Here are my excuses for this pathetic post:

1.  I had to take Hank to boot camp today and he stays for three weeks.  It wasn’t easy to leave him there.   This photo both comforts me and assures me he needs to be there 🙂

2.  I have house guests!!!!

3.  I love having house guests!!!!!

4.  The power went out on us and our house guests for awhile tonight.

5.   Then it came back on.

6.    But my photos were too dark and I can’t properly retake them until daylight.

7.   And I lost my camera cord.

8.   And I got a new back massager.

9.   Or, maybe Hank ate my post.

10.  He’s naughty like that.   See number 1.

But, just so you don’t feel totally cheated, here’s a peak at the powder room!

You are beauty full, you know 🙂

I hope to do better tomorrow.



23 comments on “31 Days|Day 27 The Dog Ate My Post”

  1. I don’t even have such good excuses….I’m just working like a lunatic! and I’m having a hard time finishing this 31 Days! Keep wondering what I was thinking when I signed on to do it!

    Every inch of your new house is just lovely and you deserve every bit of it! Enjoy your company!

  2. Edie-bootcamp for doggies? I have a couple who could use that. It has been a wet fall here and wet smelly dogs who don’t listen aren’t very fun. Everytime I try to call them in and dry them it’s a battle. Our beagle is forever climbing our wood pile to investigate scents and I think she is going to hurt herself. We’ve had to rescue her a couple of times. These dogs have a beautifully covered kennel, but it’s purely decorative because they don’t use it.

    We lost power here on Sunday because a squirrel ate through the wires at the substation. At least it wasn’t for a week like when we lost it from Irene.

    Enjoy your houseguests.
    Love the powder room.

    Hugs, Ruth

  3. I can’t even believe you’ve done every day thus far!  And those powder room shots will suffice – gorgeous mirror!
    That pic of your (growing!) girl and pup is the cutest. 

  4. Sweetest Edie! Our dog is two weeks into his training camp away from home – so I know exactly what you are going through! It will be so worth it, I hope! We are supposed to receive an email video on Monday showing us his improvement. I’ll be praying for you – pray for us?

    xoxo michele  

  5. Hi Edie, Hank Dog makes giggle.  He knows that he is part of the family up there on the table!  Thanks for posting pictures of your new home….. I’ve been inspired over and over again.  Glad you are finally in back in your home and getting your fluff on.

  6. I am in total awe!  I smiling everyday and the colors in your house!  How you combine them to make them all look good together is beyond me!  I absolutely love everything!!

  7. Oh, how I could do a post on naughty dog babies. 
    Max seriously thinks he’s human.
    And, honestly, I think I’m guilty of thinking he’s human, too.

    He makes me hold him while I homeschool the kids. 
    I hold him like he’s my newborn baby.

    I’m the adult and he’s the kid…ahem…he’s the DOG, and he MAKES me hold him.

    I have become one of those people…
    the one that love their dogs almost as much as they love their children.

    Don’t you worry…there’s no judgement here, friend.

  8. I alms did a double take when I saw the picture of your Hank.  I, too, have a naughty white dog named Hank, but he needed a 6 week boot camp.  It mostly took.  I think it is more that he is getting older and fatter than he is becoming better behaved.  I think it must be something in the name.

  9. Can my Truman learn something from Hank upon his return?
    I am so inspired by your chances you are taking in the new house.  Been reading for a while now, and just wanted to let you know that I am learning so much from you.  Thanks,
    A small blog gal,

  10. Hank …… I wouldn’t trust  him even if ya’all paid me lol ….. And the gal to the left well she is just what you say BEAUTY FULL !!!!! Have a wonderful evening and just be grateful you do not have 8 inches of snow on the ground like we do up here way north of you in Tennessee !!!!!   

  11. I recognize those lovely gold birds…my Aunt used to sell Home Interiors back in the day and we had some in our house!  🙂

  12. Would love to know where you found the hand towel and “beauty full” print in the powder room(?)!  They are perfect!

  13. Would love to know where you found the hand towel and “beauty full” print in the powder room(?)!  They are perfect!

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