Morning sunshines!  Hope you had a good weekend.  I woke up extra early this morning with a whole host of things swirling in my head.  I’m having about 10 house guests for  the fourth of July week and have so many things I need and want to do.  I’m beginning to think it’s not humanly possible to do everything on my list.  So, this morning, I retreated to my garden to calm my busy mind.  I harvested a bunch of basil this weekend and need to add “make pesto”  to today’s agenda.  Do you have any new recipes that would make good party food?  I’ve started a 4th of Juuuuly board of  patriotic food and decor ideas here.  Do you have some fun Pinterest party food and decor boards that you want to share?  Link to all your good ideas  in the comments  and I’d so appreciate it.
It’s a beautiful morning here in East Tennesssee!  The sun is just peeking over the trees.  Hope you have plans to enjoy it today:)
We’ve declared it an official Pearl Jam summer here on the lake. Add this one to your playlist and you’ll be happy you did.

29 comments on “Garden Update, week 6”

  1. Good morning, Miss Edie-
    Oh! How your garden grows. It looks amazing!!
    This is my one and only 4th of Juuuuly pin, so far.
    I am so glad to be on Pinterest. Maybe you can follow me.
    I am sure your 4th of July will rock!! You always do amazing things. Everyone will love it.
    Today I will be helping my mom move some furniture to make things more comfortable here. We also need to pick up a new boxspring. It will be fun. LOL

  2. Edie, where are you in E. TN? We have a lake house in LaFollette (Deer Field Resort) on Lake Norris. LOVE it there. But since I’m in Indianapolis, it’s not a weekend trip. Going down in a few weeks..love it there.

  3. Thanks for including the TN pictures. We miss living there.

    I saw Pearl Jam years ago…must listen to them more.

  4. girl i gotta tell you that you have quite the fan club here in GA>
    my oldest is so impressed…”she loves CS Lewis, Shakespeare & Pearl Jam?….she’s my kinda woman”
    i tell no lies.

  5. http://pinterest.com/pin/60869032433752666/

    I made this cake for a Classical Conversations event this year (we were doing US history) I made a cream cheese buttercream and made a homemade vanilla cake. It was a HUGE hit and SOOOO easy to make it look like a flag. Just a fun and pretty addition to a table on a good cake stand. Before it’s cut it looks nice on a cake stand….southern simplicity. But then when the knife comes out there is a bit of wow factor 🙂 always fun!!
    The garden looks yummy and lovely all at the same time!!

  6. Awesome lil garden! I just love eating from the bounty of your own garden….nothin like it 🙂 If you got alot of basil (which it appears that you do!), I have the simplest, yummiest summer appetizer for ya.
    Get a loaf of french baguette. Slice it. Place a sundried tomato (I get mine in Costco in a big jar, packed in olive oil) on top of slice of bread, followed by a slice of mozarella (TJ’s has the presliced medallions), then put a leaf of basil on top.
    You can either:
    1. Eat it just like that (heaven)
    2. Broil the slice of bread with the sundried tomato and mozarella for 3 min then put the leaf of basil on top. or ….
    3. Stick the whole shebang on the BBQ grill until the cheese softens……
    Either way it is heaven I am tellin you 🙂

  7. Have you ever had a Tomato Pie? We had loads of garden fresh tomatoes and the recipe calls for basil. I didn’t have fresh so I used dry. It is a Paula Deen recipe. Instead of green tomatoes I used carmelized vidalias. It was divine. Also reduced the amount of mayo.

  8. oops sorry, instead of green onions, not green tomatoes. Ughh I should have proofed my comment. Love your blog….

  9. Don’t you love the way your hands smell after a little time in the garden???? One of life’s best perfumes. Happy party prep! I don’t have any ideas to contribute, but I know your weekend will be amazing! xoxo

  10. Your garden is WOW!! I can’t believe how quickly it’s grown.
    Love early mornings outside. I’m heading out to my swing now. Sweet breeze surrounded by my dogs and the quiet (perfect quiet time hangout)!

  11. Here is my Pinterest board — http://pinterest.com/chelsea_dreams/stars-and-stripes/ …still searching for more patriotic ideas too, but maybe this will help. There are some great looking desserts on here that I can’t wait to try, and a super cute diy vintagy banner. I am actually headed up to your neck of the woods for the 4th…staying in our family rental cottage (an old farmhouse-was in the Parton fam) on the Little Pigeon River, and visiting with my sister in Strawberry Plains. Can’t wait…love this holiday!

  12. I have never commented on your blog before, but can you please give some advice in how you have grown such beautiful herbs? I have herbs planted in containers on my back deck. They look so pitiful and I want the basil most of all to be glorious and harvest worthy!! Ha. Not so much. I read that good soul is important so I added better soil, they get good sun and I water. Your garden is amazing.

  13. Know anyone who can sit still while listening to Pearl Jam? I can’t — just have to move it. Your garden is worthy of a Green Thumb Award!

  14. Edie, I was in the seminary library the other day and I walked down that one isle with all of Martin Luther’s collected sermons. The first thing I thought of was you. I’m sure Martin Luther would love that . 🙂 Anyway, in reading through a bunch of your posts today I’m reminded of the smiles I got on my face when I first read you nearly 2 years ago – you’re all about love, and family, and faith, and this is why this MAN continues reading in this community in which he doesn’t really fit – love, family, faith. God bless you and each and every one of yours, Edie.

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