There’s no danger of  losing this one in the airport.
mini me
Just look for the girl with the flower pin in her hair, jeans-tucked-in-boots, various colorful bags,  bohemian layered clothing,  taking  photos of EVERYTHING.

That, my friends…..

is my mini me.

Do you have one too?

19 comments on “Mini Me”

  1. Now that gave me a little chuckle, because as I was scrolling down to the last line I was thinking: “I have one of those too”… So yes “WE have exactly one of those”…

  2. Hey Edie…very adorable indeed! Love the boots! Actually I don’t have one of these, my dd who is 6 has her own likes and dislikes at a very young age. Lot’s of love to you and your family on the loss of a loved one, Glory to God that He is with Jesus! xxx

  3. Yep, I’ve got one, but she’s not so little any more. She fights it, but I’ve told her could be worse. She could get her style from her father… bwaaahaaahaaa! 🙂

  4. Don’t have one. My two boys ARE their dad. But dang, yours is pretty cool. tell her I said “cool’ and not “adorable” which is waht i wanted to call her….

  5. Too, too cute. And yep, my now 17 year old is definitely a bit of a mini-me! After all, when you grow up watching mum wear a lot of black when performing in bands – you end up wearing a lot of black and performing in a band 🙂

  6. That is so cute! She definitely won’t be one of those kids embarrassed when she gets older by the non-trendy clothing her mama dressed her in…unless she’s embarrassed by dressing like her mama. Just kidding. She’s adorable and has an impeccable sense of style so young!

  7. Yep, mine is making grocery and job lists, making sure everyone’s eating their veggies and wears flip flops and a hair elastic on her wrist. Too cute Edie, I just now saw this post…missed it some how. Your girls are adorable.

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