Can anyone tell me WHY it takes 3 lifetimes to upload a video to YouTube?

I should have started uploading this on Day 1 and perhaps it would have been ready.

Finally, I present to you the very helter skelter video tour of the main level.    That’s all I had the energy for and besides, it took all the live long day to upload this one as is.

And I can never get those minutes back.

I apologize in advance for my dorky portion at the beginning.    Apparently I say “but anyways” far too much.
Note the open sugar container and the homeade bread. Apparently, besides “but anyways”, I adore all manner of carbs.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the 31 Days and if I never blog again as long as I live, it’s been swell knowing ya 🙂

Buuuuuut anyways………………

76 comments on “31 Days|Day 31 Can I Get an Amen?!?!”

    • Thank you so much for that lovely tour. The house is smaller than I’d thought–in still photos it seems HUGE! Somehow, I like it better. Seems very liveable and so charming. Please do post again.

  1. Gorgeous. So happy for your family to have home for your hearts again. (btw the subscribe email feature worked wonderfully)

    Luv 2 u.

  2. Gorgeous. So happy for your family to have home for your hearts again. (btw the subscribe email feature worked wonderfully)

    Luv 2 u.

  3. Edie-it is so beautiful. What a wonderful comfortable home. So glad to hear that Hank is doing well at camp. Our husky can only be off leash in the fenced yard, otherwise she thinks it’s great fun to run away and have us chase her.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your home with us. It was ally of work, I’m sure. You can’t stop blogging because blog land would fall apart without you.


  4. I am verklempt on your behalf, Edie!!  So very happy for you and your family and wishing you many happy days ahead within the walls of that beautiful, and homey, home!

  5. Hi Edie – Fun to see how you are in person! 

    Love your house.   Can you come and help me?  I’m live in Boise, Idaho.  You could go to a Boise State game. lol.

    My parents have a lake house and would love to find your “go jump in the lake” source.  Perfect for Christmas for them!

    Thanks so much! Jennifer

    • i bought that sign on ‘one kings lane’ but i haven’t seen it on there since i bought it.  google might be able to help?
      and yes, i’d love to help you.  i have a feeling your place would look just like mine 🙂

  6. Love, love, love it all!!

    We rescued a 5 year old dog two summers ago and sent him away for obedience school (aka “doggy boot camp”), too.  We live in Nashville and used a place in Fairview, TN.  I kid you not, he came back a NEW DOG.  I know you pup will have equally amazing results. 

    Enjoy your beautiful new house! 

  7. Thank YOU for sharing your home and heart with us. I have enjoyed it. Even though your home is new, it looks homey, comfortable and definitely looks like it has evolved over time. Personally, I think that is quite an accomplishment. 🙂 Okay, now I feel like going and “fluffing” my home. 😉

  8. Thank YOU for sharing your home and heart with us. I have enjoyed it. Even though your home is new, it looks homey, comfortable and definitely looks like it has evolved over time. Personally, I think that is quite an accomplishment. 🙂 Okay, now I feel like going and “fluffing” my home. 😉

  9. It takes a lot to completely open up your home for all to see.  Of course, it’s beautiful, and lovely, but what I really love was it was alive.  The girls in the background, working away, the bread, half eaten, the pillows, not 100% perfectly arranged on the couch.  Thank you for being real.  It makes your home so much more magical for all to see.

  10. Amazing.  Loved every second of it.  I have loved watching you praise God through all of this. You deserve that beautiful home.  

  11. Glad Hank is doing well!  I know I’ve said it before but your home is just gorgeous.  The cowboy boots in your room made me smile.  🙂  And I love how open your kitchen cabinets and pantry are!  Must be motivation to keep everything put away in it’s place…something I don’t do well.  Hahaha!  I’m thinking of going door-less on just a couple of my upper cabinets in my kitchen…can’t do lower cabinets because of the Kiddo…although he would surely have a blast with that!  Thank you for opening your home and your heart to us strangers.  You always give us much food for thought…not just pretty, fluffy design food for thought, but the kind that feeds and encourages our souls.  🙂

  12. When anyone asks me where I would like to be when I retire, I always describe a scene just like your deck/porch overlooking the lake.  I can only imagine how wonderful to sit there early in the morning or late in the day and soak up the view.  Your new home is beautiful beyond words and I am so happy that you have been blessed this way, in spite of all of your heartache with the fire.  Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. Gorgeous!  Praise God for such a lovely ending to such a tough year for you.  He is amazing, isn’t He?  I love everything.  It’s beautiful yet it makes me feel like I could sit down with a glass of sweet tea and a crumbly cookie and be at home.  

  14. Beautiful!  What a great tour.

    And personally, I don’t know how you left Hank at a place that doesn’t respect a cute dog bed.  Blasphemy, I tell you.I am attempting your Spicy Tomato Soup recipe this weekend.  I will let you know how the vegetarian version turns out.

  15. Wow, I’m so thankful that I saw a picture of your living room on Pinterest. I read about your fire so long ago and never heard what happened (I can’t keep my blog reading organized sometimes). Enjoy your new beautiful home! BTW, we too are addicted to the Artisan bread books. And, I’m going to guess the music is Delta Spirit?

  16. Everything looks so GREAT!  So you and I love that you are not afraid to take risks and just do what you love.  You totally pull it off!  By the way, my husband heard me listening to the tour.  He wanted to know what song that was.   Thanks for the tour!

  17. I LOOOOOOOOVE the video…..I was so taken with your sweet southern accent and your adorable expressions and your gorgeous home that I got to the end of the video and realized I never heard you say “but anyways….”

    never heard it!

    the house is beautiful….and so are those ginormous fabuloso flowers on your sweater. 🙂

  18. amazing edie! to see it all come together is such a blessing. You are SO gifted at making a house a home! welcome home, dear one.

    ps. my boys watched along side me, and they told me they are going to come visit your house soon. just warning you, k?

  19. What a treat to hear your voice.  It is just as I imagined.

    I think I would stand in my kitchen looking out at the lake and just bawl at God’s tender goodness out of literal ashes.

  20. Thank you for the tour of your house. Your house is beautiful.  I really enjoyed seeing your children as well. They made it look like a real home. And what a fantastic view of the lake! You are blessed.

  21. Edie, your home is beautiful. And so much more beautiful because of all that’s gone into it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. I am in  l o v e !!!!  I am literally salivating over how gorgeous your home is 😀  I came across your blog through Jones Design Company and pretty much feel like I must have been living under a rock to have not come across you before.  I can’t stop looking through everything!  So I’ll save you from from having to read a new comment on every post and just let you know in one how amazing I think you are 😀  Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.

  23. Oh my gosh! Do not even joke about never blogging again!!!
    Love the house! So glad you did a little video so we could see from all angles. I hope you do one of the rest of the home too!

  24. Such a beautiful home, filled with the some the sweetest souls on earth.  What an amazing journey and I’v feel blessed to have been invited to ride along.  HE is so good 🙂

  25. Hi, Edie —

    I discovered your blog about two years ago. We are a home-school family, too (in Texas, sister!!), and like you I’m a mama with eccentric tastes. Kindred spirits!!! So love, love, love your spiritual insights. Your journey is an inspiration I’ve shared with my sister and others.   

    I’d so enjoy to see your home tour, but I can’t connect through your blog. Is it on you tube, and can it be accessed directly through you-tube?

    Thanks so much.

  26. you make me sick! that’s the nicest comment you’ve gotten so far isn’t it? you’re welcome. the slightest motion makes me motion sick. i’m a hoot at an imax-i watch my eyelids and burrow my head in my lap-this however is worth a little queasy. i am tickled pink for you-it’s beautiful! all of it! He’s been faithful! 

    but anyways i have to go lie down, now 


  27. YAY!  I got to see it!  Refreshed the page and there you were!  You are beautiful my friend and your house is gorgeous too!!  Love seeing it all “live”!!!  Can’t wait to see more!  says the person who has lived in herhouse for  7 months and has showed two “peeks”!  your really making me feel inadequate!! LOL 🙂

  28. Hi Edie!
    Not sure if you got my message a bit ago, so I am trying again (at your suggestion).  Firstly, your home and spirit are lovely; you can feel the love and kindness right through the computer screen 🙂  I was wondering if you could share where you purchased your round table in the kitchen?  I have been searching for one like it and can’t seem to find anything I like.  Yours looks fabulous!  Also, thanks for sharing your ADD stories…I can truly relate as I sit here at 10pm typing away looking at a pile of laundry that needs to be folded! 🙂  FYI my vice is coffee…coffee….coffee! 😉
    Take Care and thank you for sharing….
    Marley M.

    • thanks so much for your lovely comments 🙂 what an encouragement.
      and thanks for trying me again!
      i bought the table at op jenkins in knoxville. i can’t seem to find the brand name on the table but i know it had tuscany in the name. i’ll try to find out from the sales person. blessings to you and yours,

  29. It’s beautiful, Edie. It’s so meticulously thought-out and well-decorated… each addition looks like it was meant to be there. Thanks for the tour. It’ll have to do until I can get there myself. xo!

  30. AMEN! 😉 Your home is absolutely stunning, one of THE most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen! You are such an encouragement to me and to so many people and I just wanted to say thank you for that. I posted about your home on my blog today..I want to move in, ha! Congratulations on an amazing home. Wishing you a happy weekend 🙂

  31. Beautiful!! What is the color on your living rm walls? So, you have pics of another kitchen remodel, an off white one.  Do you have two kitchens or is that a totally different house? Love that kitchen too!

  32. I love a good “love” story! And your journey to your new home has certainly been one! Love your home…it feels like well…home. Feels like a place a stragner would feel comfortable taking their shoes off! ;)Saw that you were in Ridgecrest recently…right down the road from me! Hope you enjoyed your trip to the NC mountains!

  33. Ha ha well in that last post…”stragners” could probably put their feet up if I knew what they were…meant strangers…oh well…I am going to chalk that one up to my amazingly too fast typing skills…not my old age!

  34. Your new home is lovely, as are you. Building is a process that you live with day and night until it’s over. We have built three….but no more. Losing your home to a fire must be awful….due to the memories. I wish you all the best as you make new memories in your new nest. Sheila from KY

  35. Almost 9 minutes of sheer BLISS. Thanks for sharing the house tour video – it was fun to see your projects in relation to there settings. And I loved watching the girls strolling thought the house behind the scenes.

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