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As a family physician, I never thought I’d end up such a natural health enthusiast until essential oils changed my life in such dramatic ways.  This video explains it and don’t miss the free pdf below on how I use the oils everyday for mood and sleep and hormones and EVERYTHING! I also link to a video below where I teach a class about hormones and mood.

1. They dramatically improved my sleep.

It ain’t no lie to say that I didn’t sleep through the night in years (at least hardly ever) before using oils. And listen, if you can fix sleep, EVERYTHING in your life gets better. Everything. We are the most sleep-deprived people on the planet and we need to sleep well in order to perform well at anything.

2.  They’ve balanced my crazy hormones. FINALLY.

Okay, let’s just be honest. As we age, things get a little crazy. I’ve been trying to get my hormones balanced or two or three years. I went the traditional medicine route. I tried bioidentical hormones. And I’m telling you nothing, I mean NOTHING has balanced my hormones like our oils and supplements.  We have a hormone oil that when you open the bottle, THE ANGELS SING.  Just ask anyone who’s tried it.  It’s amazing. And I tell you all about how I use it in the pdf below.

3. They’ve SO improved my mood and given me joy!

That whole joy-of-gladness thing in the Scriptures is FOR REAL.  Every single person that I personally know who uses oils regularly has seen a shift in their mood for the better. And many have been able to ditch more harmful mood altering things for oils with great results.  I’ll tell you what works best for me in the pdf below but suffice it to say, all oils improve mood because God is awesome and that’s how he does things.  The first place the oils work when you inhale them is on the mood regulating part of your brain.  The God of the universe knows a thing or two about how to heal us and I’ve never seen emotional healing like this before.

Click Here to Get the free PDF!

I know it’s overwhelming, but the oils are the best teacher and they work, even if you don’t understand how.  BUT.  That’s only true if you get the highest  grade therapeutic oils like the ones from Young Living.  Otherwise, you’re just getting perfume. I wrote a post about why I chose Young Living here, in case you’re interested.

Ready to get started with these awesome oils? Click here and I walk you through it!

Also, if you’re not quite ready to start but want to learn more, join my free 14 day e-course that covers every oil in our starter kit with gobs of ways to use them!

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