{I’m bringing it in on two wheels tonight by the hair of my chinny chin chin}

For someone who doesn’t like change, I sure have moved my crap stuff around a lot lately.
Actually, truth be told, my mother, my sister and I have moved my crap stuff around a lot lately.
We’re all tired of moving me.
If there’s one good thing about a house fire, it surely does reduce the amount of stuff you have to pack and unpack and put away.
So, with all this vast experience in moving—-four times in 18 months to be exact—-I thought I would wax eloquent about all my moving secrets.
My tips for moving can be reduced to this: hire movers.
The end.

In just a few short hours, we will begin our new life in our new home and we are on cloud nine!
As a matter of fact, we’re moving in party style. I’ve ordered cake and champagne. Because, really, I couldn’t think of a reason not to?!!
Wish you could be here.
I can hardly wait.

29 comments on “31 Days|Day 6 A Lot of Moving”

  1. SO HAPPY for you!  Just took the video tour and your new perch on the lake ROCKS!  Can’t wait to see all in place.

    -Angela | tphblog.com

  2. Edie – prayers of peace and strength are being sent your way.  Hope the Avett Brothers make it a little more enjoyable. Love them.

    xoxo michele

  3. Bless you, your family and your beautiful new home! You will continue to show HIM glory in the light you show to others. Shine on beautiful girl! Xoxo

  4. Can’t wait to see it with all your beautiful, um, stuff in it! 🙂 Seriously, your new home is gorgeous. Love it. Love it. Love it. It’s been a blessing to see how steadfastly He has held you during this difficult time. Congratulations!! Welcome Home!

  5. Who de Whooooooo on your move!!! Enjoy your new home!  Here’s a “mental clink” as you toast during today’s festivities! So happy for you and your family!!!! 🙂

  6. Edie, I’m so happy for you as you move the fam into your new home.  God has been so faithful and so present through this whole ordeal.  I have been edified by your thoughts along the way, and I’m excited to rejoice with you now.  Thanks for being real and open through this process.  May God fill you with joy and thankfulness as you move.

  7. Squealing inside for you!!!!!! Happy, Happy Dance! He has been faithful!!! Can’t wait for what’s to come! A big hug with a side of bacon and a stick of butter! 

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