you! and blessings on your day-
    susan in charlotte

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