I love this floor–partly because I hauled it  from Knoxville in my own car and helped the framers unload it.  I may or may not have a hernia. There’s something to be said when you add your own sweat to something. {It’s 18×18 porcelain tile that I bought at Stover’s in Knoxville for $4.99 per sf?!??!?!?!?!  I know, I know.  I should have put it in every room, which would have made this post VERY easy.} And the fact that this is my *workroom* tells you that I need lots of visual inspiration to do work.   I do.   It’s no lie. And that zebra bench?  It was sitting at the end of my bed until yesterday when I came to my senses and moved it to its’ rightful place in the world. Come back in an hour for more floors.    Right now?  I’m being summoned to read Anne of Windy Poplars.    And I fear that all too soon a certain two girls will think it’s no fun to be read to by mom.   For now, they beg and plead and I come running. Just sit and enjoy the workroom til I get back. Okay, I’m back….. I took this picture today number 1) to show you my hardwood—which is Somerset random width unstained white oak.   (Steve and I had the light and dark wood fight. He won.  They’re light.  I love them.  They don’t show dirt.  We all win.  Amen.) And number 2, because of all the old pictures I’ve lost,  my precious husband had this one on his phone…. Emme at 18 mos with our beloved Jake-y.   Oh how I loved that dog.   And that little curly haired sweetie pie makes me scream  WHY DO THEY GROW UP SO FAST? Here’s a large span of hardwood for your perusal. I chose octagon and dot tile for the master bathroom.   After pricing it at several online sites and through a reputable tile company in Knoxville,  I ended up buying it at Lowes. My very meticulous and perfectionist tile artisan (he’s truly an artisan) advised against that because the dye lots are often different and even the sizes can be different.   For a difference of $10 per sf, I was willing to take my chances and it turned out perfect.   They’re were several different dye lots represented but they were, thankfully, all exactly the same size. This tile runs around $4-5 per sf at Lowe’s and Home Depot.   And the splurge——you may want to sit down for this—–

I’ll wait.

It’s heated 🙂

So the money I saved on the tile went for the heated floor.  I must tell you that heaven will most assuredly have heated floors.   Amen. In the girls’ bathroom, I chose 1 inch hexagon tile.    After consulting the internets,  I found the best price on Overstock.com. I ordered it in 3 batches to qualify for the $2.50 shipping.  Brilliant, no? Again, they may or may not have been slightly different dye lots but they look fabulous. Three cheers to internet shopping!  I paid less than $5 per sf.   (The quote from the hoity toity tile place was $14 per sf.   It’s the thrill of the hunt, ya know.)

Last but not least—the stained concrete floors in the basement.

Please ignore the dog hair/dog slobber and general dogginess of this floor.

In real life, it has an perfectly imperfect patina.   I love it and although it’s not cheap, it’s cheaper than most flooring, about $4-9 per sf depending on where you live.  In the boondocks, it’s more reasonable.   Ours was done by a concrete company called Anderson Poured Walls and we love how they turned out.   In the downstairs kitchen, we had it scored and grouted to look like tile and we used the color  on the concrete sample sheet called ‘mocha’.

In the rest of the walk-out basement, we used ‘bronze’.

And THAT my friends, is the post that took me two days to finish.

Sadly, it’s now time to start the lighting post.  Y’all are killing me 🙂



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  1. Yea!  You are so right. . .so glad I spent the time reading to my kiddos tonight too 🙂  What a beautiful room. . .my first thought was “who can put something like this together in a week?!?”  Man, if I had just moved in that room would still be filled with boxes with hopefully a small surface cleared off for a laptop to be plugged in and maybe a stray chair from *somewhere*.  Edie, you are an inspiration!  You don’t miss a beat.  Looking forward to hearing more about flooring but really, am so glad that you’re a real mom who knows the value of God’s blessings to you.

  2. You are killin’ me with all these glimpses of gorgeousness! I can’t wait to see a whole-house tour! ‘Till then I will bide my time by reading Prince Caspian to my own two little ‘uns. 🙂

  3. Oh! Edie- I will be dreaming of your workroom tonight. It is the most amazing space. I would be floating on clouds with a space like that to create in. You made it simply spectacular.
    Your family must be so thrilled to be home. You will make amazing memories there.

    I remember the days when my daughter would constantly ask me to read to her. We read so many great books. Now she is in college. I miss those days so much. I still read with my 14 yo son. One of the things I love about homeschooling. We wouldn’t be reading together if he was in school all day.


  4. LOVE it! Oh, Edie… I can only imagine the projects you will dream up in this space.
    Your picture of Emme at 18 mos. made my heart stop…. where does it go, sweet friend, where?????

  5. you are the queen of eclectic, and I could look at what you’ve created all day.

    the old picture of your girl with your dog reminded me of ALL that you’ve lost this past year….makes me incredibly sad for you, as I LOVE to capture moments with pictures.

  6. Edie, you are such a TEASE, you are killing me, I am DYING to see about 100 more big bright colorful full sized photos of your home decked out in full Edie splendor~ I HAVE ZERO PATIENCE,  I want my photos of your house, NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!  Even just that glimsp glimps? of your workroom is the most beautiful, glamorous, enchanting thing like EVER I shall look at it no less than 400 times today~ I just showed it to my husband because clearly I have no life other than stalking you for house pictures. 

    But really, the little part about how you went and picked up that flooring and helped unload it and how that meant you were even more invested in it~ Chad and I even talked about that. Such a sweet little insight.

    I might just show up at your door.

    • This comment had me rolling on the beautiful black and white floor laughing!
      It was your  big idea to do it in 31 days in the first place, little missy?!?!?!   I have zero patience too and the only thing that holding me back is that I’m still trying to fluff it–which as you know, will never be done!!

      I’ve got your sleeping quarters ready.   You get the Anthropologie guest room.   Chad can come too.   But here’s the funniest thing ever…..A local friend of mine came by the see the house and as she was leaving, she said,  “I can’t wait to see the pictures on your blog.”
      ‘You just saw it all………up close and personal,  in real life?!’
      But I get it.   There’s something about a well taken photograph that draws you in.    And pink crushed velvet chairs don’t hurt either.

      Love you and I’ll be waiting……..

  7. Hi Edie – I just love your blog and your new home. It is gorgous! I was wondering… where you got the bright colorful raggish? rug in the photo?  Its perfect for my kitchen. thanks so much!  Jennifer

  8. Hi Edie – I just love your blog and your new home. It is gorgous! I was wondering… where you got the bright colorful raggish? rug in the photo?  Its perfect for my kitchen. thanks so much!  Jennifer

  9. If I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen lighter wood flooring – we chose a mahogany colored laminate and when the sun hits just right you can see all the dust/dirt, etc. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 and after my husband and friends put in 1300 sq. feet worth of flooring, I am in NO position to be regretful. 

  10. Your floors my friend are glorious!! I love them all. You found amazing deals on the tile.
    The basement floors are so fabulous, too. Are they stained concrete? I have been wanting to try that. We have old tiles glued to our concrete and they do not want to come off. Even when we manage to get the tiles off the glue won’t come off. It’s an awful black adhesive.


  11. I just want to say that it is such a TREAT to read you everyday…I wish it was always October:) I will never have a house like yours but I absolutely love learning about yours. Also your heart and love for the Lord is so encouraging. Thank you so much.

  12. Edie, Once again just want to say THANKS for sharing … it is really fun to check in each day to see how all of your decorating choices  have come together!  AWESOME 🙂    Love, Love it all….    :-))))))))))

  13. EDIE!!!  I’m so CHEERED by that photo of your workspace.  Perfection.  It is perfection–just had to repeat myself.

    -Angela tphblog.com

  14. Just discovered your blog as I was searching the web for inspiration for my new home…. I found it!!! I am loving your master bath… all of it!  The floors are gorgeous and I have to know-what color is on the walls?? 

  15. I used to be a loyal, loyal reader and then lost my entire blog roll list somehow this summer………………. but somehow…. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and I’m SO glad I did!!!  It just makes me heart happy.  All of it.  The details…the rebuilding….the happy home….the precious photo of your daughter of the floor [we just welcomed our first baby into the world in June and he’s just about to start crawling — my English Bulldog (his sister!) is in trouble just as soon as that happens].  Anyway, I’m rambling and then some.  My heart is happy for you!!!  The house is gorgeous and I know you love every bit of it and so deserve a happy, beautiful HOME!

    And one quick question if you don’t mind!!!  What color green (kind of a mint or sea green) is on the wall there of the bathroom with the hexagon tiles?  LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much for sharing…. this made my night!

  16. What is the name of the brown grout you used with the octagon and dot? This is the inspiration picture for DD2’s master bath remodel. Thanks!

    Your home is lovely. Love the marble… but like the above funny poster, I want to see the rest of the room!!

  17. Hi Edie! Thank you so much for writing all your resources down…i GREATLY appreciate it. Real quickly…on the octagon and dot tile, is that dark gray grout? We are doing that exact tile and looking at silver gray but i think i like yours better! I’m guessing dark gray…sorry just stressing with decisions ;P

  18. Hi Edie. I’m looking for wood floors that look just like this. Do you know if these are the somerset character collection? There are so many choices, and it is so overwhelming. I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!

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