None of us escapes it.  We are a bruised and broken people, in desperate need of a rescue.  We are all plagued with sin, doubt, fear, greed, selfishness, addiction, evil, and most assuredly self-righteousness.  We are harsh and unkind and lacking in mercy.  Or we are weak, undisciplined, and lacking in courage.  But we are all the same. 

Fortunately for us, our Father knows it all.  He is not surprised or angry or aloof.

He doesn’t seek revenge but only redemption.

He became one of us to know the depth of our struggle and He is right there in the dirty midst of it all.

He won’t leave.  He won’t lose His nerve.  He will never give up.

So, when your strength has left you and you can’t hold on……

Don’t worry.  Love holds. Love never fails.

He, who is deeply acquainted with your grief, will bear the weight of it all, even this,  and will never grow weary.

Trust in your Father, who works every circumstance for the homecoming and healing of His glorious children.

He will not rest until you are remade and restored.

He will persevere until the end, because of Love.

Only Love.

33 comments on “Only Love”

  1. Mmm good reminders. Funny how you feel that desire to click on a certain blog, feeling a certain way because of some random circumstances and God speaks to you through another persons words. Was feeling kind of broken yet not wanting to judge another situation and such. Really appreciated this.

  2. Dear Sweet Edie,
    There is no way I can ever explain how this post came at the most perfect time. GOD knew I was struggling and used you to put these words down to calm my heart.
    Thank you and praise God !

  3. Dear Edie…Nowhere to start. Just in puddles over this very simple but profound post. How could you know of my struggle here, all the way in Arizona? How could you know that I’m really sad and broken and need a firm but gentle word to keep me looking forward? Well, you couldn’t possibly. And that’s the wonder of how our Heavenly Father works. I desperately need this post. I’m taking these words with me today. I’m happy to share them with all of the others, but I.NEED.THIS. Thank you <3

  4. Perfect post for me to read today. It is just what my heart needed to be reminded of. Our Heavenly Father knew that these were the specific words I needed to hear today. Thank you for this post and for your obedience to Him because it blesses so many.
    Love xoxo

  5. Edie, thank you so much for sharing these precious words today! I really needed this reminder. My almost 15 yr old granddaughter was fatally injured in a freak auto accident 6/21. Sometimes the grief is overwhelming and I forget about how much God loves those of us that are left.

    God bless you!

  6. Your words struck me to the core. God is using you. Thank you for following your convictions to speak what’s in your soul to the world. I needed this and I’m writing in my prayer journal ASAP.

  7. Beautiful words. Beautiful truth. As much as I realize this need to be loved in myself, mostly I need to be reminded of the fact that it is vitally important for me to love those around me; especially the hard to love…..

  8. Thank you for these beautiful words! This message is exactly what a dear friend of mine needs to hear today! Actually, it’s a wonderful reminder for us all!

  9. Ah, some of your best words seem to flow from the rough places. Tough week friend? So grateful that the seeds of truth you’ve planted again and again in your heart burst forth in glorious truth; truth that ministers to the depths of your soul, but then bears the fruit of encouragement in the lives of so many. Hoping that the writing here brings hope and healing, and that the love you pour out to your readers returns to you a hundredfold.
    Wishing I could just hop on down to Bean Station and love on you…

  10. Yes, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this message so simply and unadorned. It’s lovely. I sure hope you and yours are ok. xoxoxo

    One if the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn these past few years us that we are all the same, and that praying for people, especially those who are difficult for us, is vital to our own spiritual well bing. And it is just good.

    We are so loved, and He is so patient and good. Thanks Edie!

  11. I really needed to read this today, thank you. I lost 2 family members this summer, my sister and my dad, and some days it’s just overwhelming but you have reminded me again that I am not alone.

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