One of the first things you have to choose when you’re building a house  is exterior materials.

I knew I wanted hardie siding and was pretty sure I wanted white but we did a lot of drive-by’s in nearby areas to make sure we were set.

We chose white hardie siding and my friend Polly made it easy to pick the color.   I knew I loved her white farm house and she gladly shared that it was white dove by Benjamin Moore.

Steve and I had a few discussions on whether we wanted hardie board or hardie shingles.

Steve won that debate and I’m so glad he did.   The all white house needs a little visual interest and I think the shingles are perfect.

Our builder made the roof color easy for us.   We knew we wanted the economical 3D asphalt shingles and he recommended a color that he says looks good with any siding—

weathered wood.

It’s a grayish-greenish-brownish-gowitheverything color.   It looks different in every light and  we’re happy!

So far so good.

Now we needed a front door.   I begged for a double front door so I could hang double wreaths and have a grand sort of opening.

We picked a fairly typical cottage style door, made of fir wood and stained it the same as our porch ceilings—-early americana.

The problem is—it’s so pretty, who wants to hang anything from it?  And that cute little girl just happened to walk through just as I was snapping.

You’re lucky if your house comes with one of those 🙂

Our quaint little white cottage may look simple and calm on the outside but there’s a party of color behind those doors!   The paradox makes me happy.


roof—3D shingles in weathered wood

siding—-unpainted hardie shingles painted white dove by Benjamin Moore

door—8 ft double door in fir wood stained early americana

14 comments on “31 Days|Day 17 Exterior Materials”

  1. I LOVE the hardie shingles…it really makes for a genuine farmhouse look.  Great choice.  You definitely made all the right calls on your colors for the exterior and what a beautiful double door!  You guys have beautiful taste—can’t wait to see more pictures.  🙂  Thanks so much for sharing all your colors and building material resources…so very helpful.


  2. I love learning about the details!  The exterior of your home is very welcoming.  (I hope you talk about those gorgeous lanterns in a future post.) 🙂

  3. The hardy shingles are perfect for your home. You are right about the visual interest. Your doors are fabulous!! It would be hard to hang anything in those beauties!!

    Your home is so beautiful.


  4. I just adore White Dove.  It is my go to white for every single thing I paint.  Nothing beats it.
    I admire your siding style…it screams cozy.  Great choice.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home shingled like yours … it’s so lovely.  How generous to our to share all the details!  Your home is beautiful 🙂

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