If you don’t count the small sobbing breakdown I had when I first saw this video, I’ve been smiling and singing this little song all day.

And the neatest part?—-I really wanted to try to find music to make one for myself, but I just couldn’t find the perfect song.

Turns out, there are some things you just can’t do for yourself.

My sweet Nester friend—you are so courageous with your love.   And I am SO blessed to know you—a mender of broken hearts—-just like your Father.

24 comments on “31 Days|Day 28 Hallelujah”

  1. wow this is really nice and thoughtful 🙂
    I love this song. Can you ask her where she got it, and share with us please?

  2. Beautiful. Of course I love your style, Edie, and your story is heartbreaking and soul-strengthening. But what I love the most about what I know of you is how you understand and encourage us all toward perseverance in Christ and trust in his ultimate, perfect, bedrock-solid promises. Thanks for that. xo

  3. As I posted on her blog, the first video she created for you made me sob, but this one made me grin from ear to ear.  My cheeks were hurting. Beautiful.
    I do love that song and am glad to see Cor d’Harmonie found it for me!

    Grand tour on Monday?

  4. what a year it has been for your family…..so thankful that Christ has poured out his love for you in every way possible. 

  5. What a beautiful video and song….I have truly loved spending the afternoon immersed in your story.  What an amazing year you have had, it’s an inspiration to everyone.  

  6. I’ve looked through your posts on the new house (my girlfriend directed me here) and I didn’t see your husband’s space. Does he have a room in the house?

  7. Edie, discovering your blog has been such a blessing. I love your quirky style, your faith, your fun! I keep going back to read more of your old posts….they just get better and better….this song is wonderful and I had never heard of MaMuse before. I have already downloaded this song to my kindle. Also, you introduced to Mumford & Sons….love them too. I have a dear friend your age that I used to teach with, I always said she kept me from being a fuddy-duddy and I can say the same for you!! Thanks!

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