I just bought this poster here on Etsy!

If you’ve never traveled with a foodie then I cordially invite you to my next vacation.  It’s the only way to go.  The whole trip is planned around the food and restaurants.   It’s just that simple.  Stevie and I have been traveling this way since we met.  We are disciples of Frommer’s and I don’t think he’s ever led us astray.   We have found some of our very favorite restaurants this way, such as Lou Mitchell’s in Cheecago (a great breakfast spot always crowded with locals),  Catch 22 in Hilton Head (very small quaint hole-in-th-wall with todiefor prime beef), and one of our faves,  Bound’ry in Nashville.   We make very tasty memories together, that Stevie and I.

Enter San Diego.  Stevie had done his homework and we were not disappointed.

Our first stop : El Camino

El Camino, a small mexican restaurant crowded with locals and VERY loud music.   I had the fish tacos and a margarita.  Stevie had a steak and shrimp burrito.  We had sister Julie and brother Jeff and Daniel along with us so we made them play along in our foodie games.   You must taste all the food on the table and vote for the best.  Stevie won that night which should have been an ominous sign to me that he was gonna take the week.  But I kept ordering like the foodie champ that I am.

Breakfast at Broughton Villa

The next morning we headed out for La Jolla to have breakfast in a little villa over the Pacific Ocean.  Sebastian told us about it and he’s a foodie too so we knew it’d be good.  Julie *won* with the yummy chilaquiles.  The orange juice was fresh squeezed and the coffee was so flavorful.  The girls bragged about the pancakes and the scenery was hard to beat.  Just outside, sunning on the rocks were all the seals.  It was a beautiful morning all around followed by a hike around Torrey Pines.   That was our favorite day in SoCal.

Authentic Eyetalian at Buon Appetito

We frequented Little Italy for pizza (twice) and for a very scrumptious dinner.   Stevie ordered Osso Bucco and I had sea bass with a morel mushroom sauce.  I think it was a tie.  The food was so delish and most of the staff spoke Italian.  We ordered tiramisu to go.  Also, todiefor.

Pizza at Filippi’s

I’m gonna go ahead and say that there is nothing better than stellar pizza. And it was stellar. I should know because I had it  hot, warm and cold. Terrific crust and perfect sauce.  We were all winners on this outing. If you’re finding me to be more neurotic than you once hoped, I apologize.  Foodies are like trekkies.   It takes one to know one.

Lunch at Sear Sucker

This was the day our children chose ‘excellent lunch downtown+ping-pong with parents’ over Sea World.  We have the best kids!  And it was our favorite Frommer find.   Darn it if that Stevie didn’t win again.  He ordered the burger.  He always wins when he orders the burger.  I had a short rib sandwich with horseradish sauce.  It came in close second.   They don’t have ketchup but instead serve a homemade tomato relish which was at once quaint and delicious.  The decor had me at hello with its Texas/Wild West feel.   The blue lady iced tea was fantastic and the children were happy to leave with suckers.   They served a complimentary lemon bar for dessert, a gesture not at all lost on me.   I really love dessert and free dessert brings a tear to my eye.

This decor speaks to my deepest Texas soul.  (Do I have a Texas soul? I’m pretty sure.)

I felt so at home here and so completely inspired.

And that, my friends, is how foodies travel. We ran out of days before we ran out of restaurants. And the best ones are always the ones that you would probably never try or find otherwise. Frommers’ makes happy travelers.  And lowers the chances that you’ll end up at McDonald’s or Subway out of frustration!
But as much as I enjoyed the food and decor and beautiful variety of plant life in Southern California, I wanted to kiss the ground when we finally made it back home. I’m a Tennessee girl at heart and there’s no place for me like being surrounded by these mountains and rivers and lakes.

Home sweet beautiful home!

Now, tell me your favorite little haunts to eat.  And then go ahead  and tell me what to order.   Three cheers for foodies!

And three cheers for Amy who is posting an adorable DIY ruffled shirt over at lifeingrace girls!

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  1. I’m taking a chance commenting – I was one of the few that had a soft spot for the land of Mickey M. OK, here goes: I love to eat, and love to travel and love to combine those two things any chance I get. And boy do I get the chances, as I live in Europe (where my husband is working). When I post a photo album on FBook, half the pics are of my food! The only thing that comes close to having a great meal is getting a good photo of it, in my books.

    When traveling in foreign places, I generally look for a spot that does NOT have their menu in English or pictures posted, either. We look for the locals, and get by with sign language or often take guesses at what to order and are often lucky.

    I have had a few fails – but usually it ends up being delicious.

    I will look into Frommer’s recommendations. Your food from the trip looks FABulous. Thanks for blogging – and making me hungry 🙂

  2. love this post!!!jeff and i are the same way. our rule is to try to never go to a chain (except cheesecake factory) which then also leads into our second rule. never go somewhere we have near home. always explore quaint out of the way places.

  3. San Diego…..now you are in my neck of the woods!!!!! This is home to me and my mama!!!!! (She’s in El Cajon).
    This is the most delicious Mex place to go and the margs are killa……..

    http://bazaardelmundo.com/guad2006.shtml Check out Casa Guadalajara. It’s a MUST GO TO for us when we are home visiting.

    (BTW, I sent you a note a few weeks back. If you or your family members have ever bought a car from LC Lindsay…….LC was my father-in-law. He was just a jewel of a man. He was very well known in LaFollette)

  4. That’s how we roll too! It’s all about the food. I’m making notes on this post for a trip to Cal. My favorite restaurant is in Asheville, NC. It’s called Nine Mile and it’s on Montford. Very creative, fresh food. Laid back atmosphere, original artwork from local artists is displayed, very “Bob Marley” feel, coolest counter top on the bar! The special is always great but my favorite is “Ark of the Covenant”. Alaskan Salmon in a basil cream sauce that will melt in your mouth. Dessert isn’t typically complimentary but it’s worth every calorie. Did I mention that it’s owned by my step-son and his business partners? And even if it wasn’t . . . it would still be my favorite. You owe it to yourself to try it! http://ninemileasheville.com/menus/ninemile_dinner.pdf

  5. love this post! i love to find the local or hole in the wall places while we travel. loved to read that bound’ry was the favorite in nashville. was just there this past friday night. each time there i have tried something i would never think of…ostrich, duck breast…you name it and it’s fabulous. it is my husband and my date night choice!

  6. We would get along great!! It is all about the food for us too! We seek out the best restaurants–sometimes holes in the wall. I love the idea of voting for the best meal on the table!! we never did that!

    We are planning a road trip to New Orleans and planning our stops around restaurants from NJ to Louisiana…po’ boys here we come!

  7. Darn, you were close to home and I didn’t even get a chance to hug ya or invite ya all for dinner. My hubby’s whiskey bbq sauce may just make your list. We too have been Filippi’s fans forever. It’s the sauce, you just have to love that sauce.

    I grew up with foodies. My mom once made my dad drive 3 hours out of the way on a vacay for a steak on a ranch in the middle of Nowhere, Oregon. Being a cranky 10 year old I didn’t really “get it”.

    I so get it now.

  8. Oh, Edie! Honey, we would have so much fun on a vacation together! Our whole trip revolves around where we will eat. We spend weeks scouring Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives or Southern Living or asking around about the best local spots. We adore the hole-in-the-wall joints where the food is the main attraction. One of my favorite blog series to do has been eating my way through the list of “100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die.” f you ever need to know where to eat in Alabama, I’m your hook-up. Long live foodies!

  9. I have eaten at that Filippi’s Pizza Grotto many times. Now that I live near Los Angeles, I have to make a special trip. I feel a need for Filippi’s…

  10. Yum… all good places. We eat at Filippis everytime we go to San Diego. No stops in south OC??? We have good places too!

    So great seeing pics of La Jolla. One of my fav places. I knew right where you were standing to take that photo! Hadn’t read the title, but saw the photo and knew right where you were. Glad you had a great trip.

  11. we {heart} food, too, and always center our every outing around it.

    can’t wait to see where you put the poster…show pictures when you can…

  12. You’re post makes me laugh. My husband sometimes say we plan our vacation days around where we are going to eat. Wanted to thank you again for TPE-II. I made a post about it today but my words fail to communicate how blessed I felt that day.


  13. Whew! I’ve been thinking that I was the only one. Before kids my husband and I took a trip through texas where we ate steak. lots and lots of steak. we went to several cities and looked for the best steak restraunts and ate there. we were young so we had to car camp everywhere we went, but we ate well, by golly! When we started having children it became much more difficult to eat at nicer restraunts, but we will get back to it sooner or later.
    I have some great recomendations for nassau bahamas if you make your way here.

  14. Edie, this may be my first comment, tho I’ve been following you ever since The Queen B asked us to pray for y’all after the fire; and I’ve been checking back nearly every day since then! And, don’t get creeped out, but I had a hilarious dream about you last night – my husband and I were giving you a ride somewhere in our rickety-est car…you handed me a cd from the backseat, for us to listen to, and I was trying to describe to my husband what it probably was: “bluegrass, hon, well, maybe more like folk…” – your musical taste is rubbing off on me a bit!

    Here in the Chesapeake area of Virginia, there’s a little place in a shopping strip called “Passion,” and it has the most sumptious she-crab soup – every know and then I MUST have it. All creamy-white, with a little kick, and lots of big chunks of crab. Their other food is excellent, and one time the waiter brought us white napkins to replace our black ones, because “…they’re more suited to your attire.” We quietly roared after he walked away!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us:)

  15. Um, your Texas heart? Makes me love you. I’m a Texan born and bred and to hear someone outside of this great place say that makes me smile as big as….well..Texas.

  16. I’m a San Diego girl and just last week took my step mother and her sister to Broughton Villa. The food is delish! (Did you try the stuffed french toast?) So fun seeing your post on my back yard. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  17. Edie~I am a complete foodie, unfortunately hubby is not. Traveling for the best place to eat can be so much fun. I love to try new things and like just about anything. Sear Sucker looks and sounds amazing. We have a Little Italy not far from where we live and it has some of the best authentic Eyetalian food ever. Your amazing recipes are one of the many things I love about your blog.

  18. Edie – I am so glad that you all tried Broughton Villa. Seba and I ate their twice on our visit to San Diego because we liked it so much!! I miss good brunch places!

    I don’t think I could say that I have a favorite restaurant because there are just so many, but whenever I think of the question, my mind always goes to Le Mere Gourmandin in Namur, Belgium. It is on a cobblestone pedestrian street. The interior design is quaint and anthropolgie-esque. The menu is simple with crepes and salads, but the best thing is at the end of the menu where you may choose two different cheese/meat combinations with a simple vinaigrette salad. The cheese choices are like chevre with honey and walnuts melted on a homemade French bread or a special kind of proscuitto chunks with a nice, ripened brie. All come grilled to perfection. My mouth is watering as I am typing! If you ever make it to Belgium, you must check it out!


  19. I have traveled with Foodies and Non-Foodies. My favorite and most memorable trips were with the Foodies. The worst trips were with the Non-Foodies. One of the best parts of travelling is trying the local food, finding the hole in the wall places, and taking chances with new foods. It’s no fun to travel and have to eat at Subway or McDonalds everyday. UGH.

    If you ever head to the Minneapolis\St. Paul area there are some FABULOUS places to eat!!! We don’t just eat lutefisk & hot dishes here!!! 🙂

  20. I am a totally foodie, but my hubby had his head down munching and “getting through it”!! Anyhow my favourite place to eat and his too actually is a little far from you The Kilberry Inn on the west coast of Scotland. Fresh local fish, Scottishness with a modern twist and a yummy holiday feel. Annie D x

  21. I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile … funny the topic that gets me to comment is about traveling and eating. My husband and I joke about food and travel, “I’m just here for the food.” Do you know that line from the movie “Ever After?” Our favorite memories of trips are the meals eaten. 😀

  22. Foodies Travel? I’m with ya, Gerfren! But where are the photos of the food??? Every trip we take includes almost every meal I eat — even if I have to sneak a photo in those ultra cool places where people glare at you for taking pictures of the food. I don’t care, I’m gonna photograph what I ate. So where’s the food photos, Edie? I’m hankering to see what you ate, not just read about it. PUHLEEEZE???? Oh, and if you have a Texas soul, I’ll trade you. You can come live here in Texas and I’ll move to beautiful Tennessee where ancestry.com is tellin’ me many of my ancestors were born.

    Love you and your beautiful family and fun blog! You always make me laugh, smile and think.

    ~ Victoria in Texas

  23. I just saw this post. I live in San Diego, and I’ve bee to all these restaurants except for Sear Sucker. Thanks for the review! And I agree that foodie travel is definitely the way to go.

  24. SO glad that I found this post, as the husband and I are travelling to San Diego for a week in May! Our favorite part of travelling is finding off-the-beaten-path places to eat, and he takes pride in ALWAYS finding the best obscure places. We are from Nashville, and I’d have to say that one of the best places I’ve eaten there is Cabana, on 21st Avenue in Hillsboro Village (not too far from the Bound’ry). Also great is Bricktops on West End for their flatbreads, and Piranha’s for sandwiches downtown.

  25. Filippis. That is where my mom and date dated over 50 years ago and that is where my husband proposed to me…Fond memories 🙂

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