Darlene and I have been at it again and I couldn’t wait to show you the design board for the living room. It’s been such a fun collaborative effort, although she does all the hard work of placing and measuring and editing and I do all the fun work and sending a million links of things I love. And she finds the BEST stuff. She always comes up with the that perfect thing to tie the room together. I have so enjoyed this project with her. I’m kind of sad it’s over but…..

I’m so happy with how it turned out!

The honeycomb mirror ensemble goes above the mantle and  there will be built in book shelves on either side.   The walls will be white with  a custom paneled treatment and the inside of the shelves will be painted navy.   I’d like to add some  magenta in the mix just for fun so I’m trying to decide where/how.    I decided on the sofa, the benches and the chandelier several weeks ago so I’ve already ordered those.   I learned the hard way in the girls’ room design project  that some of the items takes 4-5 months to ship, so I need to order soon for the things that I want to have here by the time we move in.   I’m not ordering every last thing on these design boards because they are intended to be a guide for the room.    I sent Darlene about 7 or 8 inspiration photos along with the floor plan and links to items that I knew I wanted in the room and after 2-3 weeks and a bajillion emails later, she sent me this beautiful design board.

I’m undecided as to whether I like the blue “Eddie” renamed “Edie” chair (the turquoise leather) or the yellow zebra chair the best so Darlene did two design options so I could visualize the difference.   Do you have a preference?

She then includes this key that correlates with the product spec sheet so that if I didn’t pick out the item, I know where to buy it and what size/color.

My talented friend Darlene is meticulous about placement and measurement of the furniture and she included two different floor plans for possible furniture placement choices.  I fell in love with this Horchow sofa first so we spent several days making sure we liked how it fit in the room.  It’s a large sofa and this is a relatively cozy living room.  I like the contrast  of large furniture in a small space.

At one point in the process, I hit a wall.   I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted the room to go in.   We had most of the large items chosen but I think we were both unsure which design path to take.   She encouraged me to go back and look at my inspiration photos and to come up with five words that would clarify my vision for the room.

My five words were:    elegant, layered, rich, storied,  fresh,  artsy.

Articulating those words and revisiting my inspiration photos really helped us finish the room.   She’s so smart like that!

She also includes a very comprehensive spec sheet that references every item on the design board.   She often gives less expensive alternatives to the chosen items and works within the budget you’ve given her.   Since I was in need of almost every item in the room, my budget was generous.  The only item I started with was the honeycomb mirror.

The chinoiserie mirror that sits over the chest was featured on One King’s Lane one day and Darlene sent me a time-sensitive email about it.  I loved it and snatched it up immediately because if you’ve shopped OKL, you know that you must act fast or the item will be gone. If you haven’t begun your One King’s Lane addiction, follow this link! You won’t be sorry—but your husband might 🙂

This design has been so much fun for me and ALOT of work for her.  I’m so thankful to her for all the hard work and love she puts into her projects.  I can tell she LOVES what she does and I’m very aware that she is worth far more than her debut pricing would suggest.   Her design queue filled up quick in the last 2 weeks so there’s quite a wait now but she’s so totally worth it if you you’re not in a hurry.

Overall, I think this design fits with my Texas, eclectic cottage self—with a little glam added in!

If you have any specific questions about the design, email me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day! We’ll be enjoying the lake today—wishing our house was done already!!

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  1. Love this, Edie.   I like both chairs and can see where it would be difficult to choose. I’m more partial to the zebra print on the chair just because the yellow adds some brightness.  The pillows, chest and lamps are amazing, too.   The graph paper and cut outs of furniture is my favorite way to rearrange a room before moving anything.  My back doesn’t like me if I have to move things more than once.  It won’t be long before you’ll be enjoying the lake from your own beautiful home.   

  2. Edie- I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day with your family!!!

    I love the design board for your living room. It is gorgeous and screams style. My preference would be the yellow zebra chair. I love the different splash of color it brings to the room and it’s great with the rug.


  3. I LOVE both the chairs!  It’s a toss up really!  Have you checked out http://www.tracyporter.com?  This design is elegant and artsy and Tracy’s stuff is both!!!  She has gorgeous home design and clothing and jewelry that is just a little bohemian!  I absolutely love her little videos!
    Darlene did a wonderful job–I just love it all!

  4. I saw that turquoise chair at ZGallerie the other day in person and it is FABULOUS! I adore the yellow one, too.

  5. Edie, this is so beautiful!  I really love this room!  And I love the tip about looking back through inspiration photos and narrowing down your design vision.  Such a good reminder.  I have been looking for a side table similar to the one featured in your board–the round one with the brass/gold (?) legs.  Don’t know if you are sharing sources–I know sometimes that’s kept personal on these sorts of things–but if you are sharing, I’d love to know where that piece is from.  xoxo

  6. I love the yellow zebra one adds so much sass and it’s very glamorous I think love love all of it though

  7. are you kidding me????????????????
    gorgeous gorgeous
    i love both chairs. like pee in my pants love!
    what the heck do i know about turqoise leather verses yellow zebra? yellow zebra? i can hardly say it without smiling ginormously.
    i may just have to road trip
    so that
    a. i can meet you live & in person
    b. so i can sit in the edie chair, whether it be turqoise leather or yellow zebra
    pinch yourself!!!

  8. That’s a hard decision! Both are fabulous, but I will tell you this: when I was decorating my living space, I opted for a patterned chair and LOVE it. I’m so happy with my decision – it added so much character & sass to the room.

  9. L  OV E  that turquoise chair, b u t  the patterned yellow chair looks more comfie if it’s going to be where you sit to relax …

  10. Edie, I’d go with the yellow zebra chair too. It lightens the room up, gives it some color splash, and it’s fun!

  11. Oh man, Edie, this is just fabulous!!! I think everyone who reads your blog will want to come and road test that room once it’s finished! Or move in!!! It’s beautiful!!! Turquise leather vs yellow zebra? They both rock, but I think I’d go for the turquoise leather just to add another texture/ layer. Love you’ve found another David too. That really made me smile!

  12. Your rooms meets your vision of elegant and artsy!  It is DEVINE!  While turquoise is my signature color and a personal favorite.  I would go with the zebra chair.  It anchors that corner of the room, balances out the colors of the pillows on the couch and gives the room just the right amount of pop!!  I love the chinoiserie mirror! 

  13. I vote turquoise {wink!}. I think the turquoise chair has more “staying power.” In other words, I think you will still love it in 5 years from now.

    But, who knows. You may be ready to shake up this room in 5 years… in which case, the yellow chair might give you the perfect excuse. 

    So hard! They both look wonderful!

  14. EDIE!!!! This is FAN-TAB-U-LUS!
    I love how refined AND dynamic it is. It tells a richly woven tapestry of a story! Love. Love. Love.
    And you know I’d pick the turquoise leather.
    I actually love the yellow animal print one, too, (and have actually considered buying that one!) I have  Horchow sofa, etc., too!
    I can’t wait to see it all come to fruition!
    Hugs/blessings from Italia,

  15. Well, I fell in love with blue Edie even before I knew about yellow Zebra. So punchy and urban and nail-headed. Plus, it’s one more texture to add to the mix. What’s not to love about turquoise leather? Blue Edie. No two ways about it.

  16. I love yellow so the zebra stripe chair is where my eye goes and loves BUT…I think the blue leather wing chair is very Texas, vintage chic and so unexpected…I would go blue leather…you only live ONCE!!! Mandy

  17. I can’t stop coming back again and again to look at it!!! I love both chairs and only hope my new living room turns out half as awesome as yours!!!!!!

  18. I vote the yellow zebra……love, love, love the room.  Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  19. YELLOW ZEBRA!!!!!!!!

    Love it all, can’t wait to see more photos & the finished product. Good luck with it all & have a blast doing it, you deserve it.

    I submitted my question to her for the Mother’s day special & she helped me with a direction on paint,which was a huge help but I waited too late to get on her project list. My have to forge on w/out the any extra help 🙁

  20. Edie, your room is going to be beautiful, I love love love, the turquoise leather chair.  I wish you every blessing as you continue to chose items for your new home.  Nics

  21. WOW!  These plans take my breath away!  What an elegantly eclectic room.  Luckily, you can’t go wrong with either chair, but my vote is for the yellow.  

  22. Oh my!  Edie… I love everything about this room…you and Darlene seem to make a great team~I think the yellow zebra chair is the perfect choice…it looks like a little splash of sunshine shot into the room..:) No matter what, your home will be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it all finished..:) Have a great day!!

  23. This room is AMAZING!!!  I’m not normally a yellow girl but after seeing the yellow zebra chair….I am in LOVE!  Can’t go wrong with either choice but my vote is definitely yellow!

  24. Love the yellow zebra! It adds just the right amount of contrast to the blue drapes and rug and helps to brighten up the brown. A chair full of happiness and sunshine!

  25. Beautiful!  I adore the colors and the fabrics!  The Ikat ottomans are super cool!  I also adore the chevron striped pillows.  I think I prefer the yellow, zebra print fabric on the wingback chair.  I am loving that color yellow right now though…so I may be biased:)  I cannot wait to see the finished product!  

  26. oh my goodness..every single detail is perfectly YOU. 🙂  I can’t wait to see pictures of the real thing when it’s finished and you’re all moved in!!!!  Have a great week, Edie!

  27. Wow!  Thanks for sharing!  Like the yellow (a bunch) but Love the staying power of the “Edie” chair…seems so classic-eclectic, I lean towards that one for the long term 🙂

  28. Just happened by. Hope you don’t mind. Love love the turquoise Edie chair. When I saw the yellow I immediately thought the Edie is better.

  29. I am so excited to have found you out here in blogging world !! Your blog is soooo cool and I am looking forward to tonight when all is calm to read and read more ~


  30. i am over the moon smitten-well done ladies, well done!
    it’s like texas up and married an isle in france and had little european american babies.
    classy and cozy and a hundred shades of lovely.

    just so you know my affinity for navy and white is the bff to my turquoise addiction
    speaking of which, which chair?????? the turquoise seat screams “elegant, layered, rich, storied, fresh, artsy.” feeling inspired? ; 0 )
    love seeing the newness of life forming all around you!

    big hug!

  31. Love it! Strangely I think I like the yellow chair best. Usually the blue would be more my style, but in this room I really love how the yellow pops! It will look great either way! Can’t wait to see it when its finished! 🙂

  32. Oh girl, the yellow zebra chair is to die for. It just makes the entire room pop. Just going from one board to the next I thought they were two different designs and instinctively I was more drawn to the second one. Then I realized that the only difference was the chair. It just goes to show that one design element can make all the difference in a room.

    So glad to see everything coming together so beautifully!

  33. As much as I love the blue…I think I’d pick the zebra chair in yellow…especially considering I had a very random dream about it last night!

    Loving all the design choices/ideas so far…can’t wait to see more…

  34. Love the yellow zebra chair. I’ve been looking for over a month for one, found one in brown/cream and black/white. Think I’m going with the black and white, but I’m so indecisive. I wonder how much money/gas/time I spend just stewing over things. We’re in a new rental now, and I have another living room to decorate. Fun…love it, but just wish I had your ladies decorating software…it would make my life so much easier. 🙂 Oh well, keeps me busy right!?!?! Have fun w/ all your projects. Hope some day I can come visit and see your, Polly’s and Patty’s homes. 🙂 Hugs. Jess

    • I am back to add to “why” I  like the turquoise chair.    First of all, I do like the yellow zebra chair, but for me the turquoise has more depth to it, it’s new and yet it seems it has a sense of history to it.   From a practical point, I think the turquoise chair would hold up better over time and exposure to human bodies, and the changes in styles.   It’s classic, and it’s color is contemporary, it’s the color of water, and ties in to your locale and your room theme.   The turquoise chair speaks to me, calls me out, beckoning me to sit in it – and if I walked into your room, it would definately be my seat of choice.  I think I need to get one!  lol

  35. Turquoise chair. I love the zebra chair too, just not in that space in that room.  It doesn’t seem to balance the room as well as the other.

  36. Great design. I loved your design. It is correct that if we used this design in our house, it make too attractive to look. And our house became to center of focus for others.
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  37. LOVE it all!  So excited for you!  Was wondering about the striped rug…number 29, if you are disclosing sources that would be great if not, I understand…where is it from? 

  38. Hey,nice post. Its really a great designs. I love these designs.The pic shown in this article is really good.Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I like this Keep sharing with us.

  39. Wow,its fantastic designs.I love these designs.I would like to use these designs in my room to make it attractive Its really a good collection.You have done a great job.I like this.Keep it up.

  40. I am in love with all the major elements of this room.  I love the combo or navy and turquoise and yellow.  Can you tell me where the yellow pillows are from?

    • thanks so much! those pillows are from a fabric on the lewis and sharon website. i just tried to order it and they’re sold out. i hope they get it back! i LOVE that fabric!

  41. I am working on my own new living room and have been searching for a navy/white striped rug just like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where is it from?  Do tell!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I am thinking about incorporating the chevron stripe and that same colored curtains (not sure which print, yet) in my living room.. I am so glad I saw this!  My question: What are your wall colors?  I am having a hard time deciding. I love grayish/blue/green, but right now, my walls are a blonde color and I’m not sure i’m ready to re-paint.  Just wondering. Thanks;)

  43. Talk to me about that coffee table. I went to Horchow and can’t find any table under one grand. Do you have the link for that?


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