Inspiration is everywhere and sometimes you’re lucky enough to find it right next door!

You’re in for a treat today because I convinced my friend Julie, who has the most wonderful cottage I’ve ever seen, to let me photograph her house.   It’s a magical place and full of inspiration everywhere you turn.   It was a God-send that we moved next door to her after the fire.   She is an amazing mom and person.   She is unbelievably kind and such a servant of others, she reads Chesterton, Lewis, and Tozer and has raised bright, inquisitive and well mannered children.   She bakes and loves design and had nearly every single copy of Cottage Living.   Instant friends, I tell you!

She has created such a cozy haven for her family and I don’t exaggerate when I say that it’s one of those spaces that changes you and how you look at homemaking.   I’d give anything if Lucille Maud Montgomery (author of Green Gables) could describe it for you.   I can tell you that nothing I say and none of my pictures will do it justice.

When I walked in today with my camera, it was the essence of fall—-maple candles burning, the lingering scent of pipe tobacco and crackling wood—-all drawing you into it’s enchantment.

Thank you Julie for letting us peak!

the other side of the red door……..

the dining room and the inspiration for my round dining table purchase…..

the other side of the dining room….(i’m dying for the antique floral oil paintings–she found them on ebay after very a long period of research and looking)

the master bedroom….

and the very quaint master bath—note the details in the shower curtain, the cabinetry and the carrera marble countertop!  i love it all!

i’m completely smitten with the kitchen—all open upper shelves—-i swoon!

her daughter’s bathroom…….(are you wondering how there can be so much eye candy in one spot?! i know, i know—it’s incredible)

and the most adorable vanity EVER!

her daughter’s room…..

in all its lovely pink goodness……

and last but not least, my favorite room, and perhaps the smallest and coziest in the house—-the library.   i could live in there.  forever.    and read and read and read and read.

the wall opposite the bookshelves….

more bookshelf goodness……

and just one more because I really couldn’t stop taking pictures….

and that my friends is one of the most inspiring spaces I’ve ever been lucky enough to visit.

She should be in magazines.  Maybe I could convince her to start a blog!

45 comments on “31 Days| Day 4 Finding Inspiration {at Julie’s}”

  1. Hi Edie, I am in a new house as well. We moved in officially on Sept 9 my 40th birthday! What a journey , it took us 6 months to close and and 6 months to renovate. We are so thrilled and feeling a bit unworthy , but know in our hearts that this is right , this is home, this is where we belong to live out our days and really get down to family. I am in the process of decorating, my kitchen is fabulous, vintage modern cottage chic. Now I need to add the details to the living room, I am finding it cold , I love the colors I chose the floors are divine I just need to add elements that will connect it all and draw people in. I remember reading one of my favorite House Beautiful mags and reread the article “What makes a room great” one comment rang true in my mind, I can’t remember the designer, but he said, before anything goes into the room , one should decide upon the function, the essence of the room and what its purpose is, then start your design from there. 
    I will be sending you big love for the coming move, its so intense and surreal, elation and emptiness, so many emotions but be sure to wake up the first morning with a good  home cooked Texas style breakfast , smells from the new kitchen make the home come alive.Desiree

  2. Just beautiful!  How gracious of her to let us have a peek, thank you so much for sharing.  Please talk her in to  starting a blog.

  3. I LOVE Julie’s home! It IS inspiring for sure! Connie’s Home is gorgeous too! LOVE cozy cottage style homes.

  4. How could you help but be inspired? Everything in that house is darling! I need to go scour eBay for some vintage oil paintings now! Thanks for sharing these pictures, Edie, and I can’t wait to see more of your new digs!

  5. Totally Bananas! Each photo seemed to build on the one before and then…in all of its glory…. The Library! I’m in total love over here – and my eyes immediately found David McCullough – she hearts David Mac!! I could live in that room and be happy forever.

    Thank you for sharing, Edie!

    xoxo michele 

  6. That is a beautiful home. I think that may be the home that caught my eye last year at Mountain Makings. Is it in downtown Morristown? It is beautiful.

  7. Her home is just lovely and filled with amazing inspiration. My favorite is the library. It is my dream to someday have a room like that. I am also in love. With the dining room chandelier and the mirror in her daughter’s bathroom. Makes me swoon.


  8. LOVE it – everything!  And love that the same color scheme (my favorite colors) are carried throughout the home.  Love!

  9. Beautiful, almost more than I can stand:) I am in a James MacDonald Bible study called Lord, Change My Attitude…this week studying coveting…need I say more? Thanks for sharing this inspirational home!

  10. I love this home! What I love is that even though it’s not my exact decorating style, I still think I’d be 100% comfortable and happy there. It’s like a hip version of a warm and cozy grandmother’s cottage. (Does that make sense? L.M. Montgomery would definitely say it better…)

  11. Gorgeous.  Cozy.  Lively.  Comforting.  Thanks for sharing all of this… I am instantly inspired to sew up a layered sink skirt, and I sure would like to see something about her gardens!  Well done.  Thank you!

  12. Take a mini vacation and refresh your soul and heart with the beauty of  Julie’s cottage!!  And maybe even get some inspiration!!!

  13. Is your friend interested in adoption? Because I would be willing to take on a second set of parents if it meant I got to stay in that gorgeous house every now and then. Just sayin’.

  14. Her home is delish!!  If she were my neighbor I would probably be coming up with every reason in the book to be over there.all.the.time!!  Thank you so much for sharing! Such incredible inspiration.  Oh, the eye candy!! LOVE……

  15. oh my goodness.  I love her house…every room has all the right details added…LOVE the black piece in her dining room!  Thanks for sharing her home with us….

  16. thanks for posting these lovely pics of your neighbor’s house!  love all the eye candy!  i’ve been in a house funk and this just kickstarted my creative juices.  i totally rearranged my living room and busted out all my fall decor.  i’m so happy with the changes.  

  17. Just charming!!! I heart her front door! Red and round!!! The play on texture is so interesting and I’ll go ahead and say PERFECT!

  18. Wow! Love her place!! Thanks for sharing. I’m curious-what kind of floor does she have in the bathroom with the black vanity? Thank you for your time.

  19. Your home is beautiful. i only wish I could have that kind of home…. Unfortunately my husband is a bull in a china shop. I try to find a middle ground of a cross between french country and farmhouse. We live in the country so a beautiful home like your’s doesn’t quite fit. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

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